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Canon PIXMA iP6000D Photo Printer

Canon PIXMA iP6000D Photo Printer

Cheapest Inkjet Printers Canon PIXMA iP6000D Photo Printer

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Product Details

  • Brand: Canon
  • Model: 9315A001
  • Dimensions: 16.90" h x 7.70" w x 12.30" l, 15.90 pounds


  • Up to 4,800 x 1,200 dpi color, droplets as small as 2 picoliters
  • Built-in 2.5-inch LCD to view, edit, and print, even from digital cameras
  • Direct printing from memory cards and PictBridge-compatible cameras
  • Automatic 2-sided printing; 6 individual ink tanks
  • USB interface, Direct Print Port, IrDA port; PC/Mac compatible

Descriptions of Inkjet Printers Canon PIXMA iP6000D Photo Printer

Product Description

CL) AA) CAN IP6000D Print W/LCD Scrn

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Inkjet Printers Canon PIXMA iP6000D Photo Printer Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

248 of 257 people found the following review helpful.
5Well worth the money
By Dominique
I had an Epson 785EPX photo printer and when it worked, the prints were beautiful. However, my printer heads were constantly clogging and I wasted tons of ink cleaning the heads all the time. The ink is not cheap. So, I started researching for a new photo printer. I chose the Canon line because they have a reputation for cheaper ink. I found this to be true when I purchased the Canon i250 to replace another Epson ink hog (the 640) for my general printing. (I keep one printer for general printing, one for photos) The Canon ink cartridges ARE cheaper and last longer. After reading reviews on photo printers I decided between the Canon ip4000 and the ip6000d. The ip4000 got amazing reviews both from consumers and magazines. There weren't a lot of reviews on the ip6000d I suppose because it's newer. I decided to risk buying the ip6000d anyways because I really wanted the media input slot for convenience. I'm here to say the photos are AMAZING and of photo lab quality. I tested using the included Canon Photo Paper Pro and also my leftover Epson Premium Photo Glossy Paper. Both papers produced the same results. The printer unpacked and installed easily. For printing without the computer, the menu/LCD screen on the printer is intuitive and easy to use. For printing through the computer, the software program 'Easy Photo-Print' stands by it's name. A couple of mouse clicks and the perfect print came out. If it matters, my digital camera is a Kodak DX6490. There are two things to watch for while setting up your ip6000d for the first time. Both have to do with loading paper into the cassette tray. Make sure you load the paper PRINT SIDE DOWN and watch out for the little plastic thingy that holds the paper in place. Mine broke off and the spring flew off who knows where. It still works but just moves around easily. Since I just got the printer today I can't comment on long term use or ink usage for sure. I've printed about 10 4X6's so far and 3 of the 6 tanks show a very slim line for usage.

30 of 30 people found the following review helpful.
5Great printer
By Daisy74
After weeks of reading reviews about photo printers, I purchased the Canon ip6000D based on it's high ratings. So far it has been a great printer.
easy set up
4x6 photos done in around 30 seconds
great picture quality(i couldn't tell the difference when compared with digital photo's from my drugstore)
Don't need a computer to get pictures from your camera
6 seperate toner cartridges
Transfer of files very quick
Quiet printing

LCD screen is hard to read if not at the right angle (minor annoyance, but doesn't affect quaility)
Doesn't come with a usb cable
best pictues with canon glossy paper - other paper manufactures
don't provide as good quality

I highly recommend this printer.
** update 1/28 - LCD screen can be fixed by switching the contrast on the printer,which of course was written in the manual!!

219 of 254 people found the following review helpful.
3False Info on the Web and From Canon
By Zen Williston
I LOVE Canon printers and feel that they are the best ink jet printers made for many, many reasons. I have owned all brands, and, truthfully, Canons slipped badly for several years, but in the past year they have zoomed again into the lead. The ip6000D is no exception to the quality build and quality results that Canon printers produce. The problem is that I was needing a CD/DVD printer and all the web info, as well as Canon's own publicity for this printer, their pdf file on this printer, and many sites selling this printer all indicate that it does print CDs/DVDs. Thus, I ordered it from Amazon, my favorite web purchase store. When it arrived, I noticed it had no CD tray and there was nothing in the book about printing CDs or DVDs. I called Canon and they said they were not aware of the printer and would do some research. About 5 minutes later the guy came back and said that the printer WITH THE EXACT SAME NAME had CD printing support in ALL countries except the U.S. I told him that having the same name and number system was absurd with different features. He blew me off. So beware, if you want to print CDs or DVDs, this is NOT the printer to get. But for everything else it is the best choice for home or office and especially for photo printing. With Canon printers, you get amazing quality, cheap refills, no clogging, no chips in the refills, and no paper jams. Without the problem I have cited and all my hours on this issue, it would get 5-stars from me as all recent Canons have. The Epsons and HPs are in a second level and the Lexmarks are at the bottom. I have to go with the Epson Stylus R200 for my CD printing, despite the fact that I did not want to go back to Epson. Amazon, as ususal, accepted my return without hesitation and remain THE kick ass company to do business with.

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