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HP Deskjet 932C

HP Deskjet 932C

Bargain Inkjet Printers HP Deskjet 932C

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Product Details

  • Brand: HP


  • Ink Jet Printer
  • 600 DPI X 600 DPI
  • Up to 9 PPM

Descriptions of Inkjet Printers HP Deskjet 932C

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Inkjet Printers HP Deskjet 932C Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

9 of 9 people found the following review helpful.
4Excellent Printing
By Acute Observer
The HP932C inkjet printer is designed for the average user at home or office. It comes in a light gray case shaped like other HP printers. It connects to a computer with either an IEEE 1284 parallel cable (DOS or Windows) or a USB cable (Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP). The inkjet cartridge are: #45 for black, #78 for tricolor. HP has long been the leader in inkjet printing. It can also be used with Apple Macintosh computers, see the User's Guide for the Mac.

The paper path is the same U-shaped method used in other HP printers. This minimizes desk space and provides a more compact printer than those that use an oblique paper path. You should connect the cable from the printer to the computer before you apply power to the computer or printer. The power supply is built into the printer and not separate like earlier products. This makes it more difficult to replace if it fails. It is not good practice to keep the printer powered on when not in use; heat is the enemy of electronics.

The User's Guide tells how to set up your printer. Page 55 is for a parallel cable, page 56 for a USB cable. Be sure to read the warnings in Chapter 3 about proper care of inkjet cartridges. Leaving them unused for many months may shorten their useful life. New cartridges have a plastic tape over the nozzles to prevent oxidation of the ink. Do not refill print cartridges, this can void the warranty. The Status light will blink when a print cartridge is low on ink, improperly installed, or malfunctioning. Open the top cover for details. From the front the five lights run left to right for: color cartridge problem, black cartridge problem, color ink low, black ink low, print cartridges OK. Both print cartridges must be present to operate the printer. Leave an empty cartridge in place until it is replaced with a new one.

The Quick Help document has chapters on learning to print on paper and other media, special features, product maintenance, problem solving, and product specifications. The DeskJet Toolbox provides functions like cleaning print cartridges. Print cartridges and the print cartridge cradle can be cleaned manually using distilled water and a clean cotton swab.

There is an accessory to allow Two-Sided Printing on these DeskJet printers: 950C, 952C, 930C, 932C, 935C, 955C, and other products. The guide explains inserting it into the printer and choosing this option on the Toolbox screen.

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful.
4Very quiet, easily detected by Windows XP Pro
By Iceblue
I just tested this printer and found it to work well. The 932C uses USB or parallel connection; I used a USB parallel cable to connect it and the computer detected it correctly within minutes.

Some older HP printers I'd been using were a bit noisy but not this one. I enjoyed that it was quiet when I had it print a few pages. Both color and black ink cartridges in place, black was good but color came out in red or brown. I guess it's time to replace the color one. However, if black or grayscale printing was all I'd need, this printer would be good enough for me.

Another good product from HP.

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful.
5Good Printer for Reliability
By Parker
I bought this printer through Craigslist, and it works very well. I had a different HP Deskjet printer previously, but I sold it and went to a laser printer. I made a mistake by going to a laser printer. This inkjet printer is easier to maintain, and it is cost effective to refill the ink cartridges at Walgreens or Cartridge World. The printer does color and of course black/white. The printer hasn't broken down, and I haven't had to change any parts aside from refilling the ink cartridges. It prints at a moderate pace and is probably most suitable for the home office.

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