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Samsung Color Laser Printer (CLP-620ND)

Samsung Color Laser Printer (CLP-620ND)

Best price Laser Printers Samsung Color Laser Printer (CLP-620ND)

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Product Details

  • Color: Y
  • Brand: Samsung
  • Model: CLP-620ND
  • Platform: Windows
  • Format: CD-ROM
  • Original language: English
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 16.73" h x 17.38" w x 16.97" l, 59.52 pounds
  • Memory: 256MB
  • Networking: Ethernet 10/100Base-TX
  • Native resolution: 9600 x 600


  • You will benefit from a high speed printer that creates high resolution documents
  • With a 360 MHz CPU and a generous 256 MB of memory, the Samsung CLP-620ND makes print jobs easy to process, store and distribute
  • Easy Color Manager allows users to easily adjust color balance, brightness, contrast and saturation of any image that you view on your monitor
  • Communication is key in any business. Color Print quality can make your company stand out
  • This feature reduces the cost of printing and it lowers the temperature of the machine, creating a more durable environment for the printer components
  • Suitable for the most demanding office environment
  • Offers consistently outstanding color prints
  • Minimizes operational costs

Descriptions of Laser Printers Samsung Color Laser Printer (CLP-620ND)

Product Description

Samsung's focus on high specification and quality color prints has shaped the development of this compact and durable printer. When your business demands high levels of performance, without the large price tag, the Samsung CLP-620ND is an ideal option. The enhanced color quality and superior design specifications offer you an advanced print solution while low maintenance, high speed, and intelligent solutions create an economical yet user-friendly answer to your color printing needs.

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Laser Printers Samsung Color Laser Printer (CLP-620ND) Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

48 of 50 people found the following review helpful.
5Highly recommended "BUY".
By Ed
Well, to me, printers are like good wine. Some crops (or models in this case) are excellent, while some crops are very bad. I don't know what gives, but that's my experience. And when the manufacturers discover that a particular crop gives a damn good performance for the price point, they quickly stop and upgrade(?) their product to next model number and the new model is no longer as good. Why do old electronics last forever and the new ones seemingly can't wait to commit suicide?

As a Creative Design Director, I had the pleasure of owning and using many different color laser products. Ranging over the years from 2 Lexmarks, 1 Brother and of course 4 HP's. Lexmark was always too dark, developer didn't last long, created banding, curled papers and noisy. Brother broke down too quickly. HP's were fairly good but over the years, I am sorry to say the quality went down drastically; the plastics got thinner, toners didn't last long, parts squeaked, colors were washed out. So I was left using disposable inkjet printers (most of them are, nowadays) that got thrown out when the inks dried up.

Until I ordered Samsung CLP 620ND. OMG. This thing is on the big side, but oh, man. This printer rocks. Never did I use a color laser printer with consistent rock solid color (literally, solid colors print as solid colors; no fading, no banding), fast (first print pops out in about 10 sec, even with full coverage), good paper handling, fairly quiet and aesthetically pleasing (To me anyway. It's overall shape is a cube, without any paper trays or panels sticking out beyond the basic cube shape, which leaves it very slick). The overall built quality is rock solid as well. And for the price, this Samsung CLP 620 is a keeper. I purchased this for $206, cheaper than buying a set of toners.

In my line of work, speed and color accuracy is vital, especially for client presentations, and this printer delivers! Samsung printers were "iffy" on my list, but 620ND has changed my mind. This was my first Samsung brand purchase so I can't speak for their other products.

This one is a definite "BUY".

TIP: also bought a low end Brother BW laser printer to handle BW and/or test prints, so I could save on the color toner.

18 of 19 people found the following review helpful.
5Solid SOHO workhorse
By Aaron C. Meyer
I purchased this printer in July of 2010 as a replacement for my old multi-pass Minolta 2400W. While I'm a light user (I only average ~300 pages/month) my printing tends to be centered on batches of 100 pages or more which makes the speed of a laser printer a huge advantage over an inkjet. I chose the Samsung because it looked like a bargain at less than $300 for a single-pass color laser with a duplexer and the reviews at the time were good.

The reviews were right. This printer's great. It warms up quickly and spits our very high-quality prints. I use 22-pound or 24-pound paper and the duplexer isn't phased. I've put more than 2,000 pages through this and not a single jam. Colors come out bold and there's no banding. The duplexer alone is a fantastic feature if you end up printing a lot of drafts for review or if you just want to save some paper. The printer also handles heavy glossy paper well and I've used it for business cards as well without any issues.

The consumables also seem to be spot-on for their rated life. At just about 2,400 pages there's still 5% left in my "2,500 page" toner cartridge, which puts it right on spec. This gives me every reason to expect that the 5,000 page rating for the high-capacity cartridges is completely accurate, which means the toner cost is only 1.9 cents ($0.019) per page, which is better than most inkjets. It's easy to get distracted by "expensive" toner because we don't usually think about it lasting 5,000 pages, or even 2,500 pages for the smaller cartridges, but when you realize how long the toners for this will actually last, it comes out as relatively inexpensive.

The other nice thing about this printer is that it's clearly designed to have a long service life. The print drums are built into the cartridges, so you get brand-new imaging drums every time you replace a cartridge, which helps ensure consistent print quality. The fuser and the transfer belt are also user-replaceable parts which means that Samsung obviously expects this printer to keep going for a long time. Even the rollers appear to be user-replaceable.

The bottom line is that this printer produces very good prints and is designed with longevity in mind. I just don't see how it can be beaten for the price.

18 of 19 people found the following review helpful.
4Free razor, sorta
By A. L. Shultes
This printer is inexpensive for what it does. The toner is not inexpensive - not over-priced, just expensive. The print quality is very good; the printer is fast. It warms up fast if left in "sleeping" mode. I wanted quality, not speed especially, and am satisfied.

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