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HP D1560 Deskjet Printer

HP D1560 Deskjet Printer

Buying Inkjet Printers HP D1560 Deskjet Printer

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Product Details

  • Brand: HP
  • Model: D1560
  • Dimensions: 5.90 pounds


  • Includes Black and Tri-Color Cartridges
  • HP Smart Web Printing
  • 80-Sheet fold-up paper tray.
  • 18 PPM Black
  • 12.5 PPM Color

Descriptions of Inkjet Printers HP D1560 Deskjet Printer

Product Description

Want supremely easy, high-quality, reliable printing? The compact HP Deskjet D1560 supplies laser-quality black and vivid color so everything you print will look great. Its perfect for your everyday documents, Web pages, and photos.Easy and affordable Print at speeds up to 18 pages/minute in black and 12.5 in color Get laser-quality black and vivid-color graphics and photos without smudges or ink stains with Original HP inks Save ink and paper combine multiple Web pages into one with our HPs Smart Web Printing software Print borderless snapshots on HP 4 x 6 photo paper Save space with the compact design and 80-sheet fold-up paper tray Save money with our efficient inks Set up in a snap with the easy software and one-button operation Dependable and reliable Depend on HP Deskjet, the worlds top-selling printer brand; HP printers were chosen by consumers as the most reliable Rely on us: Weve won the PC Magazine Readers Choice Award for service and reliability (as a result of its reader satisfaction survey) for 16 years running One-year warranty and support Get peace of mind with the one-year limited warranty plus our Total Care advice and support Get answers to product questions toll-free, 24 x 7, or via e-mail in as little time as an hour -at Get exclusive offers and discounts on supplies, shop from your own customized supplies list, and get free next-day shipping with our My Print Rewards program Technical specifications: Print speed (letter)   Black Up to 18 ppm Color Up to 12.5 ppm Resolution Black: Up to 1200 rendered dpi blackColor: Up to 4800 x 1200 optimized dpi color and 1200 input dpi Duplex Printing Manual Photo   Borderless Printing Yes (up to 4 x 6 in.) Direct photo printing No Memory Card Support N/A Real Life Technologies HP Adaptive Lighting, HP Auto Red-eye Removal Paper   Supported paper sizes Letter, legal, executive, envelopes (No 10), cards Duty cycle Up...

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Inkjet Printers HP D1560 Deskjet Printer Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

25 of 27 people found the following review helpful.
3Shipped with wrong black cartridge 21
By Martha E. Davis
To get the newest model of HP's Deskjets, I paid Amazon top dollar ($81.99 plus shipping) for this basic printer, model D1560. Upon installing the two cartridges, types 22 (color) and 21 (black), the display on the computer indicated that the black cartridge was defective. I had ordered another one and opened and tried that one. Also defective! After consulting with 3 technicians, we drew the conclusion that there are TWO TYPES OF CARTRIDGE NO. 21: one with a black label and one with a white label. The printer has a sensor that can tell the difference. This model takes both cartridges with white labels, but what was shipped with the unit was the correct color cartridge and the incorrect black one. I bought the correct one locally, although the number of this new model, D1560, is not printed on the box. Apparently, if the box says D1460 (among many other numbers), as my correct cartridge's box does, it is probably the right one for D1560. This is not at all indicated to Amazon's customers in the information on either the printer or the cartridges. I give it a 3-star evaluation due to this HUGE inconvenience and expense. But now with the right cartridge, it works fine (at least on the first page so far).

8 of 9 people found the following review helpful.
1Defective black cartridge, wasted 3 hours troubleshooting.
By P. Chen
The HP csr is not competent and keep making mistakes.

I want to summarize everything here so you can go through everything in 10mins instead of 3 hours.

If you got blinking lights, try to install only one cartrige to isolate the problem. When you have the working cartridge installed (color or B&W), you can hold the power button and open the printer cover 3 times and you can get a test page.

Let the csr know you have a defective cartridge, the cartridge expiration date is on top of the cartridge, and provide them your info and you need to ship the cartridge and test page back.

Good luck,

6 of 7 people found the following review helpful.
2Baby-sitting thick-stock paper...
By paul in glendale
I've never met a printer under $100 that I didn't have to baby-sit, especially in terms of thick stock. I have been printing greeting cards on thick stock, and manually making sure the printer grabs each page by putting pressure on the front of the paper. I have also had difficulty printing thick photo-paper on the D1560. For the $50 I spent at Staples, I guess that should be expected. It is fine for normal paper.

I just wish HP, Epson, etc... would include "Human assistance required for thick stock" on the box for their cheaper printers.

One other annoyance: this particular printer has very small ink cartridges. Though they seem cheaper, you'll be replacing them more often.

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