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Samsung CLP-670ND Color Laser Printer

Samsung CLP-670ND Color Laser Printer

For sale Laser Printers Samsung CLP-670ND Color Laser Printer

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Product Details

  • Color: Y
  • Brand: Samsung
  • Model: CLP-670ND
  • Platform: Windows
  • Format: CD-ROM
  • Original language: English
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 16.73" h x 17.38" w x 16.97" l, 59.52 pounds
  • Memory: 256MB
  • Networking: Ethernet 10/100Base-TX
  • Native resolution: 9600 x 600


  • Heavy Duty Color Laser Printer for efficiency and productivity.
  • Superior technology, high quality color prints and minimzed operation costs.
  • Built-in Network and duplex for more efficiency and cost savings.

Descriptions of Laser Printers Samsung CLP-670ND Color Laser Printer

Product Description

25/25 (Black & Color) page per minute, Color Laser Printer, Built-in Network and Duplex

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Laser Printers Samsung CLP-670ND Color Laser Printer Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

9 of 9 people found the following review helpful.
1Good start, terrible finish.
By It Just Works
Purchased this printer for a specific and not particularly hard work purpose (amongst many other large and small print systems). Love the output although its a bit pricey on toner.
After a few weeks of use we noticed phantom "jams" that caused duplicate print outs. Following these getting worse I decided to spend some quality time with Samsung support.
Firstly, they did not have this printer listed on their support site so I had to contact them directly. I was then told that the printer was too new and they were not trained to support it (this is Samsung) so I had to call a special phone number. I called this number only to be told it was out of warranty (well inside the 1 year warranty). Next step was to prove warranty status and then go through the issue. Finally the issue was diagnosed as a faulty paper cassette and they were going to send a new one. I received a ticket (after multiple calls) and waited patiently only to subsequently receive a "this ticket has been cancelled" notification a few days later. I called Samsung and was then told they had no record of the case whatsoever (this ticket and case was over a period of months). Out of frustration we shelved the Samsung and put an old Color HP in its place for the time being.
The issue with this printer appears to be a very flimsy cassette design. Over time the paper feed is off by a few millimeters which then causes the printer to think it is jamming due to a split second "stick." The printer recovers and generates the print job in duplicates. This can get expensive and irritating, not to mention the phantom error/jam messages appearing on desktops of frustrated users. The manual feed works fine.
It is apparent Samsung is completely indifferent to supporting this product. Its a shame, its a nice piece of hardware, has decent drivers and is fairly easy to use and has great output but its delicate cassette design and lack of support puts it at the bottom of the list for us. I'm not new to troubleshooting printers and the frustration that accompanies the process in many cases but have to say Samsung support amazed me with their complete lack of interest in that part of the sale.
I guess I am now in the market for a new cassette, even though the existing one is still under warranty. Further followup with Samsung continues to go nowhere.

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
5Great printer!
I have been using the CLP-670ND color laser printer for nearly a year and it works flawlessly.


It prints fairly quickly, with only a short 10-15 second warm up from a cold start.

The duplexer works correctly, and the Samsung printer driver allows you to set up default settings for all programs, and temporary settings for just one printing job in a single program.

Unlike the HP color laser printer it replaced which did not print to accurate scale, the Samsung printer prints dimensioned drawings very accurately when "Fit to paper" is not selected. A 10" long object in a CAD drawing prints exactly 10" long if 1:1 scaling is selected.

The printer maintenance program runs locally (unlike the HP) and does not require an Internet connection to determine toner status with long delays while endless ads are shown.

When a toner cartridge is getting low the printer tells you to "prepare a new toner cartridge" and allows you to continue printing until the toner is completely used up (unlike other manufacturers that cut you off even though it is still printing OK). The warning allows plenty of time (weeks) to order new cartridges.

It is quiet. It makes some noise when printing, but otherwise is silent. The HP junk it replaced would occasionally start loud clanking, rattling and shaking the desk for no apparent reason if it was left powered on.

It is ruggedly built. There are no flimsy plastic parts to break off (unlike the HP it replaced).


The so-called "glossy" printing is bogus. Even if you use glossy copier paper this printer will not print glossy images like an ink jet printer will do.

It uses up the yellow toner even when you are printing black (HP also does this, and perhaps all manufacturers). You will have to replace the yellow toner cartridge more often than the other colors, even if you don't intend to print anything yellow.

It comes with low volume "demo" cartridges. The black toner lasted about two months for me, and the yellow toner is about out after a year. The blue and cyan are still about half full. I don't do a lot of printing, perhaps 100 pages a month, so the cartridges may not last as long for you. A new toner cartridge set will cost about $450US, which is more than the printer cost. However, the full cartridges will last me a very long time.

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful.
5Wonderful printer
By Roger A. Krupski
The Samsung CLP-670ND Color Laser Printer is all a small business or heavy duty home user could ask for. The colors are very deep, brilliant and accurate. The registration (alignment of the 4 color layers) is so good that no mis-alignment can be seen even with a magnifying glass.

The printer to PC connection can be either USB or Ethernet (network). When connected to the network, the printer can be configured to email any problems it finds or status reports (such as "sleeping" or "paper jam" or "out of paper", etc...).

There are drivers available for Windows, MAC-OS and Linux... so it should work for almost everyone.

Although this is a "document" printer, it's print quality is so good that, when used with photo quality paper, it works great as a PHOTO printer.

The printer is fast. If it's asleep when the print job starts, it takes about 15 seconds to "wake up and warm up". After that the prints just come out one after another. I timed it and, once the printer gets going, it does about 26 pages per minute (color, standard resolution). When printing in the highest quality mode, the speed is approximately 1/2 or about 13 pages per minute.

The printer has a built in web server. The administrator or owner can log into the printer and view everything as well as change settings and upload new firmware if it becomes available. This web administration feature is also where the owner sets the email address in which to send status and error messages to.

The printer is built like a tank. No flimsy plastic junk here. The printer is very sturdy and weighs about 60 pounds. It must be setup on a sturdy table or desk.

One feature not mentioned is that, as well as being able to replace the toner cartridges, the print ENGINE itself can also be replaced. The print engine (the "guts" of the printer - laser scanner, gears, switches, etc..) is supposedly good for about 20,000 prints. If the print engine wears out, it can be replaced simply by removing it and popping in a new one (just like a toner cartridge). So, "theoretically" the printer should last forever, given that anything which can wear out or get used up is a replaceable module.

That's all I can think of. There are no negative things about this printer that come to mind. It just works and it works very well.

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