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HP Photosmart 7960 Printer

HP Photosmart 7960 Printer

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You'll get full-color, professional-quality print results with the HP PhotoSmart 7960 Photo Printer. Delivering everyday print output at up to 21 ppm or 4-by-6-inch photos in just over 90 seconds, the 7960 can handle a variety of tasks.

Product Details

  • Brand: HP
  • Model: Q3020A#ABA
  • Dimensions: 20.10 pounds


  • Up to 4,800 x 1,200 optimized dpi; HP PhotoREt Pro, 8-ink color
  • Up to 21 ppm black, 16 ppm color in fast draft mode
  • Directly accepts CompactFlash, SmartMedia, Secure Digital, Multi Media, Memory Stick, xD-Picture
  • Large LCD to preview, edit, even remove red-eye
  • 2 USB ports, PC and Mac compatible; 1-year warranty

You'll get full-color, professional-quality print results with the HP PhotoSmart 7960 Photo Printer. Delivering everyday print output at up to 21 ppm or 4-by-6-inch photos in just over 90 seconds, the 7960 can handle a variety of tasks.

Descriptions of Inkjet Printers HP Photosmart 7960 Printer

Product Description

HP Photosmart 7960 Printer

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Inkjet Printers HP Photosmart 7960 Printer Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

94 of 98 people found the following review helpful.
4HP 7760 vs. HP 7960
By A Customer
I couldn't decide between the HP Photosmart 7760 and 7960 so I bought them both, and I printed the exact same pictures from both pictures to compare quality. I found that I liked the coloring of the 7760 in most of the color pictures. The 7960 tended to have reddish looking pictures. For example, a person's face would look redder in the 7960 pictures. But the 7960 did have more detail in landscape type pictures. Hands down, the 7960 did the best job printing black and white (used the 59 Black and White cartridge in both printers). For me, I only print black and white photos about 10% of the time.

I did like the slightly bigger LCD screen of the 7960, but found the menus and options exactly the same as the 7760. The 7960 is longer(20.9") than the 7760, and it did not fit on my desk.

The 7960 comes with 4 ink cartridges - 56 (black for documents), 57 (tri-color), 58(photo ink), and 59(black for black and white photos). While the 7760 comes with 2 ink cartridges - 57 and 58. Buying the 56 and 59 is about an additional $40, which could be a consideration when buying the 7760.

In the end, I kept the 7760. I just could not justify the additional $100 for the 7960.

37 of 37 people found the following review helpful.
By A Customer
I purchased my printer in Jan. and have just used my first ink cartridges. Please keep in mind I do not care about speed or space. I simply wanted a printer that prints quality prints. I generally print 8x10 and 4x6 prints. Here are the pros and cons:
* I can not tell the difference between my professionally printed pictures and copies from my printer. No one can believe that they came from a home printer.
*Beautiful black and white prints. (I love black and white so having the photo gray was the decision maker for my purchase)
*Easy to use printer and easy to install software. Effortless to change and replace the ink cartridges.
*Coloring is excellent.
*I generally use with Camedia and Photoshop however it is nice to be able to print right from the printer when you are in a hurry.
*Prints regular documents quickly.
*I like being able to choose what quality ink output I want. If I am experimenting in Photoshop I like printing at a lower quality so I do not waste ink. For good prints I use the high end mode.
*This printer has never jammed therefore I do not waste costly paper. (I buy the HP premium matte)
*Price. Expensive printer, ink and paper. (But worth it)
*I notice on some of my prints there are roller marks. (Faint lines that go through the pictures.) They only appear randomly and a lot of the time I have to look for them. When the ink is low I notice them more. I was aware of this problem prior to my purchase and still made the purchase.
*The ink takes a little bit to become completely dry and sometimes I smudge it.
Overall, Great purchase. I only buy HP printers and can not compare to other brands. I have always had good luck with them, why change?

27 of 27 people found the following review helpful.
5Easy to use!
By A Customer
I'm very impressed by the straight forward design and navigation of the HP PhotoSmart 7960. Very easy to use and figure out, even if you're a technophobe like myself. Out of the box it was easy to set up with the step-by-step poster that they provided. Right away I was printing vacation photos straight from my compact flash (with the printer's default settings, without being hooked up to a computer) and I got really good printouts.

Pros: The LCD display is bigger than most digital cameras and is very clear, navagation is straight forward and easy to figure out, the color range is good (considering there's "8 colors"), very easy to use.

Cons: It comes with color cartridges that combine colors (CMY, Light-CMY, Grey or Black) so if you run out of one color you have to replace the whole thing. On glossy photo paper the overall color tends to be a bit darker. And at the moment it's a bit pricy compared with it's competition.

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