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HP PhotoSmart 7550 Inkjet Printer

HP PhotoSmart 7550 Inkjet Printer

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The HP PhotoSmart 7550 brings exceptional quality, speed, and precision photo printing to home desktops. Crisp detail and rich, vivid color arrive through an optimized maximum resolution of 4,800 dpi, while advanced paper sensors automatically adjust the print settings for best quality.

Product Details

  • Brand: HP
  • Model: HEWQ1605A


  • Up to 4,800 optimized dpi, 7-ink system for impressive color and laser-quality text
  • Up to 17 ppm black, 13 ppm color
  • Advanced HP PhotoRet IV color-layering technology
  • Convenient 4-by-6-inch tray for borderless photos
  • Directly accepts CompactFlash, SmartMedia, Secure Digital, Multi-Media, Memory Stick

The HP PhotoSmart 7550 brings exceptional quality, speed, and precision photo printing to home desktops. Crisp detail and rich, vivid color arrive through an optimized maximum resolution of 4,800 dpi, while advanced paper sensors automatically adjust the print settings for best quality.

Descriptions of Inkjet Printers HP PhotoSmart 7550 Inkjet Printer

Product Description

HP PhotoSmart 7550 Inkjet Printer

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Inkjet Printers HP PhotoSmart 7550 Inkjet Printer Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

260 of 260 people found the following review helpful.
5All the pieces come together in this top of the line printer
By R. L. Lewis
I have owned several HP and Epson photo quality printers.
Each has been pretty good, but had one or two annoyances
that grew more bothersome over time. Particularly as
consumer digital cameras have improved to the 3 and 4
megapixel level, it was necessary to do something about
the quality of home photo printers. I think HP had the
farthest to go and they have closed the gap and taken a
wide lead with the 7550. The move to seven inks (from
HP's usual 4)in this model and the ability to go as
high as 4800 X 1200 dpi, has answered my concerns about
larger prints from my 4 megapixel Canon camera. This
printer also has a simple loading mechanism for 4x6
snapshots and I really like the new print cartridge
access (to the right of the paper trays), which means
I no longer have to drag the printer out from under the
shelf to open its top and change a cartiridge. This,
plus the front paper loading mechanism, makes the 7550
a real low profile machine. The LCD and controls allow
you to print pictures without the computer, though that
is not a big deal to me. The printer is quiet and fast
and I haven't given it a picture yet that it hasn't
handled with beautiful results. HP claims the new inks
and papers it is releasing with these new model printers
will last 65 years. I'll get back to you about that
claim in 2067.

78 of 79 people found the following review helpful.
4Portfolio Quality!
By L. Young
Let's forget the gadgets like the LCD viewer and card reading features for a moment and get to the nitty gritty. This printer prints EXCELLENT quality photos!

I upgraded from the HP Photosmart 1218, which was also a good printer. But with the 1218, even on the highest print settings, I saw pixels.

On the 7550, I printed a 4X6 of an outside skyline (taken with a digital camera) and literally could not see the pixels in the sky part!

The true test came when I printed 8X11 photos from a digital camera source. The pictures were taken inside, so I expected less detail when printed. Where there were solid colors, I saw NO pixels. It was excellent! The subject (person) in the picture also looked good.

Of course there were some pixels there, a little dithering, blur and bitmapping. I had to make some resolution adjustments in Photoshop to sharpen it. Finally, looking at the prints from about 1 foot away, they looked like PROFESSIONAL prints! In fact, they look so good, they're going to be used in a portfolio WITH professional prints.

I've read about the Canon being better, and maybe it is. But this one's nothing to shake a stick at. If you want a great printer with the extra features for digital camera users, this is the one I'd suggest!

Cons: Big; Rapid ink consumption when printing photos.

70 of 71 people found the following review helpful.
5Best printer HP has ever made
By R. L. Lewis
My wife wonders why I've bought so many printers over the years. I think it might be up to ten by now. I expect I will keep the 7550 a good long time. I have finally found what I've been searching for- a printer that does an outstanding job with photos and uses inks that will last while also doing a decent job as a document printer.

The 7550 uses 7 inks. I think that is the current high water mark for consumer printers. Yes, that much ink raises the cost of operation, but the results are worth it.

The few reviewers who have had problems with the printer sound to me like issues with simple fixes. It is unfortunate that HP service couldn't solve these issues. Mine worked perfectly out of the box. It is very customizable. If you always print pictures from the computer, great. If you want skip the computer and use memory cards, great. If you have an HP camera and want to plug in directly, great. I've used all three methods.

The photos produced are bright and detail is incredible. I can't vouch for the 65 year longevity claim (yet), but I can tell you the pictures resist fading. I've placed several in a sunny room just to see. After three months, there is no visible fade.

I wish HP and the other printer makers would stop trying to make us buy their own cameras and allow a true USB direct connect. And I wish HP would throw in the two-sided printing accessory instead of just leaving a place for it in the back of the printer. Those are my only two complaints with the 7550. I don't consider either issue a major point.

This printer has the easiest ink changing process and paper loading process of any HP I've owned. The LCD screen is handy and the control buttons are well marked and helpful. I particulary like the Print Cancel button.

Good job HP. Products like the 7550 will keep you at the top of the printer market.

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