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Lexmark 90P4000 OfficeEdge Pro4000 Color MFP

Lexmark 90P4000 OfficeEdge Pro4000 Color MFP

Online Laser Printers Lexmark 90P4000 OfficeEdge Pro4000 Color MFP

List Price : $312.50

Get Your Best Price at : $167.85

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #20825 in Office Product
  • Brand: Lexmark
  • Model: 90P4000
  • Original language: English
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 11.81" h x 19.69" w x 16.81" l, 35.05 pounds


  • Flexible networking
  • Time-saving shortcuts
  • Vizix Pro

Descriptions of Laser Printers Lexmark 90P4000 OfficeEdge Pro4000 Color MFP

Product Description

The Pro4000 includes the features you need and a 50% lower printing cost on laser-quality documents. Ideal for multi-user workgroups; provides the flexibility of networking via Ethernet or wireless-N. Make a lasting impression on customers and do more in-house printing with smear-resistant Vizix Pro inks. Quickly scan documents in as fast as 5 seconds per page and print laser-quality jobs at speeds up to 21 ppm black and 14 ppm color on a variety of specialty paper types, including card stock and paper sizes up to 8.5 x 14 inches. Simplify everyday tasks with time-saving Lexmark 1-touch shortcuts. Eliminate unnecessary steps and save time by customizing shortcuts to run commonly performed workflows.

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Laser Printers Lexmark 90P4000 OfficeEdge Pro4000 Color MFP Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

52 of 55 people found the following review helpful.
3Expensive Ink, if you are a DIY REFILLER !
By w810 fan

Great printer - one of the fastest, but if you are, like me, coming from a printer that allowed you to refill for pennies (like older Lexmark Z600), consider this:

-This printer (and in general all new Lexmark Printers) comes with NON-REFILLABLE cartridges (Lexmark's "Return Cartridge Program" cartridges)

-The "Return Cartridge Program" is advertised as "giving you about $5 discount upfront when buying a cartridge anywhere" and "saving the environment". (or should i say the refillable cartridges cost about $5 more)
The "Return Cartridge Program" cartridges contain a chip that cannot be reset.
The chip does 2 things:
1. It has encrypted communication with the printer, so that you can't buy another (cheaper brand or generic) cartridge.
2. The chip calculates the ink volume used with a "certain probability", which is under 100% accurate, so you will most likely have ink left when it decides it's empty.
When the chip deems your cartridge as "empty", it will deactivate it and you're supposed to send it back to "Lexmark" (it's free to send it back to Lexmark). You get nothing in return, except the Lexmark promise that "this saves the environment", and that "you paid $5 less for this type of cartridge when you first bought it"

-The printer has 4 cartridges: 1 black and 3 color.

So you bought this printer, and ran out of ink, what are your choices:

The Lexmark 200 cartridges offer you about 650 printed pages.
1. The Lexmark 200 cartridges, are "Return Ink Program" (we should just call them "impossible to refill"), and will set you back around $28 each. Found almost everywhere locally.
2. The 200A are supposed to exist... yet i can't even find them even online. They are supposed to be the "non - return program", that you can refill.

The 200XL series boats 2500/1600 color printed pages.
-The 200XL cartridges are the "Return Ink Program" ones, that are impossible to refill.
-The 200XLA cartridges are what you want to buy, in order to refill them. Problem is - you cannot get them for under $36 ea online...and to top it all off, they are usually not available at your local retailers. You can't just go out and buy one, when you actually need it.

So IF YOU WANT TO REFILL, you're looking at about $140 you will need to spend extra to buy the 200XLA cartridges. From there on, you can refill those with cheaper ink.

As a comparison (of cheap printing, not as quality), i've been running a Lexmark z600 for many years and refilled the cartridges probably more than 50 times each over the years, with a simple seringe, and bulk ink from ebay (i actually bought the cheapest possible ink, and it worked fine, and cost me like $30 for those huge bottles.. so that's how much my ink has cost me for tens of thousands of pages printed)

17 of 17 people found the following review helpful.
4Great Printer Only Lacking in Duplex Scanning
By Barry Graham
This printer was very easy to set up and get working quickly. The documentation was superb. My only disappointment is that while it can do duplex printing without any extra accessories, and while it has an auto document feeder (ADF), amazingly the ADF does not allow you to scan or copy double sided documents - you have to scan those manually if you want to copy or scan both sides.

19 of 21 people found the following review helpful.
5Awesome All-in-one printer!
By Vipervick
This Lexmark replaced an HP that I was constantly having problems with. It has done nothing but exceed my expectations. I would have to call the Lexmark a high performance race car and the HP a clunker. The wireless connection was easy; print, scan and copy speeds are phenomenal; but, I haven't used the fax and probably won't in this day and age.

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