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Canon Pixma iX6520 Inkjet Printer (4895B002)

Canon Pixma iX6520 Inkjet Printer (4895B002)

Cheap Inkjet Printers Canon Pixma iX6520 Inkjet Printer (4895B002)

List Price : $199.99

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Product Details

  • Size: 13" x 19"
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Canon
  • Model: iX6520
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 6.30" h x 21.70" w x 11.80" l, 16.70 pounds
  • Native resolution: 9600 x 2400


  • Supports various types of media from 4"x6" to 13"x19"
  • Print amazing 4" x 6" borderless photos in approx. 37seconds
  • Compact and stylish deisgn fits in any office setting
  • Create posters and business documents easily with the new Solutions Templates on the exclusive website
  • The new Full HD Movie Print turns your favorite HD movie clips captured with your compatible Canon EOS Digital SLR or PowerShot cameras

Descriptions of Inkjet Printers Canon Pixma iX6520 Inkjet Printer (4895B002)

Product Description

The Canon Pixma iX6520 Inkjet Printer (4895B002) supports various types of media from 4"x6" to 13"x19".Print amazing 4" x 6" borderless photos in approx. 37seconds.Compact and stylish design fits in any office setting. Create posters and business documents easily with the new Solutions Templates on the exclusive website. The new Full HD Movie Print turns your favorite HD movie clips captured with your compatible Canon EOS Digital SLR or PowerShot cameras.

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Inkjet Printers Canon Pixma iX6520 Inkjet Printer (4895B002) Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

198 of 202 people found the following review helpful.
5Inexpensive, quality large format output-comparison w/Epson Workforce 1100
By Dave Millman
I've had the Epson WorkForce 1100 Color Inkjet Wide Format Printer for more than a year, and used it for demanding large-format jobs like book covers and art prints. I thought I was happy with it, until I tried the canon Pixma iX6520.

For comparison, we printed a 13"x18" art print on expensive matte stock. The art has many dark brown and pure black sections. The Epson does a very good job with the blacks, and like I say, we were always happy. However, the Canon correctly reproduces many more subtle shades of dark brown than the Epson, to the point where the Epson prints now appear muddy to us. The blacks are delicious as well and subtly different on the Canon. This probably due to the fact that the Canon uses two different Black cartridges simultaneously, one dye-based and one pigment-based. Whatever the reason, the blacks are pure and clear.

We generally print using the highest quality, lowest speed settings. The Epson is slow in this mode, taking over four minutes per print. The Canon is faster, taking under three minutes. This is very dependent on print driver settings, and note that the Canon and Epson drivers do not have identical settings for a perfect comparison, so your mileage may vary. We printed directly from Photoshop CS5 on a Mac.

Unfortunately, no third party companies make continuous print systems for the Canon, like they do for the Epson. Maybe they will soon.

Update: After another couple of months, an observation: The extra black ink cartridge on the Pixma makes a huge difference. It's a different kind of ink that is used for super black text and graphics. Didn't notice this at first, but now that we've got more samples to compare with other ink jets, the difference is real. Well done, Canon.

106 of 108 people found the following review helpful.
5This Is The One To Buy!
By theministerswife
After enjoying an Epson Stylus 2200 for many years of great service, it finally bit the dust. So, I began researching for my next wide-format printer. Although this one is a sleeper and not highly publicized, I am really impressed with this printer. It is simple and easy to set up and operate and, it produces flawless beautiful photos with no metamerism like I experienced with the old Epson 2200. This one doesn't have any fancy bells and whistles, but, it just works and, it works well. The only thing I don't care for is the printing software that comes with it because, it takes forever to do its thing; "s-l-o-w" doesn't begin to describe the Easy Print software. It eventually works and, works well, but someone needs to fix that software to speed it up. I love that when you print a document using Word, it prints the last page first so that the document stacks itself in order and is ready to go when the print job is finished. Also, the text is just as clear as any laser printer. Another huge plus I like is, this printer, so far, does not seem to be an ink hog. And, the multi-packs of ink for this printer are very reasonably priced. I've printed several letter size photos, some 4X6 snapshots, and some gorgeous 13X19 photos -- the ink levels are still near the top! As is always the case, the cyan and magenta levels come down first but, surprisingly, they are only down a bit, the yellow and blacks are still at the top. Another thing I like is the printer shuts itself off after its been idle for awhile, that's an energy saving plus that I really appreciate. For all around everyday printing, along with art gallery quality photo printing, this was the perfect printer for me. I am favorably impressed and very satisfied with this purchase.

54 of 56 people found the following review helpful.
5Best Printer I Have Had
By Kenneth Depree
When my Canon MP510 died, I decided to get a good photo printer rather than another multi purpose unit. I am a serious amateur photographer and I want my photos to look good when printed.

The MP510 did a good job, but the prints that I am getting now from the ix6520 are much better. I could not be more pleased. And now I even have the option of going as big as 13x19 for a few photos I'm especially proud of and would like to display in a prominent location in my home.

Set up of the printer is easy thanks to the documentation that comes with the printer. Both in writing and in drawings it takes you through the set up process step by step.

I suppose I hurried a bit because I ran into trouble near the end because I neglected to turn a page before running the set up disk. Early in the process I was instructed to turn on the printer, so when I came to run the set up disk I immediately started it, but had I turned the page before doing so I would have seen that if the printer was on it should be turned off before starting the disk. I finally figured out why I was not getting a proper installation and went back and repeated a few steps, but I thought I should mention it here in the hopes that I will prevent someone from making the same mistake I did.

The other thing that needs to be mentioned is that no USB cable comes with the printer. However, if you are replacing a printer, as I was, then just use the cable from the old printer. Otherwise you will need to obtain a cable before you can connect the printer to the computer.

Compatible ink with a chip is available,, which is important unless you have an unlimited budget.

Good software comes with the printer. One of the first things I did was go to the Canon US support page to see if there were any updates to the software even though the printer is relatively new. There were a couple, which I downloaded and installed. It is not uncommon with new products to have upgrades in the software soon after release as the manufacturer gets word from users about bugs, etc. So if you get the printer, I would recommend downloading the updates for the software. I had some trouble finding the printer on the Canon Support and Drivers page to find out if there were upgrades because the printer was not showing up on the list I used with the previous printer. Here is how you do it for the IX6520: Support And Drivers>Consumer and Home Office>Printers and Multifunction>PIXMA Corporate & Graphics Art Printers>PIXMA IX6520.

UPDATE: I have been using the printer for about 6 weeks and am even more positive than when I wrote the review. I have been using it mainly to print photos, but also to copy downloaded user manuals for some of the photo editing software I use. It does an excellent job with both, but the photos are what I am most fussy about and I could not be more pleased. I do not think I would get better prints if I used the services of one of the websites that make prints. The quality of the prints is far better than what I was getting with my previous Canon printer.

Regarding ink, an important consideration when buying a printer. All the the colored ink cartridges have by now been replaced by much less expensive cartridges (with chip) purchased from abacus24-7, in some cases more than once, however, I can see no change in the quality of the printed photos. I have used their ink for several years with good results and the same is true with this printer. The only difference I can see between the photos printed with the Canon cartridges and those I am using now is the price.

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