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Xerox Phaser 8560/DN Color Printer

Xerox Phaser 8560/DN Color Printer

Cheap Inkjet Printers Xerox Phaser 8560/DN Color Printer

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Product Details

  • Brand: Xerox
  • Model: 8560/DN
  • Platform: Windows
  • Format: CD
  • Original language: English
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 14.50" h x 21.00" w x 16.00" l, 72.00 pounds


  • Fastest to first page in its class with a first-page-out time of as fast as 5 seconds in color
  • Lowest price in its class, allows you to buy a high-speed, feature-packed printer at a great price
  • Rich, vibrant colors on everything from cover-weight stock to recycled paper
  • Unique solid ink color technology is only offered by Xerox

Descriptions of Inkjet Printers Xerox Phaser 8560/DN Color Printer

Product Description

Xerox offers a choice of value-packed office devices that deliver the utmost in productivity: The Phaser 8560 printer gives busy workgroups a fast, affordable, easy-to-use color printer that can expand from a desktop model to a four-tray, floor-standing powerhouse; the Phaser 8560MFP multifunction printer adds top-of-the-line copying, scanning and faxing for all your office document needs.

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Inkjet Printers Xerox Phaser 8560/DN Color Printer Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

54 of 55 people found the following review helpful.
5Perfect home or office printer for higher volume use
By R. S. Winsor
I bought one of these a couple months ago and I am completely amazed at the quality and speed of the prints. They look highly professional on any white paper and even some "card" like stock (have not tried transparencies). The print speed is much faster than laser and so far the print server and all prints have been flawless. We print several hundred pages per month, and I have owned several various models of HP printers, none of which have printed so many pages without some sort of jam or need to reset the print server. I absolutely love the solid ink. It involves so little packaging, its almost sickening to think about all the waste of laser or even inkjet! Yes, this printer is better to be left on. It sits and makes no noise whatsoever in standby (can't say that about laser), and when I am about to print I just touch any button on the front panel to get it out of standby so that by the time I send the document to the printer, its all ready to go.
This may not be the best printer for the casual user, but for those that don't mind leaving a printer turned on all the time, this is by far the best printer I have seen. The duplex printing is fantastic also.
Note that you may want to place this somewhere such that there is nothing above the printer for at least a foot or so. The top lifts up to load ink, and it is somewhat heavy - you don't want to have to move it or unplug it to load the ink, so keep that in mind.
The price was hard to digest initially but seems like a real bargain to me now.

22 of 22 people found the following review helpful.
5Awesome, quiet, fast color!
By Jonathan D. Schmidt
This printer is simply AWESOME! I have been using OkiData color laser printers for several years. I finally got tired to spending a fortune on image drums and pricey toner cartridges. I heard about the solid ink color capabilities of the Xerox Phaser and did a bunch of research before buying. In short, this printer is amazing.

Color - First of all, the color reproduction of the printer is stellar. The color matching does an incredible job right out of the box. Using PHOTO mode creates rich, vibrant color on plain paper. Of course, this uses more ink, but that's okay. I have the printer set on STANDARD mode for everyday use. I'll only use ENHANCED or PHOTO mode when doing more important jobs.

Speed - This printer is MUCH faster than the OKI C6100 that I had previously. I leave this printer on all the time with a timeout setting of 240 minutes. It starts right up and spits out the page in about 7-9 seconds. I do mean SPIT. This printer almost literally shoots the paper out the tray. It's so fast that it is startling at first.

Noise - For anyone worried about noise, don't be. I can't hear the printer at all in a 20x16 office with 3 other computers. That either means that it is silent or my other computers are louder (and they are very quiet as well). When it is printing, there is no loud fan running or the print engine running. It is very quiet. If people think this printer is loud, they haven't really heard a loud printer before. It is near SILENT compared to my OKI.

I am a photo and computer enthusiast and have spent thousands of dollars on equipment. This is by far the best color (non-inkjet) printer I have used to date. I look forward to saving money compared to my OKI!

18 of 18 people found the following review helpful.
5Great Even For Occasional Usage...
By Kreig Zimmerman
I bought this because I wanted good-quality color prints. Color lasers print photos poorly, and I use a printer at home too infrequently to justify an inkjet as ink would dry out between uses.

This works beautifully. However, EXPENSIVE ink refills. But so are color lasers' toner cartridges. Nonetheless, SUPER-FAST. And GORGEOUS output.

One note: if you print infrequently as well, make sure to set the printer to only warm up when jobs are coming in. Out of the box it is set to warm up daily--and that will simply eat up ink. And electricity.

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