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Thermal printer model: POS-5870 with power supply black

Thermal printer model: POS-5870 with power supply black

Discounted Inkjet Printers Thermal printer model: POS-5870 with power supply black

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Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #8750 in Office Product


  • Print high-quality, low cost. Low-noise, high-speed printing. Support cash drawer driving. Small and lightweight, beautiful shape
  • Easy paper loading structure, reasonable structure, easy to use maintenance. Built-in data buffer (when printing can receive print data). Communication interface optional parallel port or serial port
  • Character can enlarge print, adjust character the line spacing printed. Support of different densities bitmap and download of graphics printing. Support for raster bitmap print
  • In the driver printing (mode), it implement and call the hard word bank to high-speed printing. Low power consumption, Low operating costs (no ribbons, ink cartridges). Compatible ESC / POS print commands set. This printer is suitable for Win9X/WinME/Win2000/WinNT/WinXP/Win Vista/Win 2003/Win7(32bit&64bit)/Linux, Compatible with ESPON,SAMSUNG
  • Package Includes: 1x Thermal Printer, 1x Instruction Manual, 1x Printer Driver, 1x Power Adapter, 1x USB Cable, 1x Power Line, 1x 58mm Thermal Paper Rolls

Descriptions of Inkjet Printers Thermal printer model: POS-5870 with power supply black

Product Description

Technical parameters:

Column capacity (columns):32/16 Columns
Print method Line thermal
Print speed 70/90 mm / sec
Paper width 58mm
Print Density 384 dot/line
Characters size [ANK Character, Font: A: 12 x 24dots, 1.5(W) x 3.0(H) mm
Simplified/Traditional:24 x 24dots,3.0(W) x 3.0(H)mm]
Print Command Compatible ESC/POS Command
Interface Type USB
Reliability 100KM
Barcode Type JAN13(EAN13)/JAN8(EAN8)/CODE39
Printing paper thick 0.06-0.08MM
AdapterVoltage Input AC 110B/220V,50-60Hz
AdapterVoltage output DC 12V/3A
Printer Input Voltage DC 12V/3A
Cashbox Control DC 12V/1A
WorkingTemperature 0-45?, Humidity:10-80%
Saving Temperature -10-60?, Humidity:10-90%

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Inkjet Printers Thermal printer model: POS-5870 with power supply black Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

11 of 12 people found the following review helpful.
4Good Printer, BAAAAD Documentation!
By Michael M. Scholl
I bought this printer recently and, despite poorly translated instructions in the manual, I installed it under Windows 7, but only after some detective work. The manual gives a completely wrong explanation of how to install the driver. To do it right, you need to open the mini-CD that ships with the printer, open the Driver subdirectory, open the POS58 subdirectory (since this is the 58mm wide printer), then double click on the executable driver installation program. From there, follow the prompts, but be sure you know which USB port you will use.

CAVEAT: If you print a test page, it will print the standard Windows 7 test page, so be prepared for A LOT of that tiny roll of sample paper to print, when you have the USB port selected correctly. Otherwise, once it starts, turn the power off to conserve paper and purge the printer buffer.

Once I got this part of the installation right and figured out that it has 30 printable columns without text wrap, I was good to go! My local Sam's Club has 24 rolls of 58 mm thermal paper (85 feet long) for less than $10, so it should be fairly economical! Or you can but it from

Although it doesn't print in a condensed font and I'm still trying to figure out how to print a graphic on the tape for each receipt printed, I like it. Best part: I didn't pay $180 for a name-brand receipt printer, so I think I got a good value. Except the documentation. I want a rebate for that! LOL

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful.
4Exactly what I expected.
By Sully
I know that many wrote reviews saying it had problems... I know because I read them. I am attaching pictures. I buy alot from amazon and rely on the reviews heavily at times. I am taking the time to write this so others will have the knowledge as well:

Short version - It is a 58mm 2.25" thermal receipt printer, much like what prints a CC receipt. I am using windows 7 and had next to no problems installing and working.

Hookup the unit, but DO NOT TURN IT ON.
Install the print driver software labeled on the disk as POS58 (assuming 58mm) and when it ask you to select the PORT - use the drop down list and I choose the USB001 port.
Before I hit next, I then turned on the printer, which was connected, and hit next. Loaded successful. Then went to the Printers list in the Start Menu - Choose the POS58 properties - Print test page and there you have it.

Prints well, and works just as I hoped.

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful.
3Did not work with my system.
By A. Pico
Bought this printer to replace an old serial printer used in our POS setup. Unfortunately it would not show up or be detected by our Quickbooks POS version 3.0.
Instructione in manual were minimal and traslated, so not much help.
Other than that, it looks to be a decent littl printer.

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