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Sony DPP-SV77 Digital Photo Printer with Fold-up Monitor

Sony DPP-SV77 Digital Photo Printer with Fold-up Monitor

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List Price : $499.99

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Product Details

  • Brand: Sony
  • Model: DPP-SV77
  • Dimensions: 7.00 pounds


  • Digital photo printer with flip-up LCD screen
  • View, enlarge, and edit images
  • Touch-sensitive screen operation
  • Prints directly from Memory Stick or PCMCIA type II cards
  • PC and Mac compatible

Descriptions of Inkjet Printers Sony DPP-SV77 Digital Photo Printer with Fold-up Monitor

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Inkjet Printers Sony DPP-SV77 Digital Photo Printer with Fold-up Monitor Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

43 of 43 people found the following review helpful.
4Glorious prints, implementation a bit clunky
By A. Block
I bought the DPP-SV77 because I wanted a way to take my digicam media (CompactFlash) directly from the camera and make prints without using a PC. While the DPP can be connected to a computer, the built-in LCD makes this really unnecessary.

Overall, I really like the printer, and will use it a lot to run out copies from my digicam. High points are of course print quality (which while somewhat oversaturated is definitely pleasing) and ease of use.

I found the passive-matrix LCD screen less than great; it has a slow refresh time and isn't optimal for evaluating the exposure quality of a photo. For this reason, I consider the built-in image editing tools a waste of time (and expensive paper); better to get the exposure right using your PC's image editing software.

The printing process also "feels" a bit rickety; the paper goes through four cycles (yellow, magenta, cyan, and an overcoat) and pokes out of the front and back of the printer each time; be careful not to touch it before the print is done. And there are various grinding and clicking noises during the (roughly 2 minute) print cycle that seem at odds with a modern electronic product (inkjets and laser are much quieter).

Nevertheless, the output looks great. You can print either glossy or textured prints, and the borderless option is indistinguishable from a processed film print you'd get at Wal-mart (except that the DPP output will probably be sharper and have better color).

I use a four megapixel camera at full resolution with this printer (roughly matching its maximum 2418x1612 resolution). I did note that the 4x6 aspect ratio (1:1.5) was somewhat longer and narrower than the photos I had taken (1:1.33), and the top and bottom of the picture were cut off upon output. Watch for this, as no warning is given on the screen of any mismatch between aspect ratios.

I also tried output from a 2mp camera, and while the shots were softer they still look very, very good.

Media (paper and dye-sub ink come bundled) is expensive, about seventeen bucks on average for a 25-pack of 4x6 materials. Interestingly, the paper was much cheaper in Japan (ten clams per pack or so), and I have seen ten-packs on e Bay where the price is as low as seven or eight bucks.

Overall, this printer is ideal if you don't want to have to be connected to your computer to output prints from your digipics. This frees you to do things like bring the camera and printer to parties for instant-gratification output. If you are okay with a stationary printer dependent on the PC, I would go with one of the cheaper Sonys with the same print engine and no LCD display.

49 of 51 people found the following review helpful.
5Sony DPP-SV77 Review
By Marlene
If you enjoy printing photos at home from your digital camera, then the Sony Digital Photo printer is a must! I purchased this item a few days ago and have come to the conclusion that the pros definitely outweigh the cons. The PROS: (1) According to Sony, pictures will not fade or yellow for at least 100 years (ink jets do not even come close to this timeframe); (2) Beautiful pictures that rival (even beat) those developed at a photo lab; (3) Pictures will not be ruined if they accidentally get wet - they are protected by a special laminate coating process; (4) Printer was very easy to use and set-up (if you have Windows XP, make sure you download and execute the XP driver from the Sony website despite the fact that the read me file on the CD-Rom says XP drivers are included). The CONS: (1) Print speed is slow - about two minutes for a 4x6 photo; (2) The Sony 4x6 photo paper is rather pricey ...(3) The printer will only print 4x6 and 3.5x4 photos - another printer is needed for other print jobs. One more thing to can use a Compact Flash Card with this unit but you must purchase a PCMCIA card adapter ....In closing, I must say that I am extremely satisfied with this printer and do not regret this purchase!!

32 of 33 people found the following review helpful.
5Top quality makes this printer affordable
By G. Ware Cornell Jr.
I now have three photo printers, including the HP 1315, which prints 8X10s with great fidelity. But all things considered this is the best photo printer I own.


The answer lies in the process. The finest commercial printing establishments use dye sublimation printers. These prints are a smoother and more stable. In short it was worth the higher cost of the printer.

What about the printing costs? In a sense it is more economical than ink jet printers. One ribbon per paper pack means no doubt that the printer will properly color the picture because there is always enough dye for each print.

Paper and ribbons are affordable, and the paper comes in several formats, though none is larger than 4X6.

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