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Samsung Electronics ML-1865W Wireless Monochrome Printer

Samsung Electronics ML-1865W Wireless Monochrome Printer

Price comparisons of Laser Printers Samsung Electronics ML-1865W Wireless Monochrome Printer

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Product Details

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Samsung
  • Model: ML-1865W
  • Original language: English
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 7.20" h x 13.40" w x 8.80" l, 9.20 pounds


  • 19 ppm up to 1,200 x 1,200 dpi
  • Hi-speed USB 2.0, 802.11b/g/nWireless
  • 5,000 pages
  • WPS button (Wi-Fi protected setup), Power button on front, AnyWeb Print software included (driver), FPOT less than 8.5 seconds
  • Paper Capacity: 150 sheets

Descriptions of Laser Printers Samsung Electronics ML-1865W Wireless Monochrome Printer

Product Description

WPS button (Wi-Fi protected setup), Power button on front, AnyWeb Print software included (driver), FPOT less than 8.5 seconds

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Laser Printers Samsung Electronics ML-1865W Wireless Monochrome Printer Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

88 of 90 people found the following review helpful.
52nd Samsung I've bought, don't know why I haven't bought more...
By C. Clark
Ok, here's a little shout-out for this printer. I'm a die-hard HP LaserJet fan in the office setting, but I picked one of these up at a big box "depot" store two weeks ago $119.99. It's the 2nd Samsung I've ever bought, with the 1st one being about 7 years ago. I was looking for a small laser printer for my home office, and was about to buy the HP LaserJet Professional P1102w for $99.99. But then I stumbled across this one for $119.99. Being $20 more, I was a little hesitant, but a quick Amazon search revealed that the consumables for the Samsung were much less.

So, I bought it, brought it home, and within about 3 minutes, had it unpacked, plugged in, and linked up with the wireless network. It's not a speed demon, nor does it have auto duplex, but it does print fast enough (19ppm) and prints come out looking sharp. And it's very quiet - it sits in power save mode until you print, then it immediately goes back into power save mode as soon as you're done. Sure, that slows down the first page out time to about 5 seconds, but that's a small price to pay when quiet = being able to easily concentrate.

The next day the "depot" store had it on sale for $69.99, so I showed them my receipt and got a $50 credit to my card for the difference. I would have bought it here on Amazon, but I needed it that day to do some work from home.

Anyways, if you're in the market for a small laser printer, this one (so far) is a sure bet!

34 of 35 people found the following review helpful.
4Affordable Little Laser Printer
By AnotherWindowsBlog
Watch Video Here: [Above is a small video clip of this printer in action]

I got this printer for the amazing price of just $49.99 and it absolutely rocks! Being that I don't print often, I was sick of having clogged and dried up ink cartridges in my inkjet printer. They cost a lot of money to replace and it just wasn't worth the hassle. With this Samsung laser printer, I don't have that problem anymore. Toner particles don't dry like ink over time so I can leave this printer turned off for an extended period of time knowing that when I do have to use it, the toner display bar wouldn't mysteriously be cut in half.

Not much to say on print quality. If you've ever seen a printout from a laser printer before, then this printer is right up that alley. Nothing special, nothing fancy. It just gets the job done. Personally, these cheap laser printers are great for printing out reports and other things that contain mainly of words and tables. Of course, it will also print pictures and whatnot but don't expect it to rival that of black inkjet printers. For that, you'll need a much more expensive laser printer than this one. For the price I paid for this, it's worth every penny.

Laser printers don't usually require a lot of maintenance like inkjet printers unless you have a defective model of some sort. These laser printers can print thousands and thousands of pages before anything needs changing. The best part is, a lot of problems you experience from a laser printer can be remedied by simply changing the toner cartridge. However, this is not true for every printer model. Besides keeping the unit clean of dust and whatnot, I'm just going to let this printer sit on my desk until I need to use it. The bad part to this is I will have no idea whether or not the printer I purchased is defective or not. By rarely using the printer, it won't undergo a "stress-test" of sort. Other users complain that their printer go bad after only a couple of weeks. That's a good thing in this retrospect because they at least now know to return it or to fix it. As far as changing toner cartridges go, it's as simple as lifting the printer cover up, removing the old cartridge by pulling on the handle and inserting the new one in until it snaps into place.

I'm reading users having difficulty setting up this printer on their wireless network. I hardly can believe this because the process is so simple!

1. Run the setup program you've downloaded from Samsung's website or from the included CD. Rather than selecting Install Now, you're going to click the Wireless Setting and Installation link instead.

2. Your printer will then begin picking up all the wireless connections it can find and display it back to you. Your home wireless network should be in this list!

3. Once you have selected your wireless network, it will then ask for the wireless network key.

4. Next, you'll confirm the settings. By default, the printer will use DHCP to obtain an IP address for itself. This is OK in most situations. If you want to, you can assign the printer its own dedicated TCP/IP settings by clicking on the Change TCP/IP button in this window.

5. Next, you'll confirm the printer connection.

6. In the software installation screen, be sure to install the printer driver. You can optionally choose to install the Smart Panel application as well.

For such a low price, I am absolutely satisfied with this laser printer. The printer is so small, you'll hardly even notice it. I am being dead serious. My desk is already small as it is and so this printer was perfect bundled next to my laptop. For such a low price, I was even shocked to learn that it had wireless capabilities. I now no longer have to power up my laptop first (which would be plugged in via USB) before other computers in my house can use it! They can all instantly print to it.

28 of 29 people found the following review helpful.
5WOW, great little printer.
By Tommy J
I had heard about cheap laser printers, but was skeptical. I finally got fed up with the ink jet crap of very expensive cartridges that seem to plug up often.

I read up on Lasers and decided on the Sammy. I avoided HP because the company is in trouble and didn't want to get stuck with an unsupported printer..

The instruction book was good, but tiny print hard to read. There is a copy on install disk, easier to read. DON'T MESS WITH THE WIFI BUTTON UNTIL YOU READ INSTRUCTIONS OR DO INSTALL PROGRAM...

The WIFI was icing on the cake... Notes on WIFI.
The sammy comes with a AD-hoc connection (no security)just a plug in go set up. I did not use it....

NOTE: VERY IMPORTANT, be sure your installation computer is attached to the network by a wifi connection. DO NOT use a computer that is wired (RJ45) to the router unless you are not using PRINTER wifi connection..

Note: be sure to write down the net security set up from your router to avoid errors before you start. Also NEVER touch the wifi button on the printer during installation process. The install program takes care of that...

My home net is WPA2 personal using tkip+AES. So I installed the wifi using the neat disk installation program.

1. plug in the usb cable and power, make sure the usb cable is tight in the printer end. The usb plug on printer is a bit loose fitting...

2. Turn on printer with paper loaded (do not touch the wifi button).

3.When install program comes up, choose the wifi option to install. DO NOT REMOVE THE USB CABLE UNTIL INSTALL PROGRAM TELLS YOU.
4. The install program brings up available networks. Choose your home net. Do not mess with the AD-hoc networks if they are shown.

5. next install screen is to enter your net passwords. Be very careful of the cap keys...

6. the next screen shows the net values picked up from your router. Jot them down for future ref. If all is well keep going.

7. the program will scan for the printer.

8. when printer is found carefully follow directions to remove the usb cable...

9. Install rest of program (driver and control programs).

After installation, when you power up printer the wifi blue light will blink and when connected turn on solid. No need to touch the WIFI button...

The printer works great. It makes a gentle hum and spits out the completed page before you know it.. What a change from the bang, bang zip,zip slow screeching print of an ink jet. A color laser is only about 100 bucks more. Yeah the cartridges are expensive (~~ 128), but they don't dry up.

The sammy goes into power saving mode when not in use. The print defaults in light mode to save the cartridge. The control program of printer can change it to a darker mode. The replacement cartridge runs about 50-60 bucks. From what I have read, best avoid off brands...

Windows 7 loves the printer. I had to update the printer list on older win 7 system (button on printer install screen). My win vista worked ok but not as friendly as win7. I have an old XP machine used for taxes. I don't see any problems. I think I will down load the driver from Samsung. I don't want the control programs on that computer.

Love my little Sammy, if it runs well, will be looking at a Sammy color in a few months and dump the ink jet junk.

Update: Dec 4, 11..
The printer is working perfectly. The networking is very reliable. It is so nice to be able to print without having to share a printer on another computer, (major pain in the *ss).

It is fast and very quite. Most ink jets sound like a corn harvester...
I do a lot of printing and there is still a lot of cartridge left. Samsung controller program works nice.

I don't miss color a bit. The printouts are very clear. It prints beautiful black and white photos
from color snaps... I use the inkjets for color when necessary (if the darn ink cartridge is not dried up)... Inkjets make good paper weights and money burners; that is about all they are good for....

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