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Samsung Electronics CLP-365W Wireless Color Printer

Samsung Electronics CLP-365W Wireless Color Printer

Best price Laser Printers Samsung Electronics CLP-365W Wireless Color Printer

List Price : $229.99

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Product Details

  • Color: Brown, White
  • Brand: Samsung
  • Model: CLP-365W
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 8.30" h x 12.20" w x 15.00" l, 25.80 pounds
  • Memory: 32MB
  • Native resolution: 2400 x 600


  • Samsung's latest image processing technology, ReCP (Rendering Engine for Clean Pages) and Samsung's new Polymerized toner combine to deliver stunning, vivid professional color with exceptional clarity of both text and graphics.
  • Scan/print from your iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone mobile devices with the Samsung MobilePrint App. Print websites, images, PDFs, Google Docs and Microsoft Office documents via wireless network or Wi-Fi Direct without the need for a computer.
  • ith a monthly duty cycle of 20,000 pages, you can count on your Samsung printer to always be ready.
  • The CLP-365W has a footprint of just 15.0 x 12.2 x 8.3 Inches, and sound levels of less than 45 DBA. You won't notice it's there until you need it.

Descriptions of Laser Printers Samsung Electronics CLP-365W Wireless Color Printer

Product Description

The Samsung CLP-365W features Samsung's latest image processing and polymerized toner formulation, for exceptionally vivid color and razor-sharp text and graphics.

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Laser Printers Samsung Electronics CLP-365W Wireless Color Printer Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

68 of 69 people found the following review helpful.
Purchased the Samsung Electronics CLP-365W and was initially hesitant since it is newly introduced to the market. Overall, very satisfied with the color prints.

Item was delivered two days after making the purchase.

Set up took less than 5 minutes. In fact, it took longer to take the item out of the packaging than to actually install the drivers and set up the wireless printing.

NOTE: When you plug the printer in initially, especially with Windows 7, decline the automatic driver set up through Windows. Install using the included CD, otherwise you'll have duplicate printers.

Print quality is amazing. I watched a few youtube videos regarding their new software and toner technology. It certainly is worth the amount I paid. Colors are vibrant, edges are sharp, and paper is not curled (as they advertised!) after printing as with most lasers. Colors come out solid with no streaking or additional residue.

I previously had a Brother MFC and this printer is light years ahead of it. Print speed is comparable to most color laser printers.

Since it is a new printer, there is yet to be available OEM toner cartridges. Toner will come to about $150 for the set (CMYK).

Plus: Downloaded the Samsung printer application for the iPhone and iPad and was able to print directly from those devices. Advantages of a wireless printer!

Downsides: Printer does not have a LCD display for errors on the machine. Errors in printing are posted on your computer. What type of errors did I get? Printing on 32 lb paper seems to jam once in a while. 28 lb paper works perfectly fine.

Switching between legal and letter sized paper is a breeze. No need to manually feed it. There is no manual feeder on this printer.

UPDATE 8/14: 32lb paper doesn't jam any more. It was an initial concern but has been resolved. Printed about 150 sheets on the heavier stock with no glitches. Quality remains clear, consistent and precise. Changed my review from 4 to 5 stars. Although the equipment has limited functionality (only prints color and black/white, is not multi-function printer), it does exactly what it is meant to do and very well.

49 of 50 people found the following review helpful.
3Starter cartridges under performed
By GeooeG
I replaced an older Samsung CLP-315W with this printer. The installation and setup was a breeze. I was not happy that the starter black cartridge reported empty after printing just 179 pages instead of the quoted 700+. This printer is almost identical to the previous versions with the exception of new cartridge designs. I am anticipating it will have the same issue ... imaging drum will "time out" at 16000 "impressions". In my experience, this is a forced replacement strategy on the part of Samsung because the pages printed just before the imaging drum times out are perfect.

I am also not as excited about this model because Samsung is not selling bundled cartridges at a discount. With the 315W, I could purchase a 4 pack with all colors + black at a discount over purchasing individual cartridges. With this model, I can only find the cartridges sold as singles. So, this will be a bit more expensive to operate.

UPDATE: 09/16/2013

I am already looking to replace this printer because the magenta is bleeding all over any color printout. I have had periodic issues where the printer refuses to print and lists an error message. I can fix it by removing the cartridges and fiddling with the waste toner container. I consider this printer to be a bit of a lemon.

23 of 23 people found the following review helpful.
4Crisp colors, easy setup, could be a little faster
By Eh Schlesinger
Got my 365W from Newegg as there's currently a 3-5 week delay when ordering from Amazon, unless you use a 3rd-party reseller. Shipping was as quick as Amazon Prime though!

Installation was fairly easy on my home network, which has a combination of Windows 7 and XP machines, as well as an iMac. If you've ever installed a Windows 7 networked printer on a Mac, you probably know it can be a little technical, having to choose the right protocol on the Mac (lpd:) and entering your IP address. The on-disc manual for the Samsung 365W has very detailed step-by-step instructions for connecting the Mac to the printer wirelessly, which made it an easy process. The alternative way to set it up is to hook the printer to each computer one at a time via the included USB cable, installing all the drivers and wireless settings that way, then disconnecting and moving on to the next computer. I did this only on my main Windows 7 machine, but all the other installs were done wirelessly. The Windows installations were very straightforward using the 'add printer' utility. Make sure you've got the disk with the 365W drivers handy. If you're setting this up as a "shared" printer through another computer, then you don't even need the disk after the first install - the drivers will install automatically.

My kids printed off a few test pages, which they claimed were for school projects. Color graphics appear vibrant and sharp. Even photographic images looked decent. We have expensive "enterprise" color laser printers at my work, and while those are real speed demons for large print jobs, the colors are not nearly as good as what I'm seeing on the little Samsung. Also my work printers needed professional calibration just to get business graphics to look good, while everything I'm getting from the Samsung looks great. There must be something to Samsung's new polymerized ink, and not just marketing hype!

Plain black text also looks good, as you'd expect from a laser printer, but the Samsung does not print nearly as fast as my trusty old (and cheap) Brother. The Brother just won't die! I hope the Samsung proves to be as durable.

One minor complaint: with letter size paper in the tray, the tray sticks out a good 2-1/2" from the body of the printer. I felt the product images were a little misleading, always showing the tray fully installed and flush with the printer. I thought I was doing something wrong, then realized the tray is extendable to accommodate different paper sizes. I didn't expect letter size paper to cause it to stick out like that.

I haven't yet tried the Android or iPhone printing apps that are available for the Samsung. Nice to know they are available though.

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