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Primera Autoprinter 100-240VAC

Primera Autoprinter 100-240VAC

On Amazon (yes really) Inkjet Printers Primera Autoprinter 100-240VAC

List Price : $945.00

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Product Details

  • Brand: Primera
  • Model: Bravo SE
  • Format: CD
  • Original language: English
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 12.00" h x 18.00" w x 18.50" l, 14.20 pounds


  • 1. Bravo SE's robot arm picks a blank disc from the input bin.
  • 2. The robot moves the disc to the built-in, 4800 dpi direct-to-disc inkjet color printer.
  • 3. The disc is printed.
  • 4. The robot picks the disc from the printer, places it into the output bin and starts over again.
  • Disc Capacity - Stacks up to 20 discs. You can use virtually any printable-surface DVD+-R or CD-R media.
  • Bravo SE does all of the work for you - unattended and automatically. It saves you time and money on every disc you produce!
  • Here's a printer that helps your discs realize moneymaking potential. It's fast and simple.

Descriptions of Inkjet Printers Primera Autoprinter 100-240VAC

Product Description

Autoprinter, Bravo Se, 100-240VAC,

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Inkjet Printers Primera Autoprinter 100-240VAC Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

23 of 23 people found the following review helpful.
5Professional results.
By Dan Forsley
I was looking for a direct "paint to disc" printer. I had no desire to print paper inserts to paste to disc: as this has all kinds of issues not the least of which is they do not look polished and professional.

Also, a more personal note is that I feel that devises built and designed to do numerous functions are more apt to have problems than a specific designed product.

I am not into large scale production of DVDs for business use. I do however need to deliver a product (no matter how few) that look as though they came from a high end producer.

The Bravo SE Auto Printer (print only/ not burn) completely fits my needs. Yes, the initial cost of this printer begs the question as to just how much do you want to pay to produce an individual DVD?

I just bought this and started printing discs so your first disc will cost you around $1000. You get the point.

However I will eventually be printing discs for a few dollars per disc. Still expensive but that is the look I need to convey to the people that receive my finished work which is film and video shoots of various subjects from motorcycle rides to landscaping production.

This printer is an absolute winner as to end product. My only small quibble is that the UI takes a bit of a learning curve. There should be (at this price) a robust video tutorial designed for the non geek to ease that process.

I would recommend this product in a minute!

9 of 10 people found the following review helpful.
5The Primera Bravo se CD printer
By Skipp Tullen
As a recording engineer and studio owner, the Primera Bravo se affords me the ability to produce short runs of CDs for clients without having to resort to a dedicated commercial duplication facility. This CD printer cooperates very well with my office iMac, and produces very high quality inkjet print (text) and very acceptable photographic images. A fact of life with printers of this type is limited ink life. I've determined I can print 57 full-color, 100 percent coverage CDs with one ink cartridge. Of course, many more CDs can be printed with simple text-only printing. (Keep in mind the fact that this is just a CD printer. Primera also makes an integrated CD duplicator/printer for those facilities lacking a stand-alone CD duplicator.) Comment added on September 1, 2013: The Bravo SE continues to chug along reliably with no technical issues, and it very capably prints full-coverage CDs when required. I still give it five stars!

8 of 9 people found the following review helpful.
4Ink Magnet
By sucram
You will only get about 30 discs (+/-) out of this at full color, best resolution, at full face coverage before having to change out the ink cartridge. At 40.00+ a pop, it's not as expensive as what I was paying previously, but I was getting more discs done (I was using an epson R300). The up-side to this is that the software they provide lets you keeps track of where the ink level is so you can order when needed.

Be sure to check the calibration on the discs - It will never be "perfect" (if you're printing full spread) as I've found out, but it will come close. I used to be able to "soften the inner and outer edges" with my previous printer - this software won't let you do that.

Also, be aware that whenever you change your ink, it requires that you insert a blank disc to print a test pattern to re-calibrate. That's a little annoying -but they give you two discs when they ship the printer. After those two are done however, you're on your own stock.

All in all, I do like the printer even with the minor flaws - it's a lot easier than having to hand-feed a disc one at a time.

Ordered from Adorama in NY- they were prompt, although, the the shipping company did not handle the box very well. I believe that they put the big red and orange warning stickers on stating: "FRAGILE, ELECTRONICS, HANDLE WITH CARE". From experience, I know that most delivery employees really, really reeeelly hate seeing these labels, and will purposely mis-handle. Ask your vendor to double box if possible.

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