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HP Photosmart 475 Compact Photo Printer (Q7011A#ABA)

HP Photosmart 475 Compact Photo Printer (Q7011A#ABA)

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Product Details

  • Brand: HP
  • Model: Q7011A
  • Dimensions: 5.00 pounds


  • Preview and edit with a 2.5-inch, flip-up color image display
  • Built-in handle, easy to carry, weights only 3.3 pounds
  • True-to-life 4-by-6 or 5-by-7-inch photos resist fading for generations
  • On-board 1.5 GB internal memory stores hundreds of photos
  • Connects to a TV to display a slide show, remote included

Descriptions of Inkjet Printers HP Photosmart 475 Compact Photo Printer (Q7011A#ABA)

Product Description


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Inkjet Printers HP Photosmart 475 Compact Photo Printer (Q7011A#ABA) Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

65 of 66 people found the following review helpful.
5The Most Amazing Personal Photo Printer I've Ever Seen
By Denver Photo Pro
I bought one of these on a lark and am outrageously happy that I did. As a professional photographer with access to all the best HP, Canon and Epson equipment I spend a lot of time printing. However, when I'm doing family candids or holiday photos or other non-client related shoots, sometimes I'm just too darn lazy to want to fire up the "big" printers, meaning the 13 x 19" or bigger plus the computer.

So, I just said "the heck with it" and decided to buy this because of the big price drop. Before I did, however, I went into an office supply store and did a side-by-side comparison of three HP models, an Epson and a Polaroid. The HP's all produced the most vivid, sharp, detailed prints hands-down. I went with the model 475 because of all of the features.

The output on both HP Premium and HP Advanced paper is simply amazing, accurate and pleasing overall. Plus, it is so simple to operate, sans computer, that I may never be asked to print a personal sized photo again. There is no way that Eckerd, Walgreens, Walmart can ever compete against this. The images are that good.

This is "instant" home photo lab in a compact box. You'll be up and printing in 20 minutes or less. You'll never want to "buy" another personal 4x6 or 5x7 print again. For 8x10's, for home use, buy the HP 8250. For bigger prints, go to a pro lab or buy a large-format HP inkjet printer.

48 of 48 people found the following review helpful.
3Ink Cartridge Alert
This is really about the ink cartrige needed for this printer. Under the Product Description for the HP 97 ink cartridge, it states that the cartridge is good for over 400 pictures; it's not, it's good for between 90 and 150 pictures. After much discussion with HP, they finally told me that it's only rated for about 150 color pictures. You'll be going through a lot of ink cartridges if you have a lot of photos (vacation pictures) to print like I did, and they're not cheap. I appreciate Amazon's feedback when I'm purchasing products, so I thought I should share. The printer itself is great though.

34 of 35 people found the following review helpful.
I love this printer!! I took this printer with me to our family's Christmas get-together and it was a hit---now, I have birthday gifts to buy!!

A printer will only print what you put into it. If you use the wrong type of paper and ink, or you are digital camera-challenged, the prints will not come out great.

After taking shots with my HP PHOTOSMART R717 (which I love, too!!) I immediately plugged my camera into this printer, hit print and beautiful photos came right out.

I have had no problems with this printer. I use the HP ADVANCED PHOTO PAPER for my glossy photos and MATTE PHOTO PAPER for Nature photos.

In order to understand which paper to buy, everyone should read the paper's definition. Glossy paper will not really get the attention to detail, say in a forest shot, as would Matte paper.

I am not a professional photographer, but I do love taking pictures.

If you are a professional or you expect professional prints, then maybe you should spend the money for your craft.

HOWEVER, if you are like me, and digital photography comes in handy at special events, then this is the printer for you.

My cousin is a professional photographer and even he was impressed!!

Be Blessed!!

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