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HP LaserJet P2055dn Printer Monochrome

HP LaserJet P2055dn Printer Monochrome

For sale Laser Printers HP LaserJet P2055dn Printer Monochrome

List Price : $509.00

Get Your Best Price at : $479.00

Product Details

  • Color: N
  • Brand: HP
  • Model: CE459A#ABA
  • Original language: English
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 10.60" h x 14.50" w x 14.40" l, 23.60 pounds
  • Memory: 128MB
  • Hard Disk: 0MB
  • Networking: Gigabit Ethernet
  • Native resolution: 1200 x 1200


  • LaserJet Printer Monochrome with Automatic Two Sided Printing
  • Hi Speed USB 2.0 Port for Direct Connect Printing and Print Speed Up to 35 ppm
  • HP Jetdirect Gigabit Ethernet Print Server for Flexible Networking
  • 128 MB of Memory and a 600 MHz Processor Perform Complex Tasks Quickly

Descriptions of Laser Printers HP LaserJet P2055dn Printer Monochrome

Product Description

In addition to its radical simplicity, the HP LaserJet P2055 Printer series also enables high productivity through fast speeds, easy supplies and device manageability, and automatic two sided printing. Safeguard your business with security capabilities that help protect devices and critical information on your network. Prevent unauthorized access with management features like 802.1X authentication and password protection. Work more productively with a printer that¿s easy to use and manage. Proactively manage your fleet of devices and utilize IT resources where they¿re most needed with HP Web Jetadmin. The HP Universal Print Driver lets you use a single driver to communicate directly with each HP device on your network and customize the user interface to show all available printer features.

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Laser Printers HP LaserJet P2055dn Printer Monochrome Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

118 of 119 people found the following review helpful.
5Excellent printer - download the latest firmware, set the printer to Quiet Mode & create a new default printing shortcut
By Golog
Update 2/1/2013: Today Windows Update installed driver dated 4/15/2010. It's a version of the clunk driver that existed under Vista and Windows 7 rather than the improved driver that initially installed with Windows 8. You can't set the printer to print at ProRes 1200 (1200 x 1200) at all times. Instead, it defaults to FastRes 1200 (600 x 600 with enhancements to make it look better).

I created customized 1-sided and 2-sided definitions as follows: Go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printer > HP Laserjet P2055dn. Click Customize Your Printer > Preferences. Click General Everyday Printing under Printing Shortcuts. Then click Paper/Quality and select ProRes 1200. Click Printing Shortcuts, then Save As... and save your setting as "1-sided". Do the same for Two-sided (Duplex) Printing and save your new definition as "2-sided". Use these shortcuts to print to avoid the substandard default print quality.

Since the WordPerfect envelope printing function automatically selects the printer's default resolution, there seems to be no way to make this printer operate at ProRes 1200 when printing envelopes in WordPerfect. ProRes 1200 ought to be the default print quality or at least users should have the option of making it the default print quality. Isn't there anybody at HP who knows how to write a competent printer driver?

Update re Windows 8: A new driver with simplified setup screens was installed by Windows 8x64. While it apparently is no longer possible to create your own print definitions, it finally is possible to force the printer to print in High quality at all times. Here are the steps needed to set up the printer in Windows 8:

Devices & Printers >> HP LaserJet P2055dn >> Printer Actions >> Customize Your Printer

From the Customize Your Printer screen:

1. Device Settings >> Installable Options >> Duplex Unit >> Installed

2. General >> Preferences >> Advanced >> Printer Features >> Image Quality >> High

3. Advanced >> Printing Defaults >> Advanced >> Printer Features >> Image Quality >> High

I didn't experiment to see what happens if either 2 or 3 is set to Normal and the other to High. There obviously was no competent usability testing on this, as on Windows 8, which requires a third-party Start Menu (Start8) and third-party Desktop Gadgets (Gadgets8) to get back useful features that Microsoft eliminated.

Firmware dated July 2012 is now available on the HP website, but it is listed under Windows 7x64 and not Windows 8x64, perhaps due to an oversight, or perhaps due to a problem or incomplete testing. Since the 2010 firmware seems to be working with Windows 8x64, I'll stick with it for now. See the HP firmware/driver update page:


Previous update: 1. If your printer hangs on some jobs, it's because you have a buggy version of firmware. The latest firmware version for this printer was released in October 2010. If you have earlier firmware, you should download the new firmware from the HP website. To see your firmware datecode, print out a Config Report by pressing the down arrow once, then OK, then the down arrow several times until you reach Config Report, then OK.

2. On three occasions, I have purchased the cheapest cartridge I could find on the Internet, and all have worked fine, with quality indistinguishable from HP's expensive cartridges.

3. Finally, since I never print graphics, my comments apply to text-only printing.

Original review: When I switched to a new computer running Vista x64, I was forced to replace my HP Laserjet 5P because HP failed to provide a driver that worked competently with the 64-bit operating system. Based on the second comment to this review, HP apparently subsequently fixed the nonfunctional 5P x64 driver after Vista had been out for more than a year.

I chose the P2055dn because of auto-duplexing and the standard 128MB of RAM. I was initially disappointed by the poor print quality and noise of the printer with the factory default settings. After digging into the clunky, digital-only manual and much trial and error, I created new HP Printing Shortcuts for 1-sided and 2-sided documents with ProRes quality instead of the default FastRes quality, and I set the default Printing Shortcut to be my new 1-sided definition.

I also set the printer to Quiet Mode. To set the Quiet Mode, press the down arrow on the printer several times until you reach System Setup. Push the OK button, then toggle down to Quiet Mode with the down arrow. Press OK, then use the down arrow to toggle the Quiet Mode On, press OK, and press the carriage return key to go back to Ready.

After these changes, the printer runs slower, but the print quality is excellent and the noise level is similar to that of the 5P. I also turned off the aggravating low toner reminders that are worse than spam email.

To print envelopes without smudging, you may need to set the Tray 1 (top tray) paper type to Envelopes. In System Setup, toggle down to Paper Setup. Press OK, then toggle down to Tray 1. Press OK, then toggle down to Paper Type. Press OK, then toggle down to Envelope. Press OK, and press the carriage return key as many times as needed to go back to Ready. Afterwards, when printing an envelope in WordPerfect or Open Office, the yellow light will flash after you hit print. Then you have to press the OK button on the printer for the envelope to feed and print.

47 of 47 people found the following review helpful.
3[Updated Sep 2013] Works great connected to an Airport Express and a Mac running OS X Leopard (10.5.6)
Got this printer to replace my year-and-a-half-old, out-of-warranty HP LaserJet P2015d (which, like many, many printers of that model, developed a fatal formatter board problem). The P2055dn, like the P2015d, works great with my Macs and printing wirelessly while connected to an Airport Express, and directly via USB.

Because my P2015d died prematurely, and because the problem with that model was widespread and widely documented, I purchased a 3-year extended service plan from HP (, HP product #UK929A) for around 60 USD, which essentially extends the warranty two years beyond the included one-year warranty. I'd recommend anyone buying a P-series LaserJet get an extended service plan: these printers work great, but are built somewhat cheaply, using lower-quality materials than HP's top-of-the line, business-oriented laser printers costing 1000 USD and up.

It's a shame to reward HP for their poor craftsmanship by buying another one from them, but for the year and a half the P2015d worked, it worked flawlessly. For my needs, this printer in combination with the extended service plan is the right balance of cost, performance, and longevity.


**UPDATE 2013-09-17**

Nine months to a year ago (soon after my extended warranty expired, alas), my P2015d started creating ghosted images on prints. From my research it sounded like it was not an issue with the replaceable toner cartridge but rather with the printer's drum, which is pricy to repair or replace. The printer worked well for 3-3.5 years, but I've tired of replacing HPs, so I ended up buying a Brother Printer HL5470DW Wireless Monochrome Printer that's about half the price of this HP, has a similar feature set (duplex b/w, etc.), and also supports AirPrint, so I can print from my iOS devices. I've been very happy with it for the 2 months I've had it. Sure, it'll probably break in a couple of years, but that seems to be the state of consumer laser printers these days, and at least it won't have cost me as much as repairing the HP's drum.

59 of 62 people found the following review helpful.
5Great product - even greater customer support (surprisingly)!
By S. Kwok
Chose to buy this printer for the following reasons: (1) Tired of replacing inkjet cartridges (2) Built in networking (3) Automatic duplex printing to save paper and (4) Didn't care for color (since 90% of the time, we manually adjust print jobs to do B/W anyways) - not to mention replacing ink/toner is ALOT cheaper!

Product was extremely easy to install and set up. Was worried about the noise level after reading reviews, but after having used it for myself, noise level does not bother me since it is completely silent on ready/standby and we'd choose quicker noisier printing over slower quieter printing any day. We were quite happy with our purchase for the first several print jobs - the problem came after we tried to manually feed an envelope. Every time we tried to print afterwards, we'd get an error saying to clear a jam on tray 2. Obviously, we knew that there wasn't a jam because the envelope got printed (quite well, btw) and there were no jams prior to that (we checked anyway).

So we called HP support with the mindset that we'd probably have to return the product for refund/exchange since we don't have very high expectations of customer support to begin with. The first surprise was that we got a hold of a real person within probably a minute at most. The rep went through the usual troubleshooting procedures that you might expect, but found nothing interesting. Then after placing me on hold for about 5 minutes, he came back and asked me to try and follow some instructions to remove the main roller from the top of the paper tray. This was the first procedure that we weren't expecting as it was somewhat involved and getting the roller back on was even more trickier. Nevertheless, with my wife's help (she has smaller hands) we were able to get the roller back on (after putting the rep on hold for about 10 minutes). At this point, the only interesting thing discovered as to the cause of the paper jam indicator was that the main roller in fact does NOT move when it is supposed to in trying to feed itself the paper. So while we were getting a bit closer to trying to solve the problem, it also seemed as though we were exhausting all of the procedures the rep could offer in trying to figure out now what's causing the roller not to move - that is, until after he put me on hold for yet another 5 minutes and came back with the second surprise which I would have never thought they'd ask me to do over the phone. They asked me to completely remove the right side panel of the laser printer with a screw driver. Once we did that we noticed a plastic arm that was obviously not connected to anything else and moving freely. We had a hard time explaining to the rep exactly what we were looking at, so we asked if we can snap a few photos and send it to him. Having received them, he pointed out to us where this dangling arm was supposed to hook up to and lo and behold, that fixed the problem! The rep was quick to point out that the procedure of opening up the side panel is something they don't recommend the average user to do, but because we were able to take off the main roller and put it back on we unknowingly passed this little test to show we were quite competent to go even further.

Having said all of this, we were quite ecstatic to have a working printer again without having to go through the pain of shipping it back, not to mention we were quite pleased with the price of this model since there is no other HP-branded laser printer of this price that has both network capabilities and double-sided printing!

Although the total duration of the call with HP's customer support was about 2 hours, we couldn't be happier with this product along with their customer support if HP is successful in providing similar levels of support and value to other customers who purchase this item. Hope you enjoyed this review as I tried to be fair and include a lot of details so that it might be beneficial to some people out there who might encounter a similar problem.

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