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HP LaserJet 6p Laser Printer REFURBISHED(C3980A)

HP LaserJet 6p Laser Printer REFURBISHED(C3980A)

Best Laser Printers HP LaserJet 6p Laser Printer REFURBISHED(C3980A)

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  • Brand: HP
  • Model: C3980A
  • Dimensions: 28.00 pounds

Descriptions of Laser Printers HP LaserJet 6p Laser Printer REFURBISHED(C3980A)

Product Description

The purchase is for qty 1 and Item may have been removed from original packaging for verification & diagnostic purpose, We only ship to the lower 48 states, we do not ship to AK, PR & HI. We do not ship to PO BOX either!!!

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Laser Printers HP LaserJet 6p Laser Printer REFURBISHED(C3980A) Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

9 of 9 people found the following review helpful.
4A very good printer
By ron auerbach
FYI, I've taught computer hardware and software for many years. And am very tech and computer-literate. So I understand technology very well and have been working with it for many years.

Now I've had my Laserjet 6P for several years. And continue to use it to this day on a regular basis. I use it to print graphics, PowerPoints, flyers, resumes, letters, PDFs, and other docs. And it does a very nice job in terms of output quality for a 600x600 printer.

Because this is an older model printer, the driver is already built into Windows. So you won't need a CD to install the printer. Windows will automatically recognize it and install the driver for you. I've used the printer with Win98, Win98SE, and XP without any problems whatsoever!

So as a computer person who does a lot of printing and works with technology on a regular basis, I can tell you it's a very nice printer. It's quality is very good and it's a true workhorse. So I gave it a 4 star rating because it is a very good printer in terms of quality, reliability, and durability.

However, just like anything else, nothing is perfect. So there are some drawbacks. One relates to paper curl. The printer does heat up enough to curl 20lb paper. A common problem with many laser printers going back years and even up to today! So it's nothing new or limited to this printer. I use 24lb paper because that doesn't curl as much or at all. But if you don't mind paper curl, then 20lb paper will work just fine.

The manual paper tray works very well. And folds in so it can be out of the way if you're not using it. And because I use it a great deal with things like business cards, double-sided printing, etc, it works very well. When you fold it out, there's a plastic extender to hold the paper. And a metal extension beyond this to hold the very end of the paper.

Personally, I would have liked the plastic to extend all the way out instead of having a combo of plastic and that metal. But that's me. FYI, even if you don't extend the metal part, the plastic extender alone will hold the paper. This is what I go. So I avoid using the metal piece because it's not really needed. But the nice thing about the manual paper feed is that you can feed multiple pages, not just one at a time.

I do a lot of printing with it and have found the toner to last pretty long. Taking it out and shaking it back-and-forth is an easy way to extend it further. So if you find things are printing ligher or not being spread evenly across the page, try this little trick to solve the problem! Something that works in other printers too.

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful.
5Even used, it's what it was made out to be. And that says a lot.
By cyharriscat
I came across this gem in a local thrift shoppe and it was a heaven sent boon. I had previously one vintage computer printer through which all vintage print jobs had to go, because of the fact I didn't want a 6P to be shipped to me only to have it die in shipping.

It was therefore waiting for me in a thrift shoppe one day, and I picked it up after some objections (clearing out a badly malfunctioning and even bigger printer (of which I have had 2 bigger than the 6P) alleviated their concerns, and so I brought it home.

Well, the toner cartridge was bad, but I replaced it and "except for stacking heavy stuff on it" it worked perfectly; and after airing out the cartridge in the darkest place in the room it came back to life, and I have never seen a $3 thrift shoppe printer (of which I have only had one other) work this well for this long.

Well, fortunately for me I have a Dell OptiPlex 745 running Windows XP Professional SP2 that I could use to write this review as well as command the printer, and I think I would rather keep a vintage PC or Mac around than lose access to this awesome printer.

P.S.: Here's a secret. I compared the output of a HP LaserJet 4000N with standard-capacity cartridge and the 50 times cheaper from reseller 6P, and the 6P put out bolder printouts using default settings. I don't mess with economode because I need printing available on demand rather than continuously, and regardless of whether I set the networked 4000N to PostScript emulation or PCL6, the 6P wins, and I doubt I have depleted the cartridge in the 4000N "that much."

So more than ever, my verdict is:

The 6P may not be new, but if it doesn't work when it gets to you after buying it online, it's due to malfeasance of the shipper 90% of the time, whether accidental or intentional (hey, some UPS guy stepped on a 27-inch iMac with everything back in 2009, and then 2 replacements were also stepped on!)

If you know of someone locally who wants to give you a HP LaserJet 6P, or even sell it for as much as $100, you're either too cash-strapped or a fool not to take it. With certain parallel to USB adapters, modern computers can use them, and if you are building the PC yourself, you can sit there and buy a parallel port card and make your potential 6P sing with Windows 8!

(Windows 7 doesn't like the 6P, it relies on HP drivers, whereas one of the few good things in Windows 8 is they restored proper drivers for vintage printers instead of making you fight to get ones that work.)

All caveats aside, if you have the chance to get a 6P, you must do it. (Unless of course you like things that you can tweet from that inked pages also come out of occasionally.)

So totally recommended it's crazy!

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful.
5Great Deal
I have owned this particualar model HP printer for years. It was very reliable and had 2 size trays. But like an old friend, it pooped out. I was looking to replace this, but HP doesnt make them any more. So I purchased this reconditioned model for a great price and it works very well.

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