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HP K8600DN Office Jet Pro Color Printer

HP K8600DN Office Jet Pro Color Printer

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Product Details

  • Color: Y
  • Brand: HP
  • Model: K8600dn
  • Platform: Windows
  • Format: CD
  • Original language: English, French
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 15.00" h x 23.00" w x 27.50" l, 40.95 pounds
  • Memory: 32MB
  • Native resolution: 4800 x 1200


  • Borderless Printing - No
  • Catalog Publishing Type - Printers-Inkjet/Photo/Mobile Inkjet
  • Compliance, Standards - ENERGY STAR Qualified
  • Connector/Port/Interface - Ethernet, USB
  • Depth - 19.70 in

Descriptions of Inkjet Printers HP K8600DN Office Jet Pro Color Printer

Product Description

HP Officejet Pro K8600DN Streamline your home office printing plus connect up to five computers and save money to boot withthe Officejet Pro K8600dn. Rely on professional-quality color at a cost per page of up to 50% less than with laser printers. Automatic two-sided printing and built-in networkingare standard with this model. Print eye-catching marketing materials in sizes from 3 x 5" to 13 x 19" (wide format). Print in volume for less with thefour individual ink cartridges; replace only those you use up; go for longer without switching outhigh-capacity inks.

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Inkjet Printers HP K8600DN Office Jet Pro Color Printer Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

27 of 27 people found the following review helpful.
5A perfect, affordable solution for proofing and small runs
By Zachary M. Beggs
When I realized I needed another printer for proofing and small-run jobs, I assembled what I thought to be a relatively simple lists of desired features. They included: CMYK inks, wide-format prints, duplexing, and network capability. I didn't think finding those qualities would be terribly difficult, but I was quickly proven wrong.

In comes the OfficeJet Pro K8600DN. After months of looking, I settled on this little puppy, and I couldn't be happier with it. If you're a graphic artist looking for an affordable printer, or if you simply want to be able to print small runs of quality color documents, this printer works wonderfully.

Keep in mind, however, that this is not your standard office printer. It doesn't scan, it doesn't fax, it doesn't do your laundry. It just prints--incredibly well, I might add. Furthermore, it weighs as much as a small car and takes up a lot of real estate on a desk. Keep these things in mind when looking at this model.

Setup is straightforward. After unwrapping the thing, you'll quickly notice it has a good build quality; plastic it may be, but it doesn't feel near as flimsy as your standard all-in-one. You install the duplexer, drop in the print heads and inks (front-loading, a nice feature), and plug it in. The first time you turn it on, the printer whirrs and chirps for a good 20 minutes before spitting out a diagnostic sheet. Review this carefully to make sure no adjustments are necessary.

The K8600dn can handle all types of media, including sheets up to Super B size (13 x 19). That kind of paper is large and relatively expensive, but crucial when you're proofing something before shipping it off for a final print. The standard media tray in the front of the printer is solid and works well, but a nice option is the rear-loader for single sheets of special media.

As for the print and color quality, it's excellent. Color lasers might produce slightly better color, but let's face it: few people have the money to slap down on a color laser. When it comes to inkjets, the prints from the K8600dn rival almost any I've seen. One caveat: I have not printed photos on this machine. It's not billed as a photo printer, but it does have the capability. While I have faith it will produce good results, my advice to those looking to print large quantities of big photos should stick with one of the myriad 6-9 color wide-format photo printers by Epson or Canon.

If the color reproduction, the duplexer, the network capability, and the ease of use doesn't get you, the speed of this printer probably will. It's blazingly fast, even when printing complex illustrations or layouts. This is a real treat for short-run jobs.

As for operation costs, I can't give a full report, as I've only had the printer a while. However, the inks are relatively common and can be had for a decent price; the printheads are rated for a pretty long life. The printer is Energy Star compliant, which is appreciated. I'll try to report back when I get a better handle on what the costs are in the long run. However, this isn't the type of printer that I (or most, for that matter) am going to be using constantly.

I got this printer through an Amazon third-party seller for about $300, shipping included. Frankly, after using it for a while, I probably would have been willing to pay a good deal more. HP got it right with this one!

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful.
4It has proven itself in the office environment
By Matt
I judge the color print quality as very good, despite it's not a photo printer. I've printed photos and renderings, as well as presentations and never been disappointed. Mac drivers are nice, and do a good job based on color profiles for various media.

Still works after almost a year. With my experience with some HP printers, it's a good sign. Average cost of page for the K8600dn (casual printing plus heavy-color printing) is around $0.12 per page with original XL cartridges and mostly letter-size pages with text.

Network interface is quirky. In a Mac environment, we constantly get a "broken connection" message, and need to hold-and-restart the job (no need to delete and re-print a job). Sometimes it will have problems recognizing the presence of paper. Other than that, I'd say it's a reliable machine, after more than 3600 pages, it's still spotless.

Note: careful about 3rd party cartridges. DELL store once sold us 88XL cartridges without the electronic circuit built in. The printer did not recognize them at all. By the time we found out, it was too late, as DELL refused to take them back.

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful.
4HP K8600DN Office Jet Pro Color Printer
By Steven W. Cofer
With one month's experience with this printer, overall the K8600DN has been great. Easy set up, good quality images, quick. This is a printer with 8-1/2 x 14 and 11 x 17 capabilities and regrettably, at this time (according to my research), HP does not offer a second paper tray option or any printer with a two paper tray capability.

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