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HP Deskjet D1420 Color Inkjet Printer

HP Deskjet D1420 Color Inkjet Printer

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  • Brand: HP

Descriptions of Inkjet Printers HP Deskjet D1420 Color Inkjet Printer

Product Description

D1420 - PERSONAL PRINTER - COLOR - INK-JET - 11 PPM - 1200 DPI - 4800 X 1200 DPI

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Inkjet Printers HP Deskjet D1420 Color Inkjet Printer Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful.
5Great printer for the price
By Herb
I was looking for a low price printer for very limited printing needs. Found the HP Deskjet D1420 at Wal-Mart for $37.00 and thought for this price it would be hard to go wrong. The printer installed and was operational in a few minutes. It surprised me greatly by turning out good clean print jobs, including color. Only complaint is why the company can not charge just a little more and include cables and ink cartridges so you do not have to make another trip for what you need.

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4not bad for black and white printing
By Doc Dave
I recently purchased this printer for very basic printing purposes (nearly all black and white text). So far it meets my expectations for a printer that costs under $40, and I am pretty happy with it. I love the small footprint, and even with the tray extended and full of paper the dimensions are only about 16" wide by 5 3/4" high by 12" deep. So it doesn't take up a lot of space. It's also pretty quiet. The major drawback of this printer is that it prints in color only very slowly. Because of this I would not recommend it to anyone who needs to print in color with any regularity whatsoever. It came with an HP22 tri-color cartridge (which can print in black and white), but with no black cartridge (it takes an HP21) and no USB cable. I am not a big fan of HP printer software, which I consider too bloated and intrusive, even for use with the fully-featured higher end HP printers. The software for this printer, using the "easy-install" option, appears to be taking up about 150 MB of my disk space. As far as I can tell, the installed programs are: HP Customer Participation Program 9.0 (111 MB), HP Deskjet Printer Driver Software 9.0 (17.9 MB), HP Imaging Device Functions 9.0 (4.22 MB), HP Photosmart Essential 2.01 (4.2 MB), HP Smart Web Printing (6.33 MB), HP Solution Center 9.0 (4.2 MB), HPSSupply (987 KB), and HP Update (3.71 MB). To me it seems like overkill for such a basic printer, and I'd rather not have all the extras polluting my hard drive.
**Update 6/15/2008 - after more experience with this printer my opinion of the color printing speed is slightly better than when I first reviewed it...printing stuff with just a little color can be done at reasonable speed. My opinion of the software has gone downhill, and now I'd say its as bad as having a virus on your computer...or maybe worse since you're paying for it. There are endless updates (all useless as far as I can tell) and pairing that with Vista (which is as bad as a virus in it's own right), leads to a great deal of time spent clicking OK or cancel on permissions popup windows. I really can't stress enough, how intrusive and obnoxious HP printer software is, and not just for this model printer but others I've used as well. I would advise steering clear of HP printers until they've learned a bit more about the value of foregoing intrusive marketing strategies in favor of software that operates much more simply, seamlessly and invisibly.

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5Good printer for the price
By Deepak Gupta
For a printer that costs less than $40, I didn't expect much. HP D1420 works better than I expected. The printer comes with 3-color cartridge so it is advised that you buy an additional black cartridge. Also note that the printer does not come with a USB cable. So the total cost of the printer comes well over $50. This product is reliable and has a good performance. Highly recommend it.

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