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HP CP3525DN Color LaserJet Printer

HP CP3525DN Color LaserJet Printer

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Product Details

  • Brand: HP
  • Model: CP3525DN
  • Original language: English
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 14.10" h x 19.30" w x 20.20" l, 72.50 pounds


  • Color LaserJet Printer with Automatic 2 Sided Printing
  • Print Speed Black and White and Color: Up to 30 ppm, Letter
  • Hi Speed USB 2.0 Port for Easy Direct Connections
  • EIO Expansion Slot for Optional Networking, storage, and Connectivity Options
  • HP Jetdirect Gigabit Ethernet Embedded Print Server

Descriptions of Laser Printers HP CP3525DN Color LaserJet Printer

Product Description

HP CP3525DN Color LaserJet Printer. You want high quality output, and you want it delivered fast. HP understands, which is why this printer produces both color and black and white pages at speeds up to 30 pages per minute /ppm. Start fast and finish sooner. Instant on Technology uses cutting edge fuser technology that enables print jobs to begin quickly from low power mode. The Time To Completion /TTC of a typical office print job can be nearly 3.5 times faster from low power mode on this device with Instant on Technology than on devices without it. Produce documents that make an impact. HP ImageREt 3600 and HP ColorSphere toner work together to create sharp images and crisp text for all of your business needs. Improved HP ColorSphere toner provides excellent edge acuity for detailed line work, spreadsheets, and architectural drawings. This HP printer is designed to maximize your investment. With the HP Color LaserJet CP3520 Printer, you can get black prints for the same cost as on a black and white HP LaserJet providing general office effectiveness, while also allowing you to print in color. Choose an optional high capacity print cartridge for even more value. With HPs Color Access Control technology, easily control who can print in color and how much. Effortlessly share the printer with embedded gigabit networking. Enjoy enterprise class security features such as IPSec and IPv6. With expandable memory, an open EIO slot, and optional third party solutions, you can expand printer capabilities as your business needs grow. Produce professional, attention grabbing marketing materials in your own office by combining. HP ColorSphere toner with HPs full line of papers. Easily produce brochures, flyers, postcards and newsletters on up to 58 lb glossy media. Effectively communicate internally and generate sales for less time and money than the cost of outsourcing.

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Laser Printers HP CP3525DN Color LaserJet Printer Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

69 of 78 people found the following review helpful.
3Good printer---customer support has pros and cons
By D. Elliott
I received this printer on January 22 and got it set up successfully last night (January 28). It is too early for me to comment on the print quality. What I have seen looks fine but I have only printed 4 pages so far and have not yet tried the duplex option.

I am writing this review to comment on HP's customer support, since an earlier reviewer had a totally negative experience. Some of my dealings with the customer support system were good and some were bad.

I received the printer on a Thursday while I was at work. I couldn't get to it until Saturday. Then I unpacked the printer and removed all the protective tape, etc. When I turned it on it stopped immediately after the memory check with an error message "Inflate failure. Download RFU file now. Download RFU on USB port" or something close to that. I knew I was in trouble. I went on line and found the latest firmware update (RFU = remote firmware update) and downloaded it to my Mac. But I couldn't figure out how to send it to the printer, since the instructions said to use ftp (which works over the Ethernet connection). That requires knowledge of the printer's IP address which it probably didn't even have yet, since the failure occurred so early in the startup process. And even if had one there was no way to find out what it is, since the keys on the console elicited no response at all. Besides, the instructions on the printer's display said to use USB. Nowhere in the instructions was the use of USB to do a firmware update ever mentioned.

So I made my first call to tech support. It is one of those horrible voice-activated menu systems. It took me several minutes, enunciating my responses as carefully as I could, to finally get transferred to tech support. It was at that point I was told that tech support hours are 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific time M-F and closed on weekends. I was out of business until Monday.

Monday morning at 6:15 a.m. I called again. This time, while I was carefully saying the model number of my CP3525dn, the computer voice interrupted me. It said that it had determined that my printer was no longer under warranty, so I was not eligible for phone support. It told me to use the e-mail system and hung up. If I had not gotten further on Saturday, I don't know what I would have done at this point. Most likely I would have called the company I bought it from and had them take it back. But, because of Saturday, I knew that the real problem was the poor quality of their voice-activated menu system. So I tried again and finally, by about 6:25, I got connected to an actual human being.

The lady I first talked to was polite and friendly, but obviously working from a script and not very knowledgeable. She worked with me for about 45 minutes. She told me how to use USB to download the firmware update. But when I downloaded the file absolutely nothing happened. She had me try numerous things (restarting my Mac; power cycling the printer, etc.). Several times she put me on hold for 5 minutes or so to try to get help from another customer support rep. But nothing worked. She finally gave up and transferred me out of customer support to a department she referred to as simply "hardware". The lady there was also polite and friendly and sounded much more knowledgeable. She worked with me for an additional 45 minutes. She asked me a lot of questions and was able to determine that the formatter card (essentially, the internal computer in the printer) was malfunctioning. She thought it might be a bad connection of the memory module. She talked me through removing the formatter card from the printer and manipulating it. Then she had me re-install the card and try again. The same error immediately appeared. So she promised to send me a replacement formatter card. I asked if it wouldn't be more effective to send a repair person to my house. But she told me that the formatter card is considered to be a user-replaceable part and there was no way a repair person would be sent. The warranty I read on the Internet before buying this printer explicitly stated that the printer came with a one-year warranty which includes in-home repair by HP.

The replacement card was sent as promised. It arrived the next day (Tuesday, which was yesterday). I installed the new card and turned the new printer on. The initialization process was frighteningly long. I thought I had some new problem. But after a very long time the printer said "Ready"! At this point, the quick start guide says to print a configuration page and check for the IP address. I did so, and discovered that the IP address of my printer was The manual says this means there was a failure to assign the printer an address. The manual makes all sorts of suggestions which were clearly not appropriate for my situation. It also asked me to make choices between options which I did not understand and the manual gave no explanation of their meaning. So I decided to wing it. I went into the Mac printer/fax system utility and told it to add a new printer using Bonjour (which I knew this printer is supposed to support). It worked. It found the printer, set it up, and I was finally up and running. What an ordeal.

So here are the pros and cons of my experience with HP regarding this printer:
(1) friendly, courteous support reps; the second-level lady I talked to was clearly very knowledgeable.
(2) the replacement part came quickly;
(3) the replacement part worked;
(4) setting up the printer on my Mac was a breeze, once the hardware problem was solved.
(1) An absolutely horrible and unreliable voice-activated menu system;
(2) The hours of tech support availability are terrible, and clearly designed for people who live in the Eastern time zone. Anyone (such as me) in the Pacific time zone cannot interact with tech support without taking time off from work.
(3) The in-home service part of the warranty does not cover all possible hardware problems. There are user-replaceable parts which you the user must replace. If you are afraid to dive into the hardware I strongly recommend against buying any printer from HP.
(4) The quick start guide which comes with the printer makes assumptions about the type of installation the printer will be used in (a commercial environment on a system which has a professional system administrator) which will be inapplicable to many customers.
(5) The how-to-use manual which comes on the CD has so little information it is laughable.
(6) Firmware updates are possible via both Ethernet and USB. But only the Ethernet method is mentioned in the instructions.

21 of 23 people found the following review helpful.
5Great Business Printer for Top Class, Color Printing.
By Selwyn van Rooyen
This is truly a wonderful product for a small to mid-sized business. It is quick, and prints beautiful pamphlets, newsletters, etc. in color. I cannot tell the difference between these prints and prints from a professional print shop... It also does card stock which lower end printers will not do well. It is a good sized printer and is heavy, but does a great job for in house printing. The cost per page on black and white is about 2.5 cents a page and in color it is about 14 cents a page which is much better than other lower end products. If you print more than 2,500 color pages a month, you'll save the costs of a lower end, $400 printer in less than 4 months. It does double sided printing well too.

16 of 17 people found the following review helpful.
3A Good Product Saddled by Poor Customer Service
By SpartySAM
Let me begin by stating that I am a long term HP user. My first HP laser printer was the HP LaserJet II+ - a printer that was over-built and virtually indestructible. I have tended to buy replacement printers that are HP. Unfortunately, the experiences with this printer have turned me off of HP products. This printer was purchased on September 25 2009. The reason that it was purchased could be found in the specifications - high speed, color, and duplex. Plus, it could work in a work environment consisting of both Windows and Macs (my home office). Upon delivery, setup was relatively painless. BTW, if you are using this printer as a network printer, you will find the amount of control and information given you when you enter the Printer's IP as amazing. I have a Xerox and its home page gives you about half of the information. Initially, the printer worked well. Then the problems began. The Magenta color was no longer being transferred. I searched the HP site for troubleshooting hints -- not much there. Consequently, I went on-line and used the on-line chat. It became very evident that the people working the chat line, while friendly, were simply reading a script. I had gone through a number of steps to identify the potential problems and to rule out other problems. When I noted this, I was told to go back through the steps again. Next after three trips to the chat line, and over 4 hours of my time, I asked to have the printer repaired. The person informed me that he would send me the information for repair and authorization next day. This has not happened. Customer support with this product is downright poor. If you buy this printer, hope that you do not have any problems.

Other issues to be aware of:

1. Consumables are expensive - expect to pay about $224 per cartridge. Each cartridge lasts between 4k-7k. This means that the first time that you replace all of the cartridges, you are spend more in cartridges than the printer cost you. Something is not right here.
2. Accessories for this printer are difficult to get and relatively expensive.
3. The printer is relatively picky about the quality of the paper that it gets.
4. The printer does not feel as solid as past HPs. What I mean by this is that the plastic being used is thinner. It is disconcerting to see some of the plastic covers flex when you close them.

At this stage, given my experiences, there are better printers out there for the money -- the Dell 3130 and the Lexmark C734dn come to mind. These are printers with equivalent monthly print cycles but more reasonable consumables (note that with the Dell, you will have to pay more for the duplex).

As a final thought, I am disappointed in the product quality and customer support that has coming out of HP for the last couple of years. These are no longer as durable nor as well supported. As an example, I have an HP 2840 MCP. This is a great machine. When I upgraded to Vista-64 bit, the only drivers that HP would provide are universal drivers. What this means is that I have a unit that can print, scan, copy, and fax in color. However, this driver only allows me to print in B&W. My Xerox unit received drivers for Vista-64; the same with the Minolta-Konica. Furthermore, HP has indicated that they have no interest in supporting the 2840 beyond providing universal drivers. This situation is equivalent to have a hyper-sports car with a governor that prevents it from going over 50 mph. Being a university professor at a research oriented school, I print a lot and I have found printers like the Xerox and Minolta-Konica up to the challenge. I am afraid that I cannot say the same about the HP.

Again, a good product hindered by poor customer service.

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