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Dell Laser Black & White Printer 1710

Dell Laser Black & White Printer 1710

Cheap online Laser Printers Dell Laser Black & White Printer 1710

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Product Details

  • Brand: Dell
  • Model: Dell 1710 Printer
  • Dimensions: 9.72" h x 155.91" w x 13.90" l, 25.35 pounds


  • Powerful monochrome laser device
  • Designed to add massive print capabilities to a single user
  • Equipped with a wide range of effective implemented features
  • Time to first print is also very speedy, clocking in at only 8 seconds

Descriptions of Laser Printers Dell Laser Black & White Printer 1710

Product Description

Professionally Refurbished by MPS Printers - over 15 years of experience! Free 6 month warranty and technical support! FREE SHIPPING!!! Each printer is torn down to the frame, with each part individually tested. Any worn parts are replaced, and new rollers are added. The fuser is rebuilt by a specialist that does only fusers. Each cover is repainted to OEM spec paint if necessary. Over 100 test pages are printed, with some included in the shipment to you. Printer does not include toner or other consumables. Don't end up with a side-of-the-road printer refurbished in some garage, purchase one of our printers and know that you have a real company, with trained technicians, and over 15,000 square feet of parts and printers, working to make your order perfect! Free shipping includes only standard ground shipping via UPS or FedEx. Any orders with expedited shipping purchased will be rushed through our warehouse, and will most likely ship earlier then stated (Amazon's system does not allow different lead times for P1 orders). If you have any questions or special requests, feel free to contact us. We do our best to answer all customer inquiries within 24 hours. Our business hours are 10-6PM CST, Monday-Friday.

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Laser Printers Dell Laser Black & White Printer 1710 Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

24 of 25 people found the following review helpful.
51st Page Out in 8 Seconds
By S. Blatner
I felt compelled to write a review on this printer because 1) I was unable to find a review before buying one and 2) HP has a bogus comparison of this printer. This is not a color printer as Amazon states, but a standard black and white laser. It is available for $159 directly from Dell.

I ordered the unit on a Saturday night and it was delivered on Tuesday morning as Dell was offering free 3 to 5 day shipping. Setup for the 1710 was a snap - up and running in 10 minutes. The print quality is excellent and the speed is amazing. The first page out is 8 seconds with additional pages spitting out at 27 ppm. Very simple and easy to operate. The cancel button on top is nice and stops the printer quickly. Fairly quiet when printing and it powers down within seconds after completing a job. The small fan is barely audible when cooling and then shuts off for complete silence.

Dell printers are made by Lexmark. The 1710 is actually a Lexmark E240 in Dell clothing - a very highly rated printer and a top pick by Buyers Lab Inc (7,000 pages without a single paper jam according to BLI). HP has a bogus comparison of the Dell 1710 with the HP 1320. HP never actually bothered to test the 1710 and based its comparison on the 1700, not the 1710. I can tell you that the 1710 first page out is 8 seconds, not the 34 seconds that HP states. Also, the HP 1320 is TWICE the price of the 1710, so the comparison itself makes no sense (and of course a $159 printer will not have duplex printing!)

Note that I am not an HP basher - this printer is replacing a 12 year old HP 4L that is finally giving out - but I really detest misleading comparisons! The 1710 offers a 6,000 replacement toner cartridge for $89 which I will definitely be buying after the 3,000 page toner cartridge wears out. All in all, a fantastic printer for the price and according to JD Power & Associates Reports, Dell printers are ranked #1 in overall customer satisfaction among business users.

Don't waste your money on a pricier printer unless you absolutely have to have automatic duplex printing (and then I would look at the new Brother printers). Dell is going to sell a ton of these once the reviews get out. I am glad I took the chance and bought the 1710 without finding any reviews first.

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful.
1My FIRST and LAST Dell printer
By Robert Beckmann
I have been a long time, and very satisfied, user of Dell PC's and laptops. The 1710 was my first Dell printer.

Out of the box the first one failed. Would not print. All five status lights blinking; LONG time on the phone with India following the standard script. Unable to resolve. Dell sent a replacement printer.

The replacement one worked for a few weeks, then the very same problem. Dell sent another replacment.

Eight months later the same problem; yet another replacement.

Nine months later the fourth one failed with the same identical problem. Out of warranty now. This one is going to the dump. It is the last Dell printer i will ever buy

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful.
5Very Happy Owner...
By C. Keebler
I've had my 1710 for over a year. I've gone through probably a case or more of paper with it and just now it needs a toner cartridge. That's on a standard cartridge. It prints fast, there are no misfeeds. It has a prompt that shows you how to reload the paper when printing 2-sided. I really love this printer. After having owned probably 20 or more finicky, troublesome ink-jet printers I can't imagine ever going back. The only thing I don't like about it is that Dell has a monopoly on replacement cartidges.
--> I wrote this review 4 years ago and this printer is still going strong. I highly, highly recommend.

--> November 8, 2012, over 6 years of steady use- still have this thing and it's still awesome! I just replaced the drum for the first time with an off-brand I bought here on Amazon. The first one I bought was loud and ill-fitting. I returned it and bought a different brand at $30 (DELL wants $90). Works like a champ. When the ink runs out, I have a refill kit so it's a cheap unit to operate. Words can't describe how happy I am with this printer. If I remember correctly, it was a re-furb. from DELL so it was cheap and I wasn't expecting much. Just goes to show that manufacturers still have the ability to build durable goods that are durable. I would HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend but it's discontinued and at the price they're at now, I'm thinking of buying a few more for future use.

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