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Dell 2155cdn Multifunction Color Laser printer

Dell 2155cdn Multifunction Color Laser printer

Buyonline Laser Printers Dell 2155cdn Multifunction Color Laser printer

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Product Details

  • Brand: Dell
  • Model: 2155CDN
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 29.53" h x 23.43" w x 26.97" l, 77.36 pounds


  • Enjoy faster printing up to 24 pages per minute (letter) for color and black-and-white documents (actual print speed will vary with use).
  • Delivers the professional color printouts you need with 600 x 600 dpi print resolution.
  • Print tons of pages with high yield 2,500 page yield colour toner cartridges and up to 40,000 maximum monthly duty cycle.
  • Built in automatic duplexer allows for doubled sided printing.

Descriptions of Laser Printers Dell 2155cdn Multifunction Color Laser printer

Product Description

Dell 2155CDN MFP CLR LASER P/S/C/F PRNT USB2.0 600X600256MB 24PPM

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Laser Printers Dell 2155cdn Multifunction Color Laser printer Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

11 of 13 people found the following review helpful.
5Flawless...and Customer Service Par Excellence
By Brian Foreman
I purchased this on the great reviews, set it up and printed some test pages. All seemed great except for a barely-visible light-colored line across some graphics pages. I looked through the docs and eventually emailed Dell customer support. Surprisingly, this turned out to be one of the best parts about the whole experience:

I contacted a rep named Joey who guided me through a few diagnostics and then shipped a new print-head device (PHD). This came 2nd day and included a return label for the original. I tried the new PHD, and unfortunately, it too had a problem. Joey had a 2nd one shipped to me the same day (even before I'd returned the first!). Incredibly, however, this one *also* had a problem.

In truth, I was starting to feel bad, like "the customer who can't be pleased," but Joey would have none of it, said he had spoken to his manager and asked where to ship the replacement printer (!!!). I was shocked; I didn't want him to go to that expense, thinking we'd probably just gotten unlucky with a couple of bad PHD units in a row, and asked him to try at least one more of those first--which he quickly shipped again.

The third PHD was indeed the ticket, the prints look razor-sharp (in fact, I brought the test-prints to a guy I work with to explain what I'd been doing and even before I explained what they were he just exclaimed "Wow! You get a new printer?") and in short, I couldn't be happier---with the printer, of course, but especially now that I know the kind of customer-service behind it.

There are a few oddities--the software disk includes an old-style Windows Help file that is a bit clunky; download the PDF from Dell's support site instead, it's far easier to use. The printer is built like a tank and quite heavy, but everything has the feel of quality---even sliding the paper tray in latches with a solid mechanical feel that inspires confidence. The warmup time is quick, the printing is quite fast, and the output, as my office-buddy will attest, looks fantastic.

Bottom line? If you need a solid laser printer that can print color on two sides and does scan and fax, the 2155cdn is a tremendous choice, and Dell blew my mind with the support experience. (Thanks again, Joey!)

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
5It's a beast and worth every penny!!
By Jarred M. Nelson
I bought this for my finance'; she is a Realtor. She needed a good color laser printer for her advertising and presentations. This beast is just the trick. It's fast with very good resolution for all her printing needs. She scans or faxes contracts with ease! It weighs a ton, so get a sturdy table, desk or platform to put it on. It has good ink management and the ink is fairly inexpensive.

This is a great printer and a solid scanner/copier fax.

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
5Dell 2155cdn
By D. Kadish
What can I say I had been using an old Lexmark X342 mono printer/scanner/all in one. The DELL just blows it away I print color, scan checks into quick-books, print company letterhead and envelopes it does it all...

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