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Canon PIXMA MX452 Wireless Inkjet Office All-In-One

Canon PIXMA MX452 Wireless Inkjet Office All-In-One

Who sellsthe cheapest Laser Printers Canon PIXMA MX452 Wireless Inkjet Office All-In-One

List Price : $99.99

Get Your Best Price at : $78.69

Product Details

  • Size: Letter,8 1/2" x 14"
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Canon
  • Model: MX452
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 7.90" h x 18.10" w x 15.20" l, 19.00 pounds
  • Display size: 2


  • Print and scan wirelessly right from your iOS, Android or Windows RT device with Mobile Device Printing
  • Print features include Auto Document Feeder, Auto Photo Fix II, Auto Sheet Feeder, Borderless Printing, Document Printing, Full HD Movie Print, Photo Printing, Template Print and Wireless Printing
  • Copy features include Auto Document Fix, Copy, Borderless, Copy, Gutter Shadow Correction, Image Repeat, Intensity, Multiple Copy (1-99 pages), Preset Copy Ratios, Sort (ADF) and Zoom
  • Scan features include Auto Scan Mode, Network Scan, Push Scan, Scan to Memory (USB) and Wireless Scanning
  • Fax features include Answering Machine Connectivity, Caller Rejection, Check RX Fax Info., Fax Reception Reject, Fax Number Re-Entry, F/T Changing (manual), Group Dialing, Memory Transmission, Redial and Remote Reception

Descriptions of Laser Printers Canon PIXMA MX452 Wireless Inkjet Office All-In-One

Product Description

The Canon PIXMA MX452 Energy Star Wireless Inkjet Office All-in-One Printer delivers superior quality, versatility and ease to your home office. This begins with built-in Wi-Fi for printing and scanning anywhere in your home from computers and compatible mobile devices. It also includes AirPrint, which lets you wirelessly print from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch devices. An integrated 30-sheet Auto Document Feeder speeds up copying and faxing capabilities, while the FastFront system makes changing ink and paper easy and convenient. With Easy WebPrint EX you can easily collect and combine, multiple web pages to create and print your own layout.

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Laser Printers Canon PIXMA MX452 Wireless Inkjet Office All-In-One Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

158 of 165 people found the following review helpful.
4A nice do-it-all printer!
By Starlike
Updated August 3, 2013....I recently purchased the Canon PIXMA MX522 wireless color all in one office printer. I also wrote a review for it as well. There wasn't anything that was major or wrong with this printer but I really just wanted an upgrade with more features. I still like this printer, but I love the MX522!

July 21, 2013....Updated review.....After owning this printer for some time I wouldn't recommend this printer for a business or home office. I had to print up 70 pages recently for a project and even though it printed well it did take some time for the pages to print. But it is still a good printer for home use if you just need to print a few pages daily. I still feel that the scanner features still needs more tools. I do have a Visioneer scanner and I use the Paperport software that came with it. So if I need major editing tools Visioneer is my go to scanner. It would be nice if Canon put some time into the scanner features then I wouldn't have to drop a star.

This Canon printer is nice. I also own the Canon PIXMA IP100 Mobile Photo Printer since Feb 2009. I love that printer because it was mobile, small and printed beautiful photos as well as documents. But lately is started to have a few problems (going to have it repaired) that I had to put it on the shelf for this new Canon MX452. I really wanted something that was 100% wireless without sending it a cloud. This printer does everything that is says it will do and more. Printing, scanning, and faxing is a breeze! And it really is 100% wireless! I installed the software (CD) that came with the printer on my Windows 8 PC with no problems at all. There are a few programs that are helpful that work well with your printer. The Canon website also has the software on line, but then you have to install each program individually.

I had to use the printer USB cable that came with the printer in order for me to connect wireless. But you may or may not need to use the cable like I had to in order to set it up. The software and cable came in handy and connected me right away. After 1 minute the printer recognized my network. I put in my network password and connected and then the installation CD asked you to remove the printer cable to then go wireless. The only cord that is used is the power cord and the telephone cord for the faxing. Best part is I can print now from anywhere in the house from my laptop or tablet and even my Android cell. Goggle play has a Canon app, but it's really not needed since mostly every program or web page has a print button to click on. Just make sure you don't turn off the printer power button. When the printer is not in use the printer will just go to sleep to reduce the power. But as soon as you click print or any other feature the printer will wake up immediately.

Printing documents is sharp and clear. This printer uses 2 ink tanks (color & black). Most printer brands these days use 5 or more inks cartridges. So it really depends on how much color printing you use to notice any cost savings in using 5 tanks verses 2 tanks. So far the ink that came in the box is still going strong and has not run out. We use the printer for personal use everyday. The only thing I wish Canon would of spent more time in perfecting this printer is adding more tools to the scanning features of the printer. Needs work, but will get the scanning job done. This printer even has an area just for scanning photo negatives. Photo printing is really nice, but I didn't really purchase this for my photos. But overall for the low price and for everything that this printer does it is a purchase that I still recommend. But just make sure you do a comparison shopping before getting this one. I highly recommend the MX522 over this model.

71 of 74 people found the following review helpful.
5A Good "Does It All" Printer
By src50
Bought the MX452 to replace an old HP all-in-one. Although the HP was a great printer in terms of hardware, I had recurring problems with the accompanying HP software, so decided to give Canon a try.

I wanted a four-function printer for general home use. So far, so good. The MX452 is easy to set up (I'm using a USB connection, not the wireless option). The Canon software installed without problem. The software has more bells and whistles than you really need (don't they all?), but once you learn where the essential functions are, it's a breeze. Printing quality is excellent, speed is good and it is relatively quiet. It accommodates a variety of paper and envelope sizes. Photo printing quality is good, but not the best I've seen (after all, consider the MX452's price). If photo printing is your thing, I'd recommend one of the Canon MG-series printers.

The main difference between the MX452 and it's higher-priced cousins seems to be the absence of the automated two-sided printing feature, which I don't need. The printer's physical construction is almost totally plastic, so one needs to be a little gentle with it. I don't think this is the right printer for commercial office use - you would want something physically sturdier for that - but its fine for my relatively light home use. A good value for the buck.

26 of 26 people found the following review helpful.
4A Beast
By Donald E. Fulton
I am replacing a Cannon S820 inkjet. I decided to buy another Cannon because its paper handling was superb. My local Staples had no simple Cannon printers, so I bought the MX452. This is my first printer/scanner and first wireless printer.

Day 1
First impression: For an inkjet this thing is a beast, massive and heavy, a lot of printer for $80. There are two paper paths. Pages to be copied or scanned feed left via the document feeder to the glass scanning bed below and return beneath the originals. Plain paper is fed in at the bottom front and copies output to the paper tray above.

Setup: After assembly, following the step by step instructions, I skipped over the wireless setting (on the small low contrast display) and plugged the printer into my computer via USB.

Wireless or USB: While billed as wireless, the printer has two USB ports, square in rear and standard in front. The rear port is for communication with PC, and Canon says the front port is for a USB flash memory stick. I am going to use a USB cable with my desktop, since my WiFi has a way of randomly going down and needing to be rebooted, and wireless for a portable I occasionally use.

Drivers: Windows 7 says no drivers need be installed for a USB printer (it's done automatically). Really? Didn't work for my Cannon S820 and didn't work here. The needed drivers (print, scan and fax) are on the enclosed Canon CD, but it took several tries to get them to install.

Wireless: Here I am stuck. All the instructions start by saying pull up "wireless" on the printer display. How? I skipped over it at the beginning, and now I can't pull it up, neither the menu button nor the back button does it. (I solve this problem on day 2.)

Performance: Great
Copy: My first tests show this works like a 'real' copier. Has a document feeder, and it takes only one button press to do a color or BW copy. A first test with a utility bill with some color gave a copy almost identical to the original. No adjustments, no hassles.

Printer: As a printer, this thing is fast and clean, very impressive. With it's default settings it is much, much faster (and noisier) than my old S820. What I like, following up on tips from other reviewers, it that you can run this printer two ways: as a fast, and somewhat noise office type printer (default setting), or via printer preferences you can tame it, so it becomes a much quieter, slightly slower, ink stretching home type printer.

In printer preferences you have a choice of five ink (density) settings with default in center. The printer has a 'quiet' mode, which slows it. I did the printer test page with the default settings and with print quality set to 'fast' (other reviewer call it 'draft' mode) and quiet mode on. The only difference I see in a side by side comparison is that in fast/quiet mode the blacks are not quite as dark, but perfectly acceptable. I am going to adopt fast/quiet mode for my routine printing. There is also an option to reduce color intensity and contrast, so I am going to do this too to stretch the color ink.

Canon sells cheaper ink cartridges for this machine that are only partially filled, but for lowest cost/page buy the full cartridges: 240 XXL (black) and 241 XL(color), about $57 for the pair. This printer will print even if one of its two cartridges runs out of ink, leave it in and select the good cartridge in preferences.

Day 2
WiFi: I finally got WiFi working using a file in the Win directory of the Canon CD called MSetup4.exe. This file allows you to connect the printer to WiFi using a (temp) USB cable. It downloads a driver, then guides step by step for keypresses on the printer and in the software. No password had to be entered even though my WiFi network has security, which was a surprise. The Canon CD was needed too in my laptop for it to install the needed printer drivers. In my final setup printer is connected to my desktop computer via a USB cable and to my laptop via WiFi.

Scanner: The scanner is functional, but the (default) scanner software is horrible: no zoom, no rotate, no way to preview changes in lightness/darkness. The default scanner software I am referring to here is what opens when right clicking the printer/scanner icon in the Windows control panel and selecting 'Start Scan'.

Day 3
Finally found the advanced Cannon scanning program: 'Scangear'. It had been installed from the CD, but without a shortcut so it was hidden. To start Scangear from the desktop I added a shortcut to the file 'ScanUtility.exe' (found in the folder 'IJ Scan Utility'). (Tip: Scangear defaults to 'zoom' grayed out, to ungray 'zoom' click the upper left icon.)

The Canon installation from the CD has a nasty feature. On the desktop it inserts about 10 icons (!) all grouped into a backward L shaped thing that hugs the lower right corner of the desktop. I have never seen anything like it before. It's huge, using up a ton of desktop real estate and overwriting other shortcuts. It's the Canon Easy menu, and you can get rid of it by uninstalling the Easy Menu.

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