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Brother MFC-9970CDW Multifunction Printer (MFC-9970CDW) -

Brother MFC-9970CDW Multifunction Printer (MFC-9970CDW) -

Get the best price for Laser Printers Brother MFC-9970CDW Multifunction Printer (MFC-9970CDW) -

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Laser Printers Brother MFC-9970CDW Multifunction Printer (MFC-9970CDW) - Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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5Excellent. By far the best all-in-one that we've used.
By S. Power
We go through printers pretty frequently, because we move them a lot, which doesn't seem to improve their durability. We have had color laser all-in-ones from HP and Brother before this, and an inkjet all-in-one from Canon before those.

This is by far the best out of any of the all-in-ones that I've tried or owned. I highly recommend it. The output is great and it is simple to use and maintain. I even find that the cartridges last longer on this one than the previous Brother machine that I've had, when comparing actual life to advertized life.

The only features that the 9970 have that isn't common among the field of color laser all-in-ones, is the duplex printing, and the color touch screen. Both work great, and surprised me. I was worried that the duplex feature would cause jams and other problems, but it never has. I thought that the touch screen was a useless gimmick that added cost with no real benefit. That too proved to be inaccurate. It is surprisingly useful, especially the way it walks you through maintenance tasks.

I've had this machine for 7 months now and have not had any issues or complaints. It prints very well and does every advertised function exactly as you would hope that it would.

My only piece of advice when buying this machine is to watch the price. It seems to fluctuate widely, as do some of the other Brother all-in-one machine. Over the course of a few weeks, it will fluctuate by over one hundred dollars, on Amazon.

After you buy the machine, I recommend that you stick to genuine Brother cartridges with no modifications. I ruined a different Brother all-in-one by modifying the cartridges to get extra life out of them. I saved a few hundred dollars on toner, but ended up making a mess and having to spend even more to buy a new machine.

Instead of physically modifying the cartridges or using generics or refills, you can follow this procedure to extend the life of the legit cartridges: 1) Open the toner door. 2) Press "1" on the number pad, while the door is open. 3) Scroll down to reset the life on the cartridge that is "out of life":

K.TNR-STD (Standard Capacity)
K.TNR-HC (High Capacity)
K.TNR-S.HC (Unknown)
C.TNR-STD (Standard Capacity)
C.TNR-HC (High Capacity)
C.TNR-S.HC (Unknown)
M.TNR-STD (Standard Capacity)
M.TNR-HC (High Capacity)
M.TNR-S.HC (Unknown)
Y.TNR-STD (Standard Capacity)
Y.TNR-HC (High Capacity)
Y.TNR-S.HC (Unknown)

After resetting it, you can run it until the print quality degrades which is often another 1000 or more pages.

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