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Star Micronics 39463110 Monochrome Printer

Star Micronics 39463110 Monochrome Printer

Best Laser Printers Star Micronics 39463110 Monochrome Printer

List Price : $690.00

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Product Details

  • Color: Gray
  • Brand: Star Micronics
  • Model: 39463110
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 9.50" h x 9.50" w x 10.50" l, 5.65 pounds


  • Thermal Ethernet (LAN)
  • Guillotine Cutter (Partial Cut Only)
  • Internal Universal Power Supply Included
  • Gray
  • 3 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty (US and Canada)

Descriptions of Laser Printers Star Micronics 39463110 Monochrome Printer

Product Description

TSP143L GRY US. Introducing the TSP143L GRY US, the first all-in-one receipt printer. Yes, all the parts and software are included in one box. To get you setup quickly, we've included an internal power supply, interface cable, power cable, complete mounting kits and a paper roll. To bring you the future of receipt printing now, we're also including a full set of software utilities. Redesign your receipt without modifying your application. Add your logo. Add coupons. Preview receipts and enhance bar codes. Included operating system drivers allow for 'Plug & Play' automatic installation. But setup is not the only fast part. The TSP143L GRY US is a fast printer. It's the All-In-One-Box Miracle coupling amazing features and high reliability at an affordable price!

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Laser Printers Star Micronics 39463110 Monochrome Printer Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

19 of 19 people found the following review helpful.
5quick and precise
By Stewart Gooderman
This printer was recommended for use with printed credit card receipts using an iPad. It works great. Very fast and has a compact footprint.

11 of 11 people found the following review helpful.
3Works great...when it works
I have this set up to use with Square and the APG Cash Drawer on the iPad 3. Setup was super simple and I was up and going in literally minutes. I've been using it for a little over a week now, and I've had about 3 instances where I can't get it to print a receipt. I check to make sure that all of the devices are on the same internet connection, and they were. Sometimes it just lags, because the cash drawer opens and I can click on the "Print Receipt" button, but nothing happens. Then when I print a test receipt from the iPad, the customer receipt that I was trying to print will print out ahead of the test receipt. So it was in there, but for some reason it didn't print out. Other times it just goes offline or something, because it won't open the cash drawer at all, and the option to print a receipt does not even show up on the iPad. I've had to turn it off and turn it back on when this happens, and that solves the problem. I have cable internet that has never given me any problems on any of my other office electronics, so I have to assume that the receipt printer is the problem. Setup was very easy, and it does work well most of the time, but it really irks me in those few instances when I cannot give my customers perfect customer service and have to resort to hand-writing a paper receipt.

9 of 9 people found the following review helpful.
5Very pleased!
By shae
I bought this product to use with the Square Register POS setup. To make this setup work properly, I purchased the Star Micronics 39463110 Monochrome Printer and APG Cash Drawer Vasario Series VB-1616 (painted front with dual media slots, 320 MultiPRO interface and 16 inch x 16 inch) - color: black then(required!) 014A Cash Drawer, Multipro Cable for Star 24V Series

The way it works is that this printer will connect to your router (you will need a regular network cable for this) and use the multipro cable above to connect from the printer to the cash drawer. Your iPad then connects to your wifi and using Square Register it "discovers" your printer. The multipro cable is how the cash drawer opens automatically.

You really have to buy this brand and series style as recommended by Square if you want everything with Square to work properly. They are designed to work together using the Square software.

For the application in which I'm using this printer, it's been absolutely perfect. The light flashes red when it is either out of paper or loses network connection. It will also print "host connection lost" on a receipt to let you know the issue. It also has cutouts on the side for cord management.

I was able to order the reciept paper online at Note that it takes a very wide roll of paper, not the standard narrow credit card thermal paper.

I'm very happy with this setup and would recommend it to anyone looking to set up a Square Register POS.

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