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Samsung Monochrome Laser Printer (ML-3312ND)

Samsung Monochrome Laser Printer (ML-3312ND)

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Product Details

  • Brand: Samsung
  • Model: ML-3312ND
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 13.90" h x 19.60" w x 17.90" l, 26.60 pounds


  • Features intuitive navigation, a two-line LCD screen (3712 series only), and LEDs that inform you of your printer's status at a glance
  • Keep on Working - Samsung's Anti-Jam Technology means more work with less downtime
  • Enables you to locate and manage all your Samsung device and print settings from one simple location, right down to ordering supplies
  • A handy tool that enables you to collect and only print the information you need from the web, reducing waste also time and energy, too
  • Facilitates quick and easy printer sharing by enabling you to print any Samsung device without having to install a driver for every networked printer

Descriptions of Laser Printers Samsung Monochrome Laser Printer (ML-3312ND)

Product Description

Multifunction - 33 Ppm - 1200 DPI X 1200 DPI - 820 Sheets - Ethernet 10/100Base

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Laser Printers Samsung Monochrome Laser Printer (ML-3312ND) Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

14 of 16 people found the following review helpful.
1Good luck finding reasonably priced toner, and you WILL need toner soon!
By SpinKix
The printer works fine, paper doesn't jam, fast, wakes up on network, BUT-

The toner doesn't last anywhere near the specified pages.

Using the "economy" setting, the 5K impression cartridge is down to 61% remaining after 1384 impressions.

At 5000 per cartridge, using 39% should have yielded around 1,950 impressions.

Maybe it would be better just printing double spaced type, but for a teacher who prints lessons and tests for the class, this is getting costly.
And I'm not talking pictures and illustrations. Most pages had a lot of blank space for students to fill in answers.

No wonder they were selling the printer for $99... the first 5K (more like 3.5K) cartridge cost $119!

IF you can find one, that is.

There seems to be a problem with the 5K toner cartridge supply (Nov 2011).

The first MLT-D205L cartridge I purchased didn't register with the printer and wouldn't clear the "change toner" alert.

The replacement worked OK.

Now, almost all the retailers are out of stock (Including Amazon), and the ones who have them are charging 200% more.

Not to mention the fact that the 10K cartridge that works in other printers that use the MLT-D205L won't work with the ML3312-ND.

Now, I'm stuck paying more per page for the 2K (more like 1.2K) toner cartridge.

The reason I bought this laser printer in the first place was to save on printing cost over inkjet.

I have gone back to using my old (slow) HP960c that quit printing color.

At least I can buy refilled cartridges for it.

** UPDATE **
Well, my old HP960c kicked the bucket, but now at least the Samsung cartridges are in stock without any problems.

As for the Samsung printer, apart from an occasional paper jam, it's been working fine.
The red light is blinking because the toner is almost empty. Kind of annoying, but it still prints fine without any light streaks.

8 of 9 people found the following review helpful.
By Jesse111
Best money ever spent on inexpensive laser. Works exactly as stated. First page out fast... real fast. Unit is quiet. Print quality excellent. Duplex is perfect and fast. This is just a great deal of a printer. Samsung did good. Highly recommended. By the way, I use this with Mac. Flawless for Mac users.

7 of 8 people found the following review helpful.
1NOT compatible with high yield toner
By Brendon Redick
Purchased specifically because it was supposed to work with MLT-D205E high yield toner. Samsung changed their compatibility specs and now the larger toner is no longer supported with the printer. I have been fighting with Samsung for 6 months, they tell me that it is compatible then not, tell me it's a defective toner but won't warranty it, tell me it's a defective printer but won't warranty it. I've wasted $159 on the printer and nearly $400 on toner that I cant use and haven't been able to print anything. Samsung would not even allow me to upgrade to the 3712nd to get the features I purchased the 3312nd as advertised to have, even when I wanted to pay them to do so. I have given up and will go back to my old printers and let $550 sit here since I don't trust that any cartridge will actually work in it, and it costs twice as much to operate as was planned with the smaller cartridges.

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