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Oki Data MB MB461 Wireless Monochrome Printer with Scanner and Copier

Oki Data MB MB461 Wireless Monochrome Printer with Scanner and Copier

Who sells the cheapeston line Laser Printers Oki Data MB MB461 Wireless Monochrome Printer with Scanner and Copier

List Price : $349.00

Get Your Best Price at : $278.17

Product Details

  • Brand: Oki Data
  • Model: MB461
  • Original language: English
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 17.90" h x 16.80" w x 16.70" l, 44.09 pounds
  • Display size: 3.5


  • Print/Copy/Scan functionality
  • print up to 35ppm,and copy up to 35cpm
  • 250-sheet internal paper tray, standard
  • Operator panel with 3.5" backlit LCD display
  • ENERGY STAR Compliant

Descriptions of Laser Printers Oki Data MB MB461 Wireless Monochrome Printer with Scanner and Copier

Product Description

Fast, full-featured, environmentally friendly black & white MFP for desktop applications

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Laser Printers Oki Data MB MB461 Wireless Monochrome Printer with Scanner and Copier Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

49 of 53 people found the following review helpful.
5A Lot of Printer for the Money
By D. C. Eaton
Update 3/20/13
OCR optical character recognition is done using Omnipage16 by Nuance (see more below). It works very well but it has an annoying quirk. Omnipage16 will CRASH if the printer is not ready (set to Scan/Remote PC/Twain) before you tell it to scan a page. In this case, you MUST ctrl/alt/delete, start Task Manager, and close Omnipage16 from the Application tab. Then switch to the Processes tab and End the 2 Twain processes you will find on the list. Finally restart Omnipage16.

I purchased this from a major office supply company whose name starts with "S". I will update this review if my opinion changes.

My old all-in-one is an HP Officejet Pro 7580. It worked great for 16 months until the genuine HP ink began to leak. Replacing the ink did no good. It was costing a fortune to keep buying HP ink so I began using generics, but generics are NOT at all water resistant. The ink jets have slowly gotten clogged over time until the color does not work anymore and even B&W is iffy. I am feed up with ink jets! You cannot beat the per page cost of lasers, but what to buy?

Spec Comparison:
I compared the following similarly priced monochrome laser all-in-one printers: Brother MFC7860, Cannon imageCLASS MF4880, Cannon imageCLASS MF4890, Samsung SCX-4729FW, and Okidata MB451w. All scan in color. All have auto duplex print, but ONLY Okidata and the Canon 4890 have duplex (double sided) copy and scan. Okidata has a Duty Cycle (a measure of durability) of 50,000 pages per month while all the others are rated about 10,000 pages. The Okidata is not flimsy and weighs 44 lbs while the others weigh about 22-25 lbs. Samsung and Cannon have toner cartridge integrated with the drum (replaced whenever you replace the toner), while Brother and Okidata have a separate drum. Brother and Samsung have annoying 2-line displays while Cannon has 5 lines with backlight. Okidata's 3.5 inch display has variable lines, but about 5-6 lines with backlight AND a help function. Print speed for Okidata is 30 cpm single sided and 17 cpm duplex (duplex is much faster than the other printers). Time to first page (in idle) is 5 seconds, but requires 25 seconds warm-up from Power Save, and even longer from Sleep.

Okidata Customer support: Live support 24 hours/day!
I called Okidata tech support several times, once getting though immediately, and the other times on hold for a few minutes. They claim the normal wait time is 60 seconds and that they have live support 24 hours/day! You will reach an actual person located here in the US or Canada and they don't use a script with canned answers. When I called, they seemed both helpful and friendly and were able to answer my questions or quickly email me with the answer. Warranty for the US and Canada is one year ON SITE.

User manuals (basic, advanced and wireless setup):
The manuals are detailed, generally clear and well illustrated and are available on line. Update: as other reviewers have noted, a physical copy of the manuals are not in the box. Cannon and Brother have equally good manuals, but Samsung has an annoying pictogram type manual.

Installation and setup: easy
I have a fairly recent HP computer with Win 7, but drivers are available on-line for Win 8. Unpack, add paper and you are ready to copy. Wireless setup (using manual wireless setup) is only a few steps and is similarly easy IF you know your SSID (network name), password and security type (mine is WPA). It took much longer to read through the extensive manuals to see if I wanted to change any of the default options (for instance change fax auto answer to manual answer).

For the most part, the display menu system is self explanatory and guides the user in a helpful way. Many menus have a displayed "?" which means you can press the "help" button for more information. I see no problems with the print quality and Toner Saver seems almost as good. It prints fairly quietly (55dB), it is very quiet in Power Save and silent in Sleep. Power Save is 18 watts while Sleep is 3 watts. You can set it to turn off after a set amount of time. Both single side and duplex copying and printing are all a snap. Scanning from a PC is a bit confusing until you realize you have to select Scan/Remote PC (confusingly not Network or Local) on the printer, and then go to the PC. Then the ActKey software works great to scan - it works much like the software for my HP inkjet printer and the color scan result is just as good as HP. I have not faxed yet.

Cost to Own:
The Okidata comes with a 1000 page starter cartridge. There are no generics. There are generics for Brother, Samsung and Cannon, but I see a lot of online complaints concerning generic toner. The Okidata toner currently sells for about $40 and has a spec of 1500 pages. This seems to be a roughly similar per page cost to Cannon and Samsung, but a higher cost to that of Brother toner, but Brother laser printers generally cost more upfront. Okidata claims a life of about 25,000 pages for their drum. For what ever it is worth, Okidata claims their "lifetime total cost to own" is substantially less than Samsung and slightly less than Brother.

Update 2/11/13:
A few printer makers have Android apps that allow wireless printing from your phone. Although Okidata does not have such an app, the Google Play store has a free app called Cloud Print which allows wireless printing from your phone to any printer connected to your PC (on a WiFi network). It works well from my Samsung phone to both my wireless Okidata printer and my old wired HP inkjet. Smart Office by Picsel also works, but costs a few dollars.

Update 2/12/13:
OmniPage SE ver 16 OCR software (by Nuance) is on the installation CD as a bonus, but Nuance does not provide any support, so I imagine this could potentially be a problem. Installation of OmniPage from the CD on my Win 7 computer went OK, except a start icon was not generated. I reinstalled ("repaired") and I still had to search for OmniPage (C:\Program Files (x86)\ScanSoft\OmniPage16\OmniPage16.exe). Once I had OmniPage running, it requested to setup the scanner (Okidata must be set to Scan/Remote PC). OmniPage has options of plain text, formatted text, and "True Page" and all gave perfect output as a Microsoft Word file.

Update 4/21/13
I had a minor problem recently. The printer suddenly stopped talking to my computer. I called Okidata, and they told me that I somehow had setup the printer to automatically log out every so many days. I suppose this is a means to improve security, but I sure did not want it. Okidata walked me through disabling that "feature".

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4Takes some patience
By Shastastan
The first reviewer did such a comprehensive review that there's little more for me to say. The print quality is excellent! I haven't tried to hook it up to the network yet. I'm using a usb to my desktop which does not have wifi.

To me, the setup was confusingly simple or should I say specious? I kept looking for a quick start booklet, but there was only a small print set of pictures. I finally found the dvd inside. It has the manual and quick start guide. Both of those are okay to follow. I had tried to install before reading thinking that the dvd would have detailed instructions but it did not. Everything is in the pdf's. There's a procedure to follow to connect the usb (not provided) and power cables. That has to be done before the drivers are installed. There's nothing on the dvd to tell you to install them. There are little "i" icons next to the items in a list starting with software. You have to click the icons before stuff is saved from the dvd to your PC. I stumbled around a little thinking, "There must be more to it than this?", but copying and printing from the pc worked okay. I'm not used to installations being so easy.I didn't contact Oki support at all.

This is like an office copy machine in size and it's really heavy. It has a big footprint snd don't even think about putting it on a shelf. I would say that it's built pretty solid even if it is plastic. Isn't everything? It's here; It's setup; It works. I bought for reliability and that's what I hope I get. I'm damned tired of buing ink. I really don't need color since we have other printers for that. I'm glad a friend convinced me that a laser is a lot cheaper than ink jets in the long run.

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful.
5Great out of the box
By Charles
Easy to use, easy to connect. Not real pleased with the "picture" install guide vs. a real manual, but you get it all on a CD.

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