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MB491 MFP 62438801 By Okidata

MB491 MFP 62438801 By Okidata

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Product Details

  • Brand: Oki Data
  • Model: 62438801

Descriptions of Laser Printers MB491 MFP 62438801 By Okidata

Product Description

MB491 MFP (35ppm) 120V (E/F/P/S)

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Laser Printers MB491 MFP 62438801 By Okidata Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

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3Great hardware, beta-like firmware
By Robo
From my experience (using it everyday in my office for 4 months), it just not at all user-friendly.

It's hardware is great but it's very cumbersome and complicated to simply use. It feels like beta firmware.

In practice, it lowers productivity - people at my office constantly have to ask me how to send a fax and scan documents.

It's nested sub-menus and user-prompts make otherwise very simple tasks overly complicated, cumbersome, and time-consuming. For instance, faxing to a pre-programmed number literally requires 9 button presses, using 5 different buttons, while navigating a series of user-prompts and sub-menus.

Programming a number into the address book requires a tech person -- I'm the only one at my work that can program fax numbers into its address book. The same kind of story applies to basic scanning and initial set up.

Our 10 year old cheep-o multifunction fax was much faster in terms of user interface and basic functions (not in terms of printer speed but in terms of using the device).

We've been using it extensively for about 4 months. It works and gets the job done. It has a lot of potential, I think, to be a great machine for our office -- it just really needs a firmware update.

Feels like beta firmware.

Personally I'm a power-user and very into tech. So I can manage it (with mere annoyance), but regular office people at my work are yelling and pulling their hair out using this machine.

Note, it allows you to set-up macros to simplify complex tasks. However, to send a fax, using 5 different buttons with 9 button presses in total is about as simple as it gets, regardless. Using a macro to send a fax actually adds another layer of complexity to the process. It still forces a series of prompts and sub-menus to navigate through while adding the novelty of selecting macros through a sub-menu list on the LCD screen (instead of just using the default fax buttons). Basically, the moment I try to show anyone how to use the macros they get upset and bewildered.

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