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Lexmark X9575 Wireless Professional Multifunction Color Printer (14V1000)

Lexmark X9575 Wireless Professional Multifunction Color Printer (14V1000)

Online Laser Printers Lexmark X9575 Wireless Professional Multifunction Color Printer (14V1000)

List Price : $274.99

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Product Details

  • Brand: Lexmark
  • Model: 14V1000
  • Platform: Windows
  • Format: CD
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 11.00" h x 19.00" w x 16.00" l, 22.71 pounds


  • Accepts Paper Size - 3 in x 5 in, 4 in x 6 in, 4 in x 8 in, 5 in x 7 in, 7 3/4, Custom Sizes: 3 in x 5 in to 8 1/2 in x 17 in, Envelopes (Executive, Legal, Letter, Monarch,No. 9, No. 10)
  • Auto Duplexing Functions - Print
  • Borderless Printing - Yes
  • Catalog Publishing Type - Copier/Fax/Multifunction Machines-Multifunction
  • Color Depth - 48 b

Descriptions of Laser Printers Lexmark X9575 Wireless Professional Multifunction Color Printer (14V1000)

Product Description

Lexmark X9575 Professional All-in-One Wireless Users gain freedom and flexibility with built-in 802.11g wireless technology; Compatible with Wi-Fi certified IEEE 802.11g/b/n; High quality printing from virtually anywhere over a secure wireless network.All-in-one with fax offers the freedom and flexibility of wireless with fast print speeds and two-sided printing.Features:* Users gain freedom and flexibility with built-in 802.11g wireless technology and Ethernet; Compatible with Wi-Fi certified IEEE 802.11g/b/n* High quality printing from virtually anywhere over a secure wireless network* Share the Lexmark X9575 among multiple computers* Easy guided setup wtih Lexmark installation sofware* Connect wireless or with USB Cable or Ethernet* Fast! Up to 33 ppm black and 28ppm color printing* Save time, money and the environment with built-in, two-sided printing* Superior quality printing up to 4800 x 2400 dpi resolution* Automatic Cartridge alignment for optimal print quality* 1-touch PC-free copying (color or black)* 1-99 copies at at time* Reduction/enlargement capacity from 25%-400%* 50 pageADF for easy multiple page scanning* Flatbed scanner with 48-bit color depth; 16-bit grayscale* Up to 4800 x 1200 dpi optical resolution* Flatbed scanner easily handles thick books, reports and more* 50 page ADF for easy multiple page faxing* Standalone black and color faxing with 33.6 Kbps modem speed* 99-speed dials, automatic redial, supports caller ID and up to 100-page fax memory* View and edit photos with large 2.4" (6cm) color display* Print directly from digitalmemory card, PictBridge compatible digital cameras or USB Flash drive* Print lab quality borderless photos up to 4800 x 2400 dpi resolution in popular sizes* Print with confidence! Evercolor 2 inks are fad, humidity, highlighter, and water resistant.* Brilliant 6-color printing with optional photo cartridge* Lexmark Productivity Studio: Makes creative projects and document management easy.* Lexmark Toolbar: Makes prin

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Laser Printers Lexmark X9575 Wireless Professional Multifunction Color Printer (14V1000) Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

32 of 32 people found the following review helpful.
4Solid performer!
By J. Batra
was interested in 7675 model that has 4 star rating over several reviews. Its scanner is 600x1200 dpi so I decided to review the 9575 with better scan capabilities and looks much more elegant that 7675. I read the two reviews on Amazon, both had 2 star ratings. Both are very well written, to the point, so I was afraid to pick this model up. However, I decided to give it a try anyway.

I have tried to address some of the points raised in the other two 2 Star reviews, hope it will help them also, or, they may be correct in their individual circumstances.

The setup was a breeze - the CD accompanying the printer asks for 30 minutes set up time, I got done somewhat short of 30 mins, most of the time going into doing external stuff ("now get paper, load it in tray" etc). Once the setup was complete, all its features worked just fine. No customer support, no rollback of software of conflicts of any kind.

Here are some notes that may help the buyers or those considering to buy-
* On opening the box, in big letters, there is a sign - insert CD before you connect the printer. Follow the simple instructions by the book. You may find the setup as easy as I did.

* I connected the machine wireless hooking up my 2 desktops and 1 laptop. All work fine.

* The earlier 2 star reviews found the printer flimsy. I found it as well constructed as any other printer - give or take a shade here and there. The perception of "Flimsy" could arise from the scanner cover, once lifted, well, it appears "Flimsy" as the hinges swivel and appear loose.

In checking with one of the brick and mortar stores, their response was that it is designed that way so that a BOOK can be photocopied. Rigid hinges make it difficult to position a book.

* Print quality is good, ink capacity is same as 7675 model (approx 500 pages), I am ok with all this. PCMag has some reviews on both and I agree with their assessment -both have similar 3star or 4star rating.

* As far as software conflicts reported earlier go, my machines are loaded- from productivity suites to graphics to even games. No software issues arose. This is my experience, and is not meant to refute what the other two reported.

Overall, a very satisfying machine for such a low price. I am happy with it.

17 of 17 people found the following review helpful.
2Not worth the price
By R. S. Flaherty
The overall construction and setup are good including the wireless. The system is a bit louder than my HP K60 that this was suppose to replace. The photo quality is good but less than the quality of the canon PIXMA series. However, I didn't attempt to fine-tune the photo optons. The biggest problem is the software will not allow you to share or use peer-to-peer networking for this system. (confirmed by tech. support) Once I connected the other two computers on my network all the advanced options were grayed-out. ie auto-duplexing and all the photo options. Therefore I sent it back.

13 of 13 people found the following review helpful.
2Looks sharp, just wish it worked as good.
By Jesse L. Jones
I bought the Lexmark x9575 after returning the Epson Workforce 600. I loved the Epson but their idea of 2-sided printing is flipping the paper and putting it back in paper tray. I own my own business and need the speed and conveneince of automatic duplex printing.

The Lexmark is difficult to set up. I'm an IT guy and configured my own network, even then I had to call and spend 30 minutes with an out-sourced support department. They couldn't figure it out. I finally realized that the WiFi on the printer will only work with WEP Key 1. My network was set to use Key 3. After making the changes on my firewall/access point it connected and began working.

If you don't use the software to set up the printer on your PC most of the advanced options (like Print Duplex) will be greyed out. Knowing what I know, and working with PCs and Printers for a living, I configured it myself and was frustrated to see the Duplex option was greyed out. Another call to tech support. He changed my TCP/IP port to a Lexmark 9500 Series por and it all started working.

The only on-going issue is that the color is a bit skewed on the first page of the first pring job of the day. I don't know if it's because I'm in Alaska and the air is super dry, or if the temp. in the office is too cold, or if the free ink cartridges that shipped with the printer are junk. Anyway, the first color page of the day is always funky. If I print a "dummy page" in full color before an important document it will usually do ok. It is a waste of ink and paper, but at least I get decent looking images after that. Will see if a new color cartridge will correct the issue and update later.

It is printing, it prints in duplex, it's connected wirelessly, it scans and copies and faxes. It's not the best but it's working, so I'll keep it. But I don't have to be happy about it. Give it a couple of years and I'll buy a different brand.

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