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Price compare Laser Printers KYOFS1035MFP KYOCERA 1102MK2US0, CO/PT/CL SC/NET/DUP KYOCERA

List Price : $1,181.00

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Product Details

  • Brand: Kyocera
  • Model: 1102MK3NL0
  • Released on: 2012-07-04
  • Dimensions: 22.64" h x 23.43" w x 24.41" l, 39.68 pounds


  • Device Type:Printer / copier / scanner
  • Copier Type:Digital
  • Monthly Duty Cycle (max):20000 impressions
  • Display:5 lines
  • Office Machine Features:Save to USB flash drive, scan to e-mail

Descriptions of Laser Printers KYOFS1035MFP KYOCERA 1102MK2US0, CO/PT/CL SC/NET/DUP KYOCERA

Product Description


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Laser Printers KYOFS1035MFP KYOCERA 1102MK2US0, CO/PT/CL SC/NET/DUP KYOCERA Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful.
5Great First Impression
By Joyce A. Brenc
The price on this unit - about 530 delivered - seemed way too good to be true, so I asked several questions to the seller, who answered them quickly (price has gone up, just a few days later, to over 660 delivered, so the price really was a great deal).
I had received a quote from another copier dealer for $800 dollars, so a price 270 cheaper seemed to be impossible. Indeed, a guy named "David" at the competitor kept warning me that "it's too good to be true," and so on.
As it turns out, the product - the FS-1035-MFP - is exactly what I received, extremely quickly, new in the box. Flat out AWESOME. I consider this to be one of my best bargain purchases ever. Really. 10 other sellers on the Internet want 700-800 dollars for it, and no other price comes close. So I am extremely pleased with the seller.
As for the unit, I will update this review after a few months. Initially, here are my thoughts:

1. Extremely versatile unit. I was pleased as punch to discover that I can scan directly to folders on Windows XP computers on the network (no USB cable needed). VERY nifty. It was only a matter of setting up a shared folder on the XP machine, and then punching in to the 1035 the information for that XP machine.

2. The machine is extremely fast. I was using a 7 year old Sharp MFP that was about half the speed. This Kyocera absolutely tears through the printing and scanning. I scanned a 24 page document in a matter of a minute or two, and it saved the image as a PDF in a folder on my harddrive, with no dickering with TWAIN programs. Very nice.

3. Loading the toner was a bit of a pain - there is a touch to it, and the quick start guide is not clear. The trick is to press down on the back of the toner cartridge so as to tip it backwards and down into place.

4. Programming will take a few minutes. For example, it was unclear at first that, for the folder I created on the XP machine for direct scan saving, I had to enter the "path" as "foldername" and not as "C:\foldername". After a bit of fudging around, however, I got it all figured out and now I'm pleased as punch that I can scan documents to any machine on the network (no more "mom, scan this for me?").

5. Set up was relatively easy, but several steps long. Be patient, and don't force the plastic parts.

6. Printing is nifty, quick, and there is good on screen support.

At 530$ish I consider this printer to be a tremendous value. I can't overstate that. As an example of how powerful this machine is, I printed a double sided parchment document from the auxiliary paper feed in the front. Took just a few seconds. Really quite impressive. I will update this review in a few months, but I can vouch for the seller and the veracity of the item being offered - it is not well written in the title, but this is a Kyocera FS1035MFP that sells for 800 dollars at other copier vendors and up to 1000 in some places. Highly recommend the machine and the seller.

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5Superb multi-function printer (home and small office use)
By kdkrone
I agree almost entirely with the earlier reviewer. We use these units in our home and small office. We needed a machine for banging out "hard copy" copies, as well as capability to scan-to-folder and email. This unit filled the bill so well, that when we needed another printer in another office, we chose the identical one and have never regretted the decision. There are a few minor drawbacks which have nothing to do with the physical machine, which is, as I say, a wonderful workhorse for a small office (or a home where one is tired of purchasing small, inexpensive machines with high consumable cost, and which either break easily or quickly declare that they need a replacement drum quite prematurely at a cost of more than the original machine)

1. Setup. I consider myself a very experienced computer user, and I maintain my home network quite easily. However, the network setup for this machine, while quite logical in retrospect, was much easier for an IT friend of mine than it was for me, and, at that, it still took a little bit of time and trial-and-error to do. That having been said, once setup, it has performed in the network flawlessly. The TWAIN driver works well (for anyone who uses Paperport, we have version 14 Pro and the unit was recognized immediately, so we can scan directly into Paperport, if we wish, in addition to which the machine is set to scan directly into public folders on each of 4 computers).

2. Kyocera support structure. I am finding it a bit lacking but I have to add the caveat that I haven't needed it except for one small issue that I mention below. Support by Kyocera is seen by them as actually the responsibility of the dealer. I chose to purchase, as did the reviewer before me, from a jobber, so while there is a warranty on parts for one year, there is none for labor, either by a local service person or from Kyocera (parts, yes, for a year, but not labor--or shipping, for that matter). I weighted that fact against the following: a. recommendations from two friends who had purchased the 1028 precursor to this machine, which had caused neither one of them any trouble in years of service, and 2. my local dealer, who is asking $1200 for this machine with one year service contract, then $250/yearly after that. I would love to have purchased locally, but $650 (unit, shipping, "tax, license, out the door" complete price) versus $1200 for a solid machine unlikely to fail? No brainer. Back to my point, however--I have a question about one of the function keys and why the processing light continues to blink occasionally after the process has been completed. There is no online user forum that I have been able to find, the jobber from whom I purchased the unit says to contact Kyocera, and my local dealer is not someone I care to speak with after I had my initial inquiry. For years (ever since Compuserve in the 80's) I have relied on online forums to help solve problems, and perhaps there is one out there which I have yet to discover, but so far, I have found none. I email Kyocera yesterday to ask the explanation--we will see.

3. Height of the machine. Remember to add space above the machine to allow for opening the top, and, if you choose to add an additional paper drawer, which we have, for that, as well.

That is about it, except for the purchasing research. If one goes online, there are a few places that offer the unit for $400 or so, but when you call, either one does not respond (an east coast dealer) or the other does (west coast dealer). Each lists the unit as "duplexer optional", which is, apparently, technically true. The unit, as listed comes standard with a duplexer lid, but one can order it without one and with a flexible flap lid, which did not sound appealing. Anyway, the west coast dealer, once adding on the duplexer top and including shipping, still came in lowest at about $650, including tax and shipping. Do your homework to learn the little tricks that are played.

After many thousands of copies, and half as many scans, I cannot recommend this unit highly enough. If only there were an online forum... (on the other hand, perhaps there is none where no need exists. After all, the machine is quite reliable)

6/28/13: I should add that I have not had much success printing envelopes. The return address tends to be blurred, and the exiting part of the envelope tends to be creased. That is the only flaw so far. If anyone has suggestions on how to resolve this problem, I am interested to hear!

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By Phil
Copier was delivered quickly at a very good price. Works well-very fast copying. The paper tray feels a little flimsy, but they all do, and this one beats the other brands on sale at Staples.

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