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Konica Minolta Magicolor 1600W Laser Printer

Konica Minolta Magicolor 1600W Laser Printer

Best reviews of Laser Printers Konica Minolta Magicolor 1600W Laser Printer

List Price : $245.77

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Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #18964 in Office Product
  • Color: Y
  • Brand: Konica-Minolta
  • Model: A034011
  • Released on: 2012-06-25
  • Original language: English
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 10.83" h x 15.59" w x 14.96" l, 31.75 pounds


  • The magicolor 1600W is the smallest laser printer.
  • Print documents in both B&W and color at 1200 x 600 DPI
  • Exceptional Quality Print Output: Create smoother, more realistic looking images
  • Easy to Connect: Ready to go out of the box, the magicolor 1600W
  • Flexible Paper Options: Print on a variety of media

Descriptions of Laser Printers Konica Minolta Magicolor 1600W Laser Printer

Product Description

The magicolor 1600W A4 colour laser printer is the perfect choice for students or the home office. Reliable and durable, it also brings the benefit of low colour printing costs. With a chic design and compact build, the magicolor 1600W is an attractive addition to your workspace. Its tiny footprint and compact size make the magicolor 1600W perfect for small spaces and ideal for your home office. Its quiet operation turns it into a comfortable desktop device. As a GDI printer the magicolor 1600W delivers five colour or 20 black and white pages per minute, features 16 MB memory and is fully compatible with the Windows environment. Save time and money by producing all your documents in-house on the magicolor 1600W. It effortlessly handles stationery, envelopes, cd labels, colourful presentations and more.

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Laser Printers Konica Minolta Magicolor 1600W Laser Printer Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

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By Tom o'Bedlam
DECEMBER 18, 2009: Printer just arrived. I'm printing tickets in b&w and passes with photos in color. And I'm also making signs with a vinyl cutter. So, I print a sheet of tickets in b&w. beautiful. Now I try printing the passes with the color photo. THE COLOR PHOTO ON WHITE CARD STOCK CAME OUT WAY BETTER THAN MY INKJET ON PHOTO PAPER! WOW. Blown away. OK, now I'm getting reckless. I cut a piece of sign vinyl 8x11 and put it in. I'm thinking the fuser could melt the vinyl and my brand new printer could turn to umhm in seconds. Or would rub off. Nope, it printed beautifully and fused just fine to the vinyl. It's not often you buy something and it turns out way better than you expected.

One more thing: Did you check the price of the toners for this thing? That's right, $270 for all four toners. Or $370 for the high capacity toners. They are selling this printer for a loss, hoping to make it back on the toners. Well, Konica Minolta folks, don't read this, but I'm buying another one just for the toners. (and the drum $89) (and the fuser unit $110) (and having a spare printer instead of buying the extended warranty $119) I don't think switching starter toners from one printer to another will work. You just have to switch printers.

UPDATE 1. April 12, 2010: The low toner light came on for the black after about 300 pages. after printing another 150-200 pages the printer stopped. (out of black toner) I didn't have time to try the toner refill kit, so I put in a high-capacity black toner ($79) and everything is fine.

UPDATE 2. November 19, 2010: still on the original color toners. I'm getting ready to print a big color pass order for a film festival. OOPS: loaded a sheet of sign vinyl upside down, wrecked the fuser roller. Must I order a new fuser for $109.95 plus 9.95 shipping, and tell the client to wait for 10 days? NOPE, just opened the spare printer, swapped fusers, back on line in 2 minutes! (the toners, fuser, and drum in this printer are all modular, they slide in and out - a truly excellent design) the extra printer has already paid for itself and I haven't needed the toners yet!

UPDATE 3. September, 2011: Doing a big batch of art gallery invitations, full color both sides, black background on one. I recently got a big inkjet printer, an Epson PHOTO 1400, and I decided to try that. NOPE, the laser printed MUCH BETTER, darker blacks, not to mention much quicker and cheaper and, of course: no smearing. The yellow toner light just now started blinking and the fan is making a funny noise (I think as a result of the vinyl accident). So when the copier shuts down (if it does) because of low toner, I'll switch printers and start using my backup printer, and save this one for parts...

UPDATE 3½: Finished my 100 cards (50 pages of glossy card stock), now all 3 color toner lights are blinking. My fault - I used a 4-color black for the black background on my cards to get that wonderful deep black which the ink jet couldn't match, and that used up a lot of toner. The cards look great, though.

UPDATE 4 January 2012: Finally stopped (out of color toners) So did I go to Sears and pay $245.70 for 3 color toners? NOPE, I just put this printer in storage and got out my spare printer that cost me ninety six bucks, and I'm printing again.

UPDATE 5 March 2012: On printer #2, Black low toner light blinking already. I think now they set the chip to blink after 100 pages. But my high capacity toner is still in printer #1 and I still have my toner refill kit waiting unused, so I will try that soon. Now you can get one of these printers new at Adorama for $99 DELIVERED which is less than the cost of ONE toner! I bought a third printer.

UPDATE 6 May 2012: Black toner light on continuously, but printer continues to print. Time to try a toner refill kit (12.47 and good for 2 refills). Easy: Take off the cap on the end of the toner cartridge, pour in new toner, put the cap back on, take a tiny Phillips screwdriver and remove the old chip (one screw) and put in the new one that came with the toner, and voila! back in business. (There is a video on YouTube that shows how to do this.)

Last year I made 2 large outdoor signs with 12" X 22" photos on vinyl, did one with the Epson 1400 inkjet, one with this printer (3 sheets wide). (I didn't use the clear vinyl protective layer on top of either one) After 8 months outdoors, the inkjet photo is badly faded and the laser one looks great. Love these printers!

UPDATE 7 July 2012: Printer #2 still working fine. Just bought a new $600 inkjet printer, Epson R2880. Photo print off: the Epson on expensive presentation matte paper, this laser printer on glossy plain paper. The laser printer photos are still way better! I boosted saturation and contrast on the picture for the inkjet in Photoshop, still the laser comes out ahead. I use the inkjet for fine art photos, but for your snapshots, brochures, posters, tickets, etc. the laser is better, not to mention a lot cheaper.

UPDATE 8 September 2012: Just finished a run of 40 8½ x 14 concert posters with full page photo background, cyan and yellow low toner lights are blinking. These printers are still available, I saw them for $79 delivered the other day. Should I buy a fourth one? To buy just ONE toner cartridge is $76.70 plus shipping... I buy $100 worth of ink and special paper for the Epson inkjet printer every few weeks, why hesitate spending $79 for laser toner once a year? At some point they are going to run out of these printers and then I'll be sorry. Also consider the cost of paper: special inkjet paper can cost upwards of $1 a sheet. This laser printer prints on plain paper, card stock, glossy plain paper and glossy card stock, which is only a few cents a sheet at most.

UPDATE 9 February 1013: Printing a lot of copies black only (if you select B/W in the quality menu, it prints really fast), I'm getting a faint double image. When I print one page at a time, the prints are perfect. I think this is due to the cheap black toner refill kit I used for the black. The price of these printers is creeping up: now it's $109 delivered. A high capacity set of all four toners is up to about $500. Do the math.

UPDATE 10 March 2013: Yellow toner light on steady, cyan light blinking, magenta light off. Trying the $41 toner refill kit I bought on ebay. They say do not let the toner completely run out before you refill. Pull out the toner cartridge, pop off the plastic plug with a pair of pliers, pour in the toner, put the cap back on, take off the old chip, put on the new chip (one screw) with the holes up, and put the toner cartridge back in. Rotate to the next toner. (push the rotate toner button, and one toner light comes on to tell you which toner is up.) Repeat for the other colors. Now all three color toner lights are blinking. I guess this is what happens with the toner refill kit from tonersz. The black low toner light is off, I used a refill kit from Toner King for that. Anyway, the printer is working fine.

UPDATE 10½: TROUBLE! When printing in color, I'm getting faint streaks over the whole page. I'm blaming this on the toner refill kit I got from a company tonersz on eBay. When I select b&w printing on the quality menu, I still get good printing, no streaks. The $11 black toner refill kit I bought on eBay came from a company in New Jersey: tonerkingllc, and it is working ok. So I am trying the $44 color refill kit from them to refill the color toners from printer #1 which is in storage. Tempting to just buy another printer, the price is up to $139. Note that is the lowest price - you can also spend $200 or even $300 for one of these printers. OK, refilled the toners. (this took an hour and involved the vacuum cleaner and a lot of moistened paper towels for cleanup) OK, it prints, low toner lights are off, but magenta color is too bright and a little streaky. Switched the magenta toner with the one from Toner Warehouse. Now streaks are gone and skin tones look better. What an ordeal, though. I'm sorry I didn't buy another printer when they were $79.

UPDATE 11 April 2013: Refilled toners not working out well. Print quality has declined. Inkjet photos are now better (on inkjet paper.) Quality is borderline between professional and home. Sometimes it prints fine, sometimes there is extra toner as grey streaks or a pink cast or faintly streaky photos. I sometimes have to run a few blank pages through to clean it out. It is fine for home use, but the next time I have to do a professional print job, if this printer messes up, brand new printer #3 is coming out of storage, and I will order another one for a backup. Live and learn. A set of 4 genuine (new, not refilled) toners for this printer is $314, or $349 for high capacity. A new printer with starter toners is $139. Which is the better deal?

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4Make sure you update driver and firmware before using.
By Adamtron
This is a great value for the money and the print quality is fantastic. I was also impressed by the speed. It used to cost about $500 for a decent color laserjet, so to get one for $150 or less is great. It is similar in size and quality to ones that we use at my work (I work in a law office). I did have some big problems initially, so I have to subtract a star for that. The setup was fairly easy- you basically remove all the packaging and connect the usb and power cord. The driver install was OK, but I was disappointed that I did not get any "driver install successful message" or any prompt for a test page. I went to print a photo and got a flashing orange "error" light. I had to run a 2nd program which they include that told me that status of the printer was "memory full". I kept getting a "memory full" error no matter how small the file (even a 500 kb photo). I turned the printer off and on, checked all the cables, rebooted the PC. Nothing worked. So I ended up having to go to the Konica Minolta website to download a new driver. That didn't fix the problem. So then I had to download two kinds of new firmware and that finally resolved the issue. It killed about 2 hours of my time troubleshooting this. I have Windows Vista 64-bit, so it's possible there were compatibility issues and perhaps other people will not have this problem. But I would encourage everyone to go to the Konica Minolta website and download the latest driver and firmware BEFORE using this product.

38 of 40 people found the following review helpful.
5Good printer.......but not for card stock!
By Janet Lowe
The 1600W had been recommended to me by a Konica Minolta representative during a telephone conversation in which I explained that my current Konica Minolta Magicolor 2300DL (which I loved) was finally dying out. Upon receiving the new 1600W, I tried to print flyers on 110 lb card stock (which I frequently do) only to find out that the printer kept jamming and the printed copy was awful. When I called Konica Minolta to advise them of my problem, I was told that the 1600W does not support card stock and would only take a maximum of 58 lb paper. Needless to say, I was upset and disappointed, as that was not a topic that was covered in my conversation with the KM rep. I thought she was recommending a printer that was comparable to the 2300DL, but obviously not. If you planning on using ONLY paper, the ease of use, print quality, and noise level should be fine. I DID return the item, and I must say that I was very impressed with the "no hassle" attitude of the seller. It definitely pays to shop through Amazon for service and dependability.

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