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HP Officejet Pro 8500A Plus Wireless e-All-in-One (CM756A#B1H)

HP Officejet Pro 8500A Plus Wireless e-All-in-One (CM756A#B1H)

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Product Details

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: HP
  • Model: CM756A#B1H
  • Original language: English, French, Spanish
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 12.12" h x 19.76" w x 18.58" l, 27.89 pounds
  • Display size: 4.3


  • Print professional color documents for up to 50% lower cost per page than lasers.
  • Improve your workflow.
  • Create professional-quality color prints
  • Lower cost per page; item comes with print heads
  • Individual Color Cartridge
  • Lower cost per page

Descriptions of Inkjet Printers HP Officejet Pro 8500A Plus Wireless e-All-in-One (CM756A#B1H)

Product Description

HP Officejet Pro 8500A Plus e-All-in-One Printer A910gPrint at a cost of up to 50% less per page compared with laser printers using our Officejet Pro 8500A Plus e-All-in-One Printer - A910g, which has legal-size glass. You can access apps by tapping the touchscreen, and print from the Web without a PC. It's easy to wirelessly share with multiple PCs3, plus print from anywhere with HP ePrint.Features:* Print anywhere, anytime, using your mobile phone, laptop, or other mobile device*Print ID cards (both sides) for reporting and filing* Print from a USB drive and memory cards using the front-facing USB port and card slots* Print news and business forms from the Web using the apps and 2.4" touchscreen* Use cool templatesfor calendars, games, and more with HP Quick Forms* Get professional-color documents at a cost per page of up to 50% lower than with laser printers when using our Officejet inks* Save up to 50%by printing in-house* Economize by replacing only individual cartridges that run out* Get vivid, fade- and water-resistant prints with our Officejet inks, which, when archived, retain their color quality for decades* Print at speeds equivalent to those of a laser printer: up to 15 pages/minute black and 11 color, or at maximum speeds of 35 black/34 color* Share access via the wirelessnetworking and built-in Ethernet* Save paper by automatically printing on both sides* Scan documents up to Legal size* Make flawless copies;remove frames and straighten borders

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Inkjet Printers HP Officejet Pro 8500A Plus Wireless e-All-in-One (CM756A#B1H) Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

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5Comparing HP Officejet Pro 8500A Plus vs. 8500A and ePrint and AirPrint Features
By Scott D. Cerreta
I have a small home office and use this printer primarily for business type tasks. I replaced a Samsung All-in-One Laser printer with this HP All-in-One. I will also be writing reviews for other devices that I use for business travel and backcountry backpacking including: HP Officejet Pro 8500A Plus AirPrint enabled printer, Solio Rocsta H1000 Solar Charger and Verizon MiFi 2200, five device 3G mobile broadband HotSpot. Click on the "See all my Reviews" link above.

=== Background Information ===

The primary features that were critical to my decision were AirPrint, duplex printing, and double sided copying. None of these features were available on the Samsung. HP is the only company that offers AirPrint. This allows printing directly from iOS4.2 enabled iPad, iPod Touch 4th Gen, and iPhone 4. ePrinting is not the same and I will discuss the advantages of both. HP also offers a free app for the iPod devices called iPrint. I will explore some of those cool features.

This review will also compare a few feature differences between the 8500A and the 8500A plus. I was very close to buying the 8500A, but opted for the improved features of the 8500A Plus. I hope this comparison will allow you to make a better choice too.

=== AirPrint compared to ePrint ===

Another feature unique to the Apple iPod Touch 4th Gen device, iPad, and iPhone 4 is AirPrint. It should be noted that the iPod Touch 3rd gen with iOS4.2 cannot AirPrint. One more reason that swayed my decision to buy the 4th Gen device. AirPrint is different from ePrinting. AirPrint allows you to print almost anything like, documents, PDFs, photos, Internet pages and Internet PDFs to an HP AirPrint enabled printer. You cannot ePrint Internet pages or Internet PDF files. AirPrinting occurs instantly. ePrinting has a slight delay before the job prints.

You can get around this feature by opening Internet PDF files like an owner's manual to an HP printer, in HP iPrint. This is a free app available for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. Then inside iPrint, you can email the PDF to your printer from anywhere in the world using WiFi. I enjoy recipe hunting on the Internet and this is a true advantage of AirPrint over ePrint. When you find the recipe, just print it straight from the Internet. You cannot do this with ePrint or HP iPrint. Another unique feature of AirPrint is double sided printing, to save on paper. ePrint does not allow double sided printing.

Photos look amazing when printing directly from the iPod Touch. Even photos taken from the iPod Touch look good. AirPrint does have a limitation. This is a feature that allows you to print while on the same WiFi network. So, if I travel to another part of the state, I cannot AirPrint to the home office. However, if the hotel has an AirPrint enabled printer then you can print to it. ePrinting is different.

Many HP printers and other brands offer ePrinting. This is a very cool feature that allows you to print from your iPod Touch 4th Gen to an ePrinter through email. Your ePrinter must be connected to a WiFi network and it is assign a specific email address. Then, while travelling on the road away from the home network, I can email a document or photo to the ePrinter's email address and viola, done. The limitation with ePrint is that not all applications will allow you to send an email from within the application. You cannot ePrint Internet pages or Internet PDFs. Only HP printers (and only a handful of models) are equipped for AirPrint. Check out this page for AirPrint enabled printers: [...]

Only the Photosmart series comes with AirPrint in the firmware. The Officejet A series printers require a firmware upgrade. I did this in the initial installation process and it was very easy to perform. You cannot download the firmware from the HP website. I wasted 30 minutes trying to find it. You upgrade the firmware by accessing the user panel on the printer. Go to Setup Menu / Web Services / Product Update.

=== HP iPrint app for iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone ===

Another cool application is iPrint by HP. It is a free app for iPod devices and probably other android devices too, but not sure with those. iPrint will allow you to print photos, saved files like PDFs and direct printing from your iPod Touch or iPhone camera. I can really get all this with the AirPrint feature, so no big deal here.

iPrint differs in that you can directly scan documents and work files directly to a saved folder in your iPod device. You can then open, view, share, and print those scanned pages. They will automatically be saved as PDFs. Another feature is that you can wirelessly transfer files from your home network computer to your iPod device. Then you can open, share, and print those. For example, I can upload some recipes from home and share them with co-workers at the office. Do note that you won't be able to open word documents with file extension .doc or .docx. So, be sure to convert those files to PDFs before importing.

iPrint also seems like it would be very useful for android devices too, since it allows for options to be selected unlike ePrinting. In HP iPrint you can print grayscale or color, select your paper size, and choose double sided printing.

=== HP 8500A vs. 8500A Plus ===

The most obvious difference between the two models is a larger LCD screen and a slightly larger ADF tray. The 8500A Plus holds 50 sheets compared to 35 on the 8500A. When looking at the specs, it is hard to see the differences. When I played with two machines at a local store there are several key features beyond the screen size.

The 8500A Plus has a full scale copy feature similar to what you would have with a $5000 copier at an office. It will perform the following key tasks:
1 sided to 2 sided
2 sided to 1 sided
2 sided to 2 sided
Printing can be done to short edge or long edge.

The 8500A would not copy 2 sided to 2 sided, which is the most common type of scanning and printing tasks that I perform. For this reason alone, I opted for the 8500A Plus. I did see a few other tasks that the 8500A Plus would perform over the 8500A, but I do not recall the details.

=== Summary ===

HP 8500A Plus is a step up from the 8500A, offering key features with printing and copying that will save you time and money, like 2 sided to 2 sided copies. Both of these printers will allow for ePrint, HP iPrint, and the highly beloved Apple AirPrint. Only the AirPrint feature will allow you to print directly from the Internet to an HP AirPrint enabled printer. All these features come with a reliable, high quality printer with high capacity ink cartridges for cost savings.

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By gracie
This printer is awesome! It is a huge upgrade from our old one. It is extremely easy to set up. The printer basically has it's own e-mail address, so anything you can attach to an email, including pdfs, word, & xcel, etc. can be sent directly to your printer. No adding the printer to the network for every pc that will print on it.

This means you can send things from any computer, iPod, iPad device that has email function. I can prepare documents from anywhere in the world, email them to my printer, & they're sitting in the tray when I get to the office.

It is a standalone machine, meaning you can scan things directly onto a jump dont need to route it through your computer first, which is great when I'm in a hurry.

Highly recommended, & very easy to use.

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5A huge improvement in printing
By Jill I. Shtulman
Can you fall in love with a printer? I just did (and NO, I am not associated with HP. I'm just a small business owner who does quite a lot of printing! For the past couple of years, I've been using the HP Photosmart (3200 series) and this one is such a huge improvement I can't even begin to count the ways!

For one thing, it has this sleek state-of-the-art look, with an intelligently-positioned color touchscreen panel that reminds me of a GPS. It's highly intuitive and easy to use. There are plenty of choices, including work smart tips, eco tips, and digital office tips. There's even a fax set up and wireless setup wizard to walk you through those set-ups as well.

It took me over an hour to set up the printer, wait for it to calibrate, and install the software. Most of it was time spent sitting around, waiting for the printing set-up to go through its paces. I'm on a Mac, and one frustrating thing was that the installation crashed half-way through; I'm not sure whether this was HP or Mac or a combination, but it did require extra time. I did call HP Tech Support once -- midday Friday -- and was able to get through to a technician almost immediately. He was very helpful and walked me through some necessary steps to get the printer up and running.

But I considered that a small glitch. Once I did get it installed, I was immensely rewarded. The color and text are excellent, very crisp, the print speed is lightning-fast, and the machine (to my mind) is NOT loud, but rather, efficient and relatively quiet. It immediately began copying and printing to my heart's paper jams, no error messages, no hassles. The photos and graphics looked quite natural to me; I would have no trouble forwarding a printed piece along to a client.

I'm eager to start exploring all the features of this all-in-one. It offers two-sided copy, fax, scanning, wireless interactivity - a whole lot! HP promises up to 50% lower color cost per page and up to 50% lower energy consumption, along with water-resistant cartridges, the ability to print from your mobile device, and more. I've just started using the printer this week and will be back to update as time goes on. But so far, I'm WAY impressed!

ONE WEEK LATER: Well, it's one week later. And although I still love the print quality and features, HP seems to have neglected something crucially important -- the ability to print envelopes easily and conveniently. For me, that's crucial: if I can't print envelopes, I can't do client communication and billing. I'm amazed that this was not addressed in this otherwise fine printer...

ONE YEAR LATER: It's been a year and I am now printing envelopes rather seamlessly...after that slight learning curve. VERY happy with the printer. I print a fair amount, and I just replaced the cartridges -- after a year of use. That's a lot of "bang for the buck".

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