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HP M475dn LaserJet Pro 400 Color Multifunction Printer (CE863A)

HP M475dn LaserJet Pro 400 Color Multifunction Printer (CE863A)

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List Price : $893.00

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Product Details

  • Size: 3" x 5" to 8 1/2" x 14",8
  • Color: Black, Grey
  • Brand: HP
  • Model: M475dn
  • Original language: English
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 19.70" h x 16.50" w x 19.00" l, 65.00 pounds
  • Memory: 192MB
  • Native resolution: 1200 x 1200
  • Display size: 3.5


  • Print Speed: Up to 21 ppm black (letter), Up to 21 ppm color (letter)
  • First Page Out: As fast as 17 sec (black) and 17 sec (color)
  • Paper Handling: Up to 300 sheets (standard), 50-sheet multipurpose tray, 250-sheet input tray 2, 250-sheet input tray 3 (optional)

Descriptions of Laser Printers HP M475dn LaserJet Pro 400 Color Multifunction Printer (CE863A)

Product Description

Boost productivity and gain efficiency. Produce professional-quality, two-sided, color documents in-house. Easily print, scan directly to e-mail, copy and fax with a Web-connected, color laser MFP. Print from virtually anywhere with HP ePrint.

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Laser Printers HP M475dn LaserJet Pro 400 Color Multifunction Printer (CE863A) Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

60 of 60 people found the following review helpful.
5Excellent SOHO Printer
By Anamoly
I bought this HP M475dn all-in-one printer/copier/scanner/fax directly from HP after doing some, but not an exhaustive research. If you are looking for an all-in-one, there are several available options by Dell, Canon, Epson, Brother, OKI, and even by HP. However, most of these printers on the market are much cheaper and do not belong to this class. The difference is better construction quality and built for a much higher duty-cycle using high yield cartridges (more on this later). I looked at two additional printers in this class- Brother MFC-9970 CDW that did not measure up in quality of output, and Dell 2155cn which is a close contender. Dell's print quality is good, but my bad experience with my old Dell's continuous toner demand made me choose HP.

There are several variations of this printer- M375nw (economical option if you want wireless but do not care for duplex), M475dn (the one reviewed which has duplex and network), and M475dw (slightly more expensive if you care for both duplex and wireless). Note that this MF475dn is a network printer not a wireless printer. However, one can connect to it wirelessly if the printer is connected to a wireless network router- which is what I have (there are other peripherals that can make this printer wireless if you do not have the means to make a hardwire connection to the wireless router). Following the instructions that came with it, I was able to connect this machine to all computers and wireless devices on the home network (including, iphones, ipad etc) in less than 15 minutes. This was very impressive.

PRINT: Print quality is excellent, even when compared to much more expensive color laser printers. Colors are vivid and rich, and can easily be used to prepare professional flyers. The speed is as advertised for one-sided copy, two-sided is slower (about 1/2 the speed) but I expected that. I love the two-sided feature

COPY: Very good.

FAX: You can fax it from the PC or directly from the machine. I tried both and they work well. I have not received a fax yet, and have not been able to make it give me a fax confirmation, when sending one. Update: The new firmware update prints the fax confirmation automatically.

SCAN: Works, but slower in DUPLEX mode. Good for medium jobs (40-50 pages). Resolution of scans from ADFs is limited to 300 dpi. This was disappointing. For larger/better output jobs you may like to consider Fujitsu and Epson that can scan at the speed of light.

ADF: The ADF has been used a lot to scan documents- 50 pages (100 sides) at a time. It works equally well with copying and faxing. It has not jammed even once.

CONNECTIVITY: The printer is full of modern connectivity features. HP e-print allows for printing directly to the printer remotely using files of different formats. You can also print from and scan to a pen drive. The printer can also be connected to any PC using the USB cable.

CARTRIDGES: The cartridges that come with it have half the life of regular cartridges (1300 instead of 2600 pages). After over 700 copies I am still using them with no warning to replace them. Unlike Dell, HP cartridges have a reputation of delivering more than the specified copies and that seems to be true here. I will know how much better when I finish them. Though the HP replacement cartridges are expensive, their prices (when on sale) are very comparable to those of Dell. The black cartridge does come in a higher yield (4,000 page) and makes copies per page cheaper. Because of high yield cartridges used in this class of printers, the cost per copy is lower when compared to those printers that take only low yield toner cartridges.

THE BIG QUESTION: What is the cost of printing and is this the right printer for me? This gets a bit tricky and depends. I was going to purchase a HP Laserjet CM1415FNW Color Multifunction Printer or a comparable one from other manufacturers, but changed my mind after some long-term toner cost considerations. CM1415 is $200 cheaper than this model but uses only half yield (1300 pages) cartridges. M475 uses cartridges that have 2600 pages yield that cost 1.5x more. You can do your math. However, if you plan to keep it for some time and expect to print reasonable amount, this printer may turn out to be as attractive as the cheaper ones in terms of long-term ownership cost. Again, this can vary with the user. For me, the choice was very clear- lower long-term ownership cost with a better quality printer.

Finally, the best prices for this printer are on HP's web site. You may be pleasantly surprised if you do some comparison shopping. Overall, it is a very good buy. I will highly recommend this printer to those who are looking for something in this class.

UPDATE (7/26/2012): Some people have reported noise and print quality issues with certain applications. I noticed the noise in the first few weeks, but then it went away. I never had any print quality issue. The culprit was the set of firmware fixes that the printer applied automatically, after I said OK. If your printer is not set for automatic updates, you may have to do them manually. HP support forum has several discussions on this issue with information on how to fix them. It is a unfortunate that HP is mailing these printers out with known problems and not informing the customers of these fixes.

27 of 29 people found the following review helpful.
5HP Got it Right this time
By Kenneth B. Wagner
This is a great printer for the home office. It does everything I need it to do including double sided scanning and printing. The color is excellent and the detail of the print is 10 times better than my old office jet printer. I could care less about the fax because e-mail coverers that requirement besides who uses a fax anymore. The set up was one of the easiest applications I have ever installed. Just follow the instructions on the initial set up page by typing in the URL in your browser and you will be off and running in no time. Setup took about 15 minutes and that included a break to get another cup of tea. One bit of caution; be sure to following the unpacking instructions to get all the packing blocks out. I got mine okay but it could be easy to miss one by looking at the vague unpacking pictures.

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful.
4Works well, printing in black and white only requires extra steps
By Scott Lopez
This printer while it prints kind of slow works well for us. We haven't had any issues with scanning and the print quality is good. Setting it up on the network was easy. It also updates the bios when first installed so that's good.

My reason for not giving it five starts is that the product requires multiple steps to print in black and white. First you have to go to printer properties, select color, choose gray scale, uncheck auto color management and then choose none for the color options. The defaults don't get saved so these steps are required every time. Forget any of these steps and the color toner is used. HP should definitely make the black and white option available as a default.

If anyone has found a way around this I'd be very interested.

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