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HP LaserJet 4050 Printer

HP LaserJet 4050 Printer

Where can I buy Laser Printers HP LaserJet 4050 Printer

List Price : $1,599.99

Get Your Best Price at : $1,298.78

The LaserJet 4050 line of laser printers offers highly manageable and forward-thinking business-printing solutions. The base model of the line, the LaserJet 4050, offers a straightforward design and many features that make sense for the busy professional.

Product Details

  • Color: cream
  • Brand: HP
  • Model: 4050
  • Dimensions: 13.50" h x 19.40" w x 15.40" l, 43.50 pounds


  • 1,200-dpi resolution
  • NEC 4310 133-MHz RISC microprocessor
  • Prints 17 pages per minute
  • On-printer help system
  • 8 MB memory

The LaserJet 4050 line of laser printers offers highly manageable and forward-thinking business-printing solutions. The base model of the line, the LaserJet 4050, offers a straightforward design and many features that make sense for the busy professional.

Descriptions of Laser Printers HP LaserJet 4050 Printer

Product Description

Manufacturer's Part # C4251AThis product is Refurbished. HP LaserJet 4050 printer is both versatile and expandable. It also comes equipped with security and convenience features that deliver a level of usability and manageability that was once available only with more expensive models. The fuser and contact rollers have been replaced in these printers. They all come with a 90 day warranty and a personal guarantee thereafter. Page count is usually under 40 and #44; 000 and the 4050 printers are carefully cleaned and examined before delivery. You can be assured you will receive a high quality printer at a fraction of the cost. 17 PPM 13 Seconds first page out. This product is Refurbished and comes with a 90 day warranty.

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Laser Printers HP LaserJet 4050 Printer Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

67 of 67 people found the following review helpful.
5This is a fantastic machine!
By A Customer
H-P covered the bases with this printer. I have used H-P at my office for years but bought this one for home use. It has printed abut 5,000 copies, flawlessly, so far. It is very easy to set up and operate. The controls are clear and easy to work--if you want to abort a printing job, it can be done by pressing one orange button--act of Congress not required. So far it has not ruined a print--not one. Thanks H-P for this product. (No, I don't work for Hewlett-Packard.)

53 of 53 people found the following review helpful.
5Speed, Quality, Reliability
By A Customer
I recently purchased the 4050 from Amazon and couldn't be more pleased with the quality, ease of installation and use of this printer. The 1200 dpi is spectacular and halftones look great. The built-in Postscript capability is a godsend and I can't believe the speed with which the 4050 delivers copies! Although a printed manual would have been an asset, I haven't needed to look at the documentation disk. I highly recommend this printer for those who need a high-volume, top quality machine.

25 of 26 people found the following review helpful.
5not a single complaint
By J. Claridge
I've had the opportunity to use this printer (home use) for the past 2 years (it was my roommate's). The thing is so fantastic and dependable I forget it's even there; I think that's the true measure of an excellent product - when using it becomes completely transparent. I've come to expect this top-notch quality and dependablility; I have no idea what I'm going to buy to try and replace it now that I'm moving out.

Changing the toner cartridge is a walk in the park. It takes longer to fill an ice cube tray. There are so many flaps and doors on the thing that clearing a paperjam (of which we had one over the past 2 years, and it was my fault for loading the paper crooked) was simple and quick. I especially like the separate loader tray that easily accepts envelopes, cards and (my favorite) CD labels. After you're done with the loader tray, it folds up into the unit.

We also have the 4050 TN's (has an additional paper tray) at work - I can attest that these puppies can handle a seriously high volume of print jobs - flawlessly. I don't know what the pages-per-minute number is, but I can't imagine you needing anything to be much faster.

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