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HP LaserJet 2300D Printer with Duplexing Accessory

HP LaserJet 2300D Printer with Duplexing Accessory

For sale Laser Printers HP LaserJet 2300D Printer with Duplexing Accessory

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Product Details

  • Brand: HP
  • Model: Q2474A#ABA
  • Original language: English


  • 1,200 x 1,200 dpi print resolution
  • Fast 25 ppm printing, 10-second first page out time
  • 48 MB memory, expandable to 304 MB
  • Automatic duplexing accessory
  • USB and parallel interfaces, 1 open EIO slot

Descriptions of Laser Printers HP LaserJet 2300D Printer with Duplexing Accessory

Product Description

The HP LaserJet 2300d laser printer is the ideal solution for business professionals that have advanced printing needs. You will enjoy superior print quality without sacrificing performance. The print engine produces 1200 dpi resolutions at speeds of up to 25 ppm. A graphic display is also included that features two lines of text that explain the printer status and a troubleshooting utility. The special feature included on this model is the built in automatic duplexer. This will allow you to print two sided documents very easily. This dependable printer will produce office documents quickly and easily

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Laser Printers HP LaserJet 2300D Printer with Duplexing Accessory Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

8 of 9 people found the following review helpful.
5Great replacement for my old Laserjet 4P
By A Customer
This unit replaces a ten-year old printer. The HP site had a tool that recommended the 2300 as a replacement for the old 4P. If the 2300 performs as well, I'll be blessed. Early indicators are this unit is a winner. The print quality is fantastic. The output is quick. Install was easy. The features are better than the old unit.
I spent the extra money for HP reliability. I just can't skimp with my home office set up because work interruptions would be more expensive than I can stand.
I have no time or patience for paper jams, streaking or tech support calls. Need it all to work flawlessly all the time. HP rocks!

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful.
5Workhorse printer!
By Jeffrey S. Foster
Got this replacement printer for my Accountant, she is used to a particular one and figured it would be simpler for her to just replace it with the exact model. Just a word of caution, if you buy a used one, best to reset all defaults then go through each menu matching the settings with your old one, it will take out a lot of headaches when installing it... :) It was less expensive to buy the new printer than to buy the parts to fix the old, and this one came with all new internal parts. :)

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful.
4A good duplexing laser printer - recommended!
By C. J. Carter
I took the plunge into printer ownership with this solid device from HP. I've used it daily for a couple of months or more and it has proven capable and reliable.


a) Very good print quality

b) Reliable duplexer - has never jammed on me

c) Fast printing

d) Compact

e) Generally, simple to use


a) Feels slightly lightweight and `squeaky', could be more robustly made. Fairly noisy when running.

b) Arrived with a power cable that had a defective molding at the plug - exposing live metal within!

c) Manual-feed tray options are poorly explained in the manual, and require fiddling about with when printing on various envelopes, for example.

I was glad to see a brand-name duplexing laser printer at a reasonable price at last! Although I'd love to print in colour, ink-jets have scared me off due to the extortionate prices of the ink cartridges. I know very few people who are truly happy with their ink-jet printers after they discover their `bargain' requires one or more cartridges at $40-$50 a time; pretty soon they have paid more for ink than they forked over for the printer itself. Clever marketing, but very unfair on the poor consumer. On the other hand, good grayscale printing in duplex meets 95% of my needs admirably - and this printer delivers it.

This would be a good buy for a home or small home office.

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