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Dell 2150CDN CLR LASER 24PPM PRNT 600X600DPI USB 256MBSF 40000

Dell 2150CDN CLR LASER 24PPM PRNT 600X600DPI USB 256MBSF 40000

Best price Laser Printers Dell 2150CDN CLR LASER 24PPM PRNT 600X600DPI USB 256MBSF 40000

List Price : $413.03

Get Your Best Price at : $296.47

Product Details

  • Brand: Dell
  • Model: 2150CDN
  • Format: CD-ROM
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 22.89" h x 23.20" w x 21.29" l, 50.24 pounds


  • Sold Individually

Descriptions of Laser Printers Dell 2150CDN CLR LASER 24PPM PRNT 600X600DPI USB 256MBSF 40000

Product Description

Dell 2150CDN CLR LASER 24PPM PRNT 600X600DPI USB 256MBSF 40000

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Laser Printers Dell 2150CDN CLR LASER 24PPM PRNT 600X600DPI USB 256MBSF 40000 Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

17 of 17 people found the following review helpful.
5Fantastic, Budget Color Laser! - Dell 2150cdn
By GreenMogul
I Purchased this Color Laser Printer after doing extensive online reviews and scant in-person reviews at office supply stores. I intend to use this for personal use, not business.

I decided on the Dell 2150cdn finally, because of price and toner cost. I compared with Brother and HP color lasers. Brother was originally my top choice because toner costs were acceptable. HP toner is ridiculously priced, although quality of prints was first class. I felt that HP prints had a bit more vibrant colors and felt 'glossy' compared to Brother. I was not satisfied with the output of Brother, so I finally came across the Dell 2150 which did not have many reviews.

I took a chance on the Dell and I am pleasantly surprised! Of course, you don't want to use this printer for photo-printing, but colors came out true for the most part. It is very difficult to calibrate my monitor to the printer, but reds, blues and greens printed very well on pictures and charts. Bright blues can look more purple and bright pinks can look more reddish. Overall I give the color quality an A+ for a color laser at this price range. For more accurate color printing, you would have to pay 2-3 times more!

Blacks and grayscale were perfect; nice and crisp.
Speed of printing for black is fast--close to the printer specs. Adding color did not delay the printing speed much - a few seconds.
However, I did not notice a difference in speed for High-Quality color prints vs Normal-Quality. I saw no quality difference either, which was a slight disappointment. There is some very slight banding when colors are mixed that I thought would be fixed with High-Quality print selection but such was not the case. --Bottom line is to get an Ink-Jet for those photos!

The main reason I selected the Dell was the cost of non-OEM toner replacement. They are much cheaper than usual toner and available. I will have to update my review after using non-OEM toner; but beware using this toner will void your warranty! During my research for color laser printers, I went backwards by finding cheap toner, then finding the printer that uses that toner!

If I were using Dell/OEM toner, the cost for this printer would not be a good deal. Cost per page would be on par with HP color lasers.
The 2150cdn has an AUTOMATIC duplexer which works great! It is a huge cube, sizewise, and it takes some considerable desk space. When sitting close, the noise is very loud and I would not want to be working next to this machine during long/frequent print jobs. The machine quiets down when it goes into energy saving mode/sleep mode; the time to enter this mode is adjustable. It uses around 5-10 watts when in deep sleep, and up to 1100 watts when printing.

The manual says not to use extension cords, but I am using a heavy-duty 14 gauge/12 amp 8-ft extension cord with no issues.

Wired-networking is a breeze to setup. I gave it a static IP address and all my PC's can do direct-IP printing with no problems. All I have to do is load the driver from the CD for each PC -- Dell's software is light and not obtrusive. This is much, much better than having HP bloatware on your computer!
Overall, I recommend this Dell 2150cdn. All these features for less than 3 benjamins!

Thanks for reading.

11 of 11 people found the following review helpful.
5Dell gets my vote, again!
By Red Dog
I have had several Dell printers over the years and this one tops them all. It is relatively small for a printer with full duplex and legal paper capability. I couldn't believe how easily I was able to install this printer on my network; both wired and wireless through a router. The CD stepped through the installation effortlessly. The print is crisp and the colors are bright and true. I couldn't be happier. I would definitely recommend this printer to my friends

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful.
5Supports Windows and Mac Computers but Not iPad
By Ken A. Collins
My wife and I bought this Dell 2150cdn duplex color laser printer to replace a Dell 3100cn color laser printer (with a duplex attachment we had to purchase separately). The Dell 3100cn was a fine printer until it ran out of black toner. I bought a replacement toner directly from Dell but I could not get it to snap in place inside the 3100cn. I spent 4 hours on the phone with Dell support to no avail. I was not soured on Dell though, I was pleased with their customer service, who spent all that time with me at no cost to me even though my 3100cn printer was out of warranty. I decided to buy a new printer and I went with Dell again.

I am pleased to report that Dell completely redesigned the toners and how they snap in place inside the 2150cdn. I have not run out of toner yet, but I am confident that installing a replacement will be easy.

This printer is quiet, a lot smaller than the 3100cn, and the duplex feature is built-in. This was my first time buying a Dell product not from Dell directly, but the product is still backed by Dell's warranty.

A few months after the Dell 2150cdn purchase, my wife and I bought our first Apple computers -- MacBook Pro laptops -- and this printer supports both Windows and Mac computers concurrently. There are protocols that are specific to Mac vs. Windows, but luckily we were not forced to pick one or the other. I did not have to do anything with the printer to allow the Mac to print to it. I just needed to install the printer on my wife's and my MacBooks running the Lion OS (but we needed the DVD that came with the printer in order to install the printer on our Macs -- apparently, Apple does not support plug-and-play of non-Apple products!).

My only complaints are that I am stuck with a cryptic host name I cannot change and the Tool Box software tool that got installed on the PC is buggy and cannot communicate with the printer. Fortunately, I can jettison the Tool Box and just use the web interface.

UPDATE 8/28/2012:
1) We are on the third black toner since we bought this printer 11 months ago. The toners are ABSURDLY EXPENSIVE, $75 each, and at the rate we're going, only last 5 months. Mind you, we are just printing occasionally, not constantly.

2) We bought the new iPad and I have spent the past four days trying to get it to print to this Dell 2150cdn printer and it just will not work, not even with the most current firmware update. The one good thing about this printer is that Dell classifies it as a business product and it comes with one year of phone technical support. I have been talking with one Dell rep for three straight days with the guy calling me during the day while I am at work and then the same guy calling me back at night when I am home so we could try and work through the problem. While the rep tried to be helpful, he finally admitted that Dell has no firmware update for this printer that will make it AirPrint-compatible (what you need for iPad printing).

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