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Brother HL-1440 Laser Printer

Brother HL-1440 Laser Printer

Who sells the cheapeston line Laser Printers Brother HL-1440 Laser Printer

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If you're looking for laser quality without the traditional laser price, the Brother HL-1440 may be the ideal choice. This high-quality black-and-white printer handles jobs at an impressively speedy 15 pages per minute. It can also print professional-looking documents at 1,200 x 600 dpi resolution -- all for a reasonable price.

Product Details

  • Brand: Brother
  • Model: HL1440
  • Platforms: Windows NT, Mac, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT 3.5, Windows NT 4, Windows NT 5, PowerMac, Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows 2000 Server, Mac OS X, Mac OS 9 and below, Windows


  • Up to 15 pages per minute print speed
  • True 1,200 x 600 dpi resolution
  • 2MB standard memory, expandable to 34MB
  • Universal 250-sheet adjustable paper cassette
  • Parallel and USB ports; PC and Mac compatible

If you're looking for laser quality without the traditional laser price, the Brother HL-1440 may be the ideal choice. This high-quality black-and-white printer handles jobs at an impressively speedy 15 pages per minute. It can also print professional-looking documents at 1,200 x 600 dpi resolution -- all for a reasonable price.

Descriptions of Laser Printers Brother HL-1440 Laser Printer

Product Description

Welcome the Brother HL-1440 Laser Printer to your home or small-business computer system. It's a true performer for high-speed text output with exceptional resolution and detail. Monochrome (Black, White and Gray Shades) printing at up to 15 pages per minute means no long waits when printing long documents. Universal 250-sheet adjustable paper cassette Single sheet manual bypass with straight paper path for envelopes and thick media Designed for easy use but, should you have any questions, you can access to Brother's special 24-Hour Help Center (via Internet) Includes Parallel and USB connecting ports Includes TN-430 Toner Cartridge, DR-400 Drum Unit, CD ROM including User Manuals and Drivers, Quick Set-Up Guide May be used in an Ethernet network with an optional Print-Server Actual print speed will vary according to use

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Laser Printers Brother HL-1440 Laser Printer Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

76 of 77 people found the following review helpful.
5Beats All Other Printers in this Class
By Amy S.
I selected this printer over the Samsung ML-1430 and the Hewlett Packard LaserJet 1000. After reviewing all three online and then "live" at an office supply store, I ordered the Brother HL-1440. While the print quality may be similar for all three printers, the Brother HL-1440's build quality, easy memory upgrade path, and cheap consummables made it the clear front runner. Further distinguishing this machine is its superb handling of thicker media. It produces excellent results on cardstock, using a convenient manual feed slot on the front of the machine. Note also that the paper handling of the Brother is, in general, more robust than its Samsung and HP counterparts. The Samsung uses the top-loaded, ink-jet style paper feed system that tends to have less precise alignment. The HP uses a non-removable paper tray that is flimsy at best. The Brother, on the otherhand, uses a standard removable paper tray that is durable and handles envelopes and legal-sized paper just as easily as letter-sized. (And don't discount the handy manual feed for the single envelope.)

Out of the box, USB setup of this unit on a Windows XP Home machine was a snap. The 1440 comes with a fully illustrated easy setup guide that will have you up and running in no time. All XP drivers are available on the disks that are shipping with these machines at the time of this review.

One last note: Don't forget to order a USB (or parallel) cable with your printer!

62 of 64 people found the following review helpful.
5The best/fastest/cheapest printer for writers!
By Noble M. Smith
This printer is great for printing really long text documents such as novels and screenplays. I have it set up on two computers--my old Dell Latitude LM and my new Mac G4--via the parallel and USB ports (thank God they started making printers that were PC and Mac compatible!). My 133 megahurtz PC will print a 130 page Final Draft document in 13 minutes 40 seconds (yes, I timed it). My 500 MHz Mac will do a fifteen page Word doc. in 55 seconds. So, I think that on a faster computer, you'll get the 15 PPM that the company advertises. The 600 dpi text is outstanding for both Times New Roman and Courier Final Draft. And the paper tray holds 250 pages! This is one of the first printers I've ever bought that lives up to the hype. I just got rid of a new Epson 870 Photoprinter that was supposed to get 8 PPM but only did 2 PPM on the "draft" setting! I ordered the Brother from Amazon and it got to my house in Oregon in about a week via ground UPS. It took me ten minutes to get it set up and printing. For ... bucks (including shipping) this printer kicks .... A note for those of you who are using Final Draft: Some annoying printers, like the Epson, cut the "continued" text (at the bottom of the page) in half; and you are forced to select the "print maximum field" button every time you print which can be really annoying. No problem with the brother. It prints the entire page in FD docs.

66 of 71 people found the following review helpful.
5If you are printing in volume-this is the way to go
By Bob Feeser
Laser printing is a lot faster than most of the inkjets that we use. When I first installed it and printed the test page, out came a piece of paper so fast, I thought it was a printing mistake. You know the speed of an inkjet, when it is rejecting the print, or only printing the top line, then the paper exits out real fast. Well this printer prints a whole page that fast. The sheet under it is just settling down, when the one over it arrives. For high volume printing needs that is the only way to fly.
This model HL-1440 was Consumer Reports number one rated laser printer. It had the best print speed, and the lowest per page cost of all the units tested.
Since this allows you to hook it up with a USB cable (or with a standard paralell cable), it enables you to keep your existing printer hooked up. Then when you go to print, you can choose either printer.
The one thing I noticed is that the fullness of the text is not as great as the HP 950 series inkjet. It does have 1200 dpi as an option. It normally runs at 600 as the default.
Something worth mentioning. Some comment that they have had problems with the pages getting junk on the page after using it for awhile. The cartridge that comes with the machine, which is rather substantial, loudly states on the cover in bold print, that when moving the machine, the cartridge must be removed, and stored in the bag, or serious damage may result. Those who are having problems, may have moved the machine around, and didn't treat it too gently. Maybe they did, maybe they didn't. I would set it up where you plan on using it, and not moving it. If I did move it, I would do so carefully.
One thing that sets this one apart, is the loading tray for the paper. It is removable, and sits in the bottom of the unit. That is reminiscent of quality copying machines.
The big advantage of laser is that the print material is dry powder, so unlike inkjets, can never dry out. I have a friend who bought an NEC laser in 1985, and is still using the original cartridge. (He is frugal, and doesn't print a lot, but it is a good example of how long a cartridge will last)
At first I considered getting the HL 1470N so I could hook it up to the wireless network. It has the print server and ethernet built in. Then I realized, since it was twice the price, it would be a better idea to get two 1440s. If I ever have any problems, I have a backup on the other machine.
One last thing, is that I like the way the Brother looks. It gives a more substantial and quality feel, than the competition in the entry level machines.
With more money you get different models with higher dpi, Post Script Level 2 or 3, more memory etc.
So far, so good, easy install, in only a few minutes. It installed in an XP machine, and a Windows ME machine without a glitch.
For this kind of money, to get laser speed, and quality, and economy, makes this unit a must have.

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